I want to put some of my investments in this category – WILD – Worldwide Investments/Involvement in Life Development. Because one day – my kids will ask: “What is your work?”

I have an untamed lust to do stuff that
makes a difference for the people in
this world – specially f I can help
to save children’s life. I want to do it
for profit – since thats the only way to
attract world class talent.

Important Note: Remember I consider myself a choppy redneck with a highly developed level of insecurity – so its hard to write these words – thinking: “Why should I be able to change anything – )”. But on the other side – “Why not – try for fuck sake – and I you dont try – you will for sure not change anything”. And NO – Im not trying to wannabe Bono 🙂

Im now involved in:

Landmine detection
Aresa – detecting landmines via genome modyfied plants – World Economic Forum – most important technology.

Water technology
Cooming soon – turning saltwater and poisoned river water to drinking water. Existing technology is 30 years old – and Im now involved in a revolutionary company – collecting the people and the funds to kick it off. The founder Tom – seems to be struck by magic after I gave them my commitment. I cant wait to see where this will end.

Comming soon – It sounds like a joke – but in the world of today – people are either Too Fat or Very Hungry – and I have invested in a startup (a person) who will do a global scale take on this. This is moving VERY FAST.

I would also like to look at ideas on how to controle drug abuse – maybe I did inhale once – and even more climate stuff – but that too hyped now… 🙂 I could start canceling the SUV I orderen for my wife – but I will just stay with only owning a bike myself! 🙂


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13 Responses to “WILD”

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I think this is GREAT! People can make a difference – and if you don’t try, then whats the point?

just found this page – the Aresa project looks very interesting. Having dealt a bit with landmines clearance/demining in my past, this new direction sounds quite intriguing. Are there any field trials already, or it’s still in lab dev?

@Uri, I’m involved in Aresa as a seed investor, too. Indeed, there have been (controlled) field trials. More here: http://www.aresa.dk/landmine_plant_project_english.html


Buy LIfe INsurance and Donate it to a charity,
better yet sell life insurance to be donated to charity.

You should consider microfinance. Check out http://www.villagebanking.org (FINCA International). We work in 20 developing countries around the world, from El Salvador to Afghanistan, from Azerbaijan to Zambia.

I have been thinking a lot about MikroFinance – and love it – but its just a little to hot after the Nobel price it look like its to much the flavor of the month…

I had a brief and spontaneous meeting with Clinton on Monday, just before his speech in Gothenburg. It really scares me that a news-reading, change-interested guy like myself can learn so much about what’s REALLY going on in the world, in such little time at such an event. Why did I not already know all the things that I learned? Not everyone has the chance to see Clinton… This is a time when I feel that the project I’m running is really going to make a difference. Outreach, to broadcast to the masses what people like Clinton are doing to make a difference and what everyone can do join forces. Outreach is the most neglected factor of the leaders of change today, all with 100% focus on pull-structured information and that really just works for the people already involved…
I hope that GiverSign ends up in your WILD category eventually.
You know I like you Morten, no BS! 🙂

Hi Morten,
Hi Morten,
Would you like to help me save 26,000 dolphins from slaughter in Japan next week? Certainly, your kids and their kids would thank you for that one day:) Please let me know if I may tell you more about this imporatnt project…. Thanks, Deborah

Hi Morten,

I am working on a new business concept which will help increase access to school for kids in developing countries on a large scale. highly sustainable plan.
Maybe something you’d like to get involved with.
m.bongrand@tirzahconsulting.com for more details,
Talk soon!

This is TOUCHY:

“Solastalgia,” is a form of homesickness one gets when one is still at home.

Glenn Albrecht, an Australian researcher, found out how Australians described their deep, wrenching sense of loss as they watch the landscape around them change due to the effect of global warming and pollution. Familiar plants don’t grow any more. Gardens won’t take. Birds are gone. “They no longer feel like they know the place they’ve lived for decades,” he says.

Albrecht believes that this is a new type of sadness. People are feeling displaced. They’re suffering symptoms similar to those of indigenous populations that are forcibly removed from their traditional homelands. But nobody is being relocated; they haven’t moved anywhere. It’s just that the familiar markers of their area, the physical and sensory signals that define home, are vanishing. Their environment is moving away from them, and they miss it terribly.


Very nice investment approach.
Rspect and the best of luck in the furture.
I hope you’ll make a difference!


This is great Morten!

But how do you make profit out of this as you have quoted in your statements?

I’m glad you take the lead to make a difference… I would like to do in the future…

-Juliet http://www.pinoyvision.blogspot.com

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