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I love teenagers Lisa: “Those bitches are so fucked up and dont know how to do anything…” 🙂

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Bye Bye Office – Hello Google

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bye bye office
Picture: Jason Shellen – via twitter – please see this one of my favorite blog posts ever.

I have been playing with Google Documents for some time – and today I really saw the impact. Now that the pacage is complete with Presentation included. I did a small fast presentation – just to keep in practive and see how I could use it. And WOW – its nice – simple simple – and fast. See my kids concept (got the idea friday) – and if you like it – do not hesitate to apply for the job as Store Manager or CFO or Whatever you feel like 😉

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Murti + Ali + Gang

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I invested in these guys 18 months ago – and it was classic – all was amazing when I came in XuQa – and then we saw a change in the market. Normal kids – sorry but they are – would have started crying and bitching – but these guys just changed their business and found a new angle – reinvented themselves from being SocialNetwork – to becoming a leader in Virtual Currency…. No crap – no complaining – it just happened over night and bang now revenue is flying in and Im feeling even more lucky!!! Thanx to these Pakistani WUNDERKIDS!

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Monday I went with Hlin to Paris (Costes Hotel is just nice) – its just impossible not to be in love in Paris. We had amassing weather and where perfectly neglected by any waiter and service person in our way – and I still find it charming.

Quite some phone calls – on a trade sale of a company I’m doing
Good meeting with startup Trigami.com – where I will probably put in some money
Lots of sms with Loic – and Alain R
More trade sale activity
Lots of thinking about Orolix – whats the best strategy – how do I help out

I’m thinking every day about the value of a board and my role and how I help the best – and how little or much I should do – and weather my insecurity (VERY WELL HIDDEN) will ever go away… Telling myself constantly – that its not me role to create the companies – Im only support when needed and in some strategy (hate that word) – I mean in some of the crucial decisions.. But I also know that a startup is ONE BIG CRUCIAL DECISION.

We took a long walk both Monday and Tuesday – in the Rue St. Honore and Le Champs.. Im so happy to have email on my phone when Hlin goes into the 5th shop and I can just stay outside – pretend to be patient – but do mails 😉 (I’m not sane). Had dinner – where Loic and Me where acting like pricks – by only talking about ourself and his and my projects – but also got a VERY INTERESTING insight in his role in the French election (he is on CNN all the time – not only because he speaks English – he is charming and VERY SMART – street smart).

made a handshake deal with ww.trivop.com – founders is JUST COOL
talked quite some to my close friend Jacob from SteelSeries
was thinking a quite some about BullGuard – love their growth
met a couple of fun entrepreneurs
mentaly preparing for VERY secret meetings in Wienna – on Wed.

Got home Tuesday night – Hlin went directly on night shift at the hospital (wow she is brave) – I just played with the kids and watched my beloved EyeTV – love recorded TV. Saw Danish Agger score for Liverpool against Chel$ea – good.

Got the Kids to School – and directly to the train to the Airport – got a bit angry with the lines in security – since all 6 people for the meeting inside the Airport got delayed 20min… 2 Very nice meetings – first on selling a company for a friend – talking legal – strangely I start to find it interesting – Ive always been surfing at these meetings – but now I was all over – and to be honest – NOT IMPRESSED BY ANYONE but my own good old lawyer Carsten who from the sideline avoided to major problems – that NO ONE ELSE HAD SEEN. Jumped on plane to meetings a the VERY COOL AND NEWLY RENOVATED Meridian in Vienna – stealth meetings all day – in a whole new speed and with people who just have been doing what Im trying to do for 35 years. Gentle, Humble, Nice, Interesting, Clever, Smart and No BS guys – who are all just what I needed for my new big plan (sorry t be secret ass). Wonderful Dinner at Bar Italia – owned by Manfred from BWIN – who unfortunately was i Milan watching the CL game (where I did not make it) – but we had fantastic food and his brother Gigi took very good care of us. The BIG guys left dinner to go back and negotiate – I stayed with a friend and walked back – inventing a Twitter Exchange plug in – that would reply to all emails above 140 characters – I will not deep read until later this week (hmm not funny in writing). Had some drinks

Was thinking a lot about the days outcome – feeling Orolixed 🙂

Tonight I was with my obesity startup and Im so fuc… impressed by the team – we will get a brilliant biotechnology guy in with some cash and one of the best Danish brains (AND SOCIALLY VERY STRONG) – and got a meeting with Weight Watchers during May. Cool guy the COO from WW.

WEBSITES i used this week
Pierre W
Lande Actics (weird shit) Loic (good vcast) Google Finance, Mail, Spreadsheet, yousendit

Very exited about

Orolix Orolix Orolix
My idea of a Luxury Brand Fund
The Secret team from Wienna
How to recruit 10 top people we need for projects right now
HelloGroup – specially Thomas P from hellobrand

Thats it folks (sorry to use this as a diary – but I needed it – again)

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God Stuff

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Red Herring 100 in Cannes was good. The program is – VERY AVERAGE – some moderators are very good and actually involved and you have to give credits to Red Herring for A) giving away a price that costs 2000€ to pick up 😉 B) Asking 40 VCs to pay 2000€ to debate in panels 😉

When that is said – I have to admit that I love those conferences. I would have had to travel to Sofia, Berlin, Zurich, London, Paris… to have had the meetings I had in 48hours. Most interestesting is www.smeet.de , www.trigami.com, www.Treveda.com, www.gravityzoo.com, www.corpcom.de, www.joinr.de, www.epuls.pl … all companies I would love to go into.

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My New Favorite Host

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This guys has it – hope he is not fake.

See more here
Remember to see his tribute to my love Whitney Huston  and his tribute to Youtube 🙂

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The Big Plan

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Im thinking a lot about what the Big Plan is – when you are involved with 50-60 ventures. And it looks more and more like having something to do with revenue…

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Gangster, Pages and PDF

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A new category is defines online – converting PDF into Flash Magazines – nothing revolutionary – but sometimes VERY handy – at least for your inbox 😉 I met the PageGangster guys – and found the vision VERY interesing

As an industry it seems like revenue is catching up – http://www.zmag.dk – claims to do 200.000$ pr. month and opens offices all over Europe.

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Top of my head

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Today Im a little bored – I was in Berlin yesterday (in out same day) – and I feel jet-lagged over a 50min flight ? Hmmm. What did I do in Berlin – well I met a guy who is even more aggressive in his investments then me – and actuallly successful – and nice – very nice. He did have the successful person disease – talk about them-self too much – but that’s because there is so much to tell – and I’m the same way 😉

Personally Im a bit angry at myself for buying the IBM X60 discount version – since it has no bluetooth. I think bluetooth is so penetrated by now – that we dont think about it – THATS PENETRATION (exept me being so stupid forgetting to order it). Thinking about buying this phone – but a bit affraid to be one of those who relly want to be funny and never is 🙂 Im pretty annoyed by my SonyEricsson k700i phone – since the adressbok is full… also testing video conferencing tools – and just got the exovision.com – will try it tomm.

I have been surfing around for the first time this year – I think – found these wise words 😉 – I really think the one about the waiter is 100% right. I could never do a book – and would have nothing to write either – but a screenplay could be fun (just to do it). And for my interest in Branding – this is kind of fun – they should link to Wikipedia instaed…

Dear Valued reader – sorry to inform you about all this nonsence – but I ad to get ot out. To feel productive – to be ON – to show myself that Im not lazy, bored or normal… 🙂

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Whats txt – digital – html- people

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think about it 🙂

Link via Mik

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