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loic le web


But I do wonder quite a bit about how networks and circles starts and goes on. Le Web 3 – makes me first wonder: “How the fuck did I get on stage again (after Mountain Partners, Sime (fantastic), TechTour (no good)…) – since I dont really have anything to say – specially since I cant tell my secrets and where I expect to make the next 100mio). Well I really try to be direct – and no bullshit (but then again full of it) and as honest as posible. But the I start thinking about the full circus – Lois, Martin, Danny, Tariq, Ola, Mygdal… And wow – its a closed loop – and maybe we are already a part of an old boys network in some form. And Im sitting of a loose mandate – so I can be kicked out any day – and I know Loic is busy doing his startup (Seesmic) – so he probobly havent been thinking about it every day… BUT what I want to say it – that I really hope to meet new and fresh people at Le Web 3 (attendend list in the end of site).

One Guy is missing

– there is a secret SUPERSTAR VC in Europe – Henrik Albertsen from – is the best these days – but keeps too low profile.  A risktaker and a sales mann.

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Hello Going Very Very Well

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HelloGroup is going really super well – and I cant help it – I just love that kind of optimism when you see people suceed – that smiles get wider and the selfconfidence just boots the people – ad off course you can see that FOCUS and the winner instanct. I LOVE IT.

Seems like the clients do as well:

You’d be crazy to choose anyone else. These guys are a delight to work with. Very efficient. Always on time and budget. Very smart. Focused on demand generation.”
Jeroen Veth, CEO Zecco Trading –

“Hello Group worked closely with Zyb on developing our site and product offering. The team is talented, skilled, flexible and delivers on budget. Highly recommended.”
Tommy Ahlers, CEO ZYB –

Here should have been one more endorsement but the client has to improve it

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Allen & Co

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For me – and how I work – this is BIG INSPIRATION.

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Glubble – browser for Kids

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Im so proud to be part of this Glubble project . Ian is a true master. It should be under my WILD concept – since its really something GOOD for kids.


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What A Day – Im hammered

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Today I had a 100% fantastic expirience. I was invited to the FREEWAY BAD ASS CAMP – where this Danish online empire -> Number one in Dating, Auctions, Partyphotos (new category), Teen Flirting and much more. Henrik, Morten and UPDATE (Morten Sr. is also a very important part) started this as a garage project 9 years ago – and today they have the most sexy and profitable online/media company in the world (looking at impact pr. capita – pitty its only present in Denmark). The 15 companies they own – always with 51% minimum – are all build with fokus on social/community features and paying subscribers – even the auction site has 33%+ paying subscribers 😉 – and now they are starting to see the advertising revenue kicking – and THEY CANT STOP SMILING – they feel its FREE PROFIT – nearly too easy. Wow – I wish I had made some video – but Im having a PODCASTING MENTAL BLOCK – I simply dont feel comfortable taking out the cam – darn…

So anno 2007 – hearing these hot hot companies and the 3 majority owners and 20 minority owners (all web entrepanuers to the bone) – speak and discuss and exchange knowledge was like being in heaven for me. And when i gave my shameless selfpromoting presentation – I had to jump over all 12 slides about – >”Just do it” -> “Act” -> “Imagine how cool its would be” – because these guys where allready many times there…
And then on top of all this – we where picked up in Wagner Jr. plane – it was my first time in such a small plane – and I got totally – high.


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Monday I went with Hlin to Paris (Costes Hotel is just nice) – its just impossible not to be in love in Paris. We had amassing weather and where perfectly neglected by any waiter and service person in our way – and I still find it charming.

Quite some phone calls – on a trade sale of a company I’m doing
Good meeting with startup – where I will probably put in some money
Lots of sms with Loic – and Alain R
More trade sale activity
Lots of thinking about Orolix – whats the best strategy – how do I help out

I’m thinking every day about the value of a board and my role and how I help the best – and how little or much I should do – and weather my insecurity (VERY WELL HIDDEN) will ever go away… Telling myself constantly – that its not me role to create the companies – Im only support when needed and in some strategy (hate that word) – I mean in some of the crucial decisions.. But I also know that a startup is ONE BIG CRUCIAL DECISION.

We took a long walk both Monday and Tuesday – in the Rue St. Honore and Le Champs.. Im so happy to have email on my phone when Hlin goes into the 5th shop and I can just stay outside – pretend to be patient – but do mails 😉 (I’m not sane). Had dinner – where Loic and Me where acting like pricks – by only talking about ourself and his and my projects – but also got a VERY INTERESTING insight in his role in the French election (he is on CNN all the time – not only because he speaks English – he is charming and VERY SMART – street smart).

made a handshake deal with – founders is JUST COOL
talked quite some to my close friend Jacob from SteelSeries
was thinking a quite some about BullGuard – love their growth
met a couple of fun entrepreneurs
mentaly preparing for VERY secret meetings in Wienna – on Wed.

Got home Tuesday night – Hlin went directly on night shift at the hospital (wow she is brave) – I just played with the kids and watched my beloved EyeTV – love recorded TV. Saw Danish Agger score for Liverpool against Chel$ea – good.

Got the Kids to School – and directly to the train to the Airport – got a bit angry with the lines in security – since all 6 people for the meeting inside the Airport got delayed 20min… 2 Very nice meetings – first on selling a company for a friend – talking legal – strangely I start to find it interesting – Ive always been surfing at these meetings – but now I was all over – and to be honest – NOT IMPRESSED BY ANYONE but my own good old lawyer Carsten who from the sideline avoided to major problems – that NO ONE ELSE HAD SEEN. Jumped on plane to meetings a the VERY COOL AND NEWLY RENOVATED Meridian in Vienna – stealth meetings all day – in a whole new speed and with people who just have been doing what Im trying to do for 35 years. Gentle, Humble, Nice, Interesting, Clever, Smart and No BS guys – who are all just what I needed for my new big plan (sorry t be secret ass). Wonderful Dinner at Bar Italia – owned by Manfred from BWIN – who unfortunately was i Milan watching the CL game (where I did not make it) – but we had fantastic food and his brother Gigi took very good care of us. The BIG guys left dinner to go back and negotiate – I stayed with a friend and walked back – inventing a Twitter Exchange plug in – that would reply to all emails above 140 characters – I will not deep read until later this week (hmm not funny in writing). Had some drinks

Was thinking a lot about the days outcome – feeling Orolixed 🙂

Tonight I was with my obesity startup and Im so fuc… impressed by the team – we will get a brilliant biotechnology guy in with some cash and one of the best Danish brains (AND SOCIALLY VERY STRONG) – and got a meeting with Weight Watchers during May. Cool guy the COO from WW.

WEBSITES i used this week
Pierre W
Lande Actics (weird shit) Loic (good vcast) Google Finance, Mail, Spreadsheet, yousendit

Very exited about

Orolix Orolix Orolix
My idea of a Luxury Brand Fund
The Secret team from Wienna
How to recruit 10 top people we need for projects right now
HelloGroup – specially Thomas P from hellobrand

Thats it folks (sorry to use this as a diary – but I needed it – again)

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The Future Is Bright

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Power is more important to me then I like – I bring converters before cigarettes… I got this IBM X60 – darn its fast – Intel Centrino Duo is speedy speedy. I did not get Adobe Acrobat installed – so found this nice online .pdf converter very convenient.

I got this blasting fun Spider video from Erik Andersson – and learned that you can get a Hooters Mastercard – ehhh.

I have been flooded with requests of initations to Joost – but since Im not part this venture – I dont have more left. I tried it – was impressed with quality – but content wasnot for me – and I only opened the application 2 times over the last month… I just wan FREE TV – FREE MOVIES and FREE MUSIC – NOW – Dear Google wrap the AdWords around and get going.

I got in Apple mode. Got a MacBook – blamed it on Laura 🙂 – wow its nice and Im looking forward to try Windows on it… Got a iMac 24″ (just realised it has DualCore so it can Run Windows as well – hmm do I want that ?) with TV-tunercard for the sleeping-room – Im impressed with the record function – cabletv does not deliver a signal good enough – hope HDtv will come to Denmark before I die.

Have been focusing 90% on Orolix darn it looks like a killer – Soren just wrote up the thing – how amazingly nice to have a partner who can write a plan i 2 hours – that takes an adult life until 35 to make and execute – and had board meeting with Palora, talked with Jubble, Zyb, Spleak, Johannes on a Pier2Pier connector I did not really understand, some internet Charity called, talked quite some ti Martijn faboulous the energy boms from IIP, got a few clients to Hello … I use Google Spreed-sheet to organise my Orolix todos – dreaming about a Wiki but my aesthetic since does not allow me to use ugly techie wiki (stupid me).

Am I doing a diary here – or just feeling guilty not to post more often ?

PS. Linus got the old iMac – so no one is with a PC (or should i say Apple).

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My New Venture

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no post

I have decided to go 100% in on my mariage&family and company wise and turn it into something really big. It feels VERY VERY good to have something focused on the schedule – I will only do “other ventures” on Thursdays – and Im very sure that this can become the biggest thing I ever did. Mostly because of the team in Brazil and the magic founder (from Libanon) Nagib – what a personality – Im already a fan as you see in the fan picture.

To you – dear VALUED readers – Im sorry to say – that I will be posting less – since I have to focus very hard to succed…

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Only In NYC – Yesterday

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I met with

Don – the guy behind AM, New York – 73y and cool
Oren – the guy behind hotbar – ~34 and smart and nice
Afsaneh – selfmade ibanker – 47 and only just started
Chris Dixon – ENTREPAUER – 3x determined and calm and getting married
Alok – hedgefund head – 3x and going to do big stuff
Andrew – going into private jets – 3x and just started

NYC is just so happening – like nowhere – more pictures

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Hello – Ive Got Jobs

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Dear Valued Reader Im very proud to announce a bunch of jobs for the interested – come to Copenhagen and work with us. Its ambitious like hell – and also some fun.

Hello Group – A new agency based out of Copenhagen. We’re 30 high performing individuals, growing like nobody’s business and in need of more talented people!

Hello aspires to be the place where you do the best work of your entire career in advertising and marketing consulting. Our success hinges on our collective talent and that’s why we’re actively pursuing the most creative and brilliant marketers. If you are a top performer already or have exceptional unexploited talent – let us hear from you today.
For creatives – please contact:
Michael Lee
mjlskorn AT gmail . com
+45 2 6 3 2 2 2 7 4

Other positions please contact:
Jakob Langemark (big chief one)
jlangemark AT
+45 2 6 8 7 2 6 0 1

Hello currently has the following vacancies:

Senior account coordinator

Minimum 3 years of top tier agency experience running international accounts.

You manage the day-2-day interaction between HELLO and one of our most important clients. You are in charge of running the projects all the way from approval to finished delivery. You have a great understanding of the workings of the client, internal agency processes / systems and a strong grip on our suppliers. Hence, every job is executed on time with a high degree of quality and service.

Agency process manager

Minimum 4-6 years of experience in advertising or management consulting.

Your responsibility is to help management develop and maintain efficient internal processes and systems. In addition to setting up workflows (Workbook) you will control invoicing and time management across accounts as well as oversee the recruitment and training of new talented account coordinators.


Minimum 2-3 years working with front-end design and flash programming.

You know how creativity works on the web and have a gift for making brands and concepts come to life in the Internet space. You’ll also work closely with the Hello design team (internationally recognized interface designers) and they might even share their secrets solving design issues for some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious clients. If you have genuine talent – the sky’s the limit.

English-speaking Copywriter

First of all, you are smart. If not, check out some of the consulting positions above (kidding!) Seeking a native English copywriter with minimum 2-3 years of relevant agency and big brand experience. Conceptual thinking? A must. Able to spin great headlines and brilliant brand defining copy? Absolutely. Working with an AD or alone, you care deeply about the creative product.


To assist the account section we’re seeking a student employee. You’re probably studying business at CBS and have a superb academic track record. Yes, grades do count.

Junior Consultant

You have a degree in business and some work experience (1-2 years) as a consultant, analyst or from the client side with brand or product management. You’re prepared to clock the hours necessary to become a HELLO client consultant.


We’re seeking a DTP specialist to help execute our in-house productions as well as to oversee outsourcing of DTP work. You have the relevant training and at least 3 years of DTP experience. In addition you have experience from working with suppliers within print production.

Strategic Planner

We’re looking for a strong (4-5 years) strategic planner with an exceptional understanding of brand, consumer and business. You will be responsible for delivering insight-rich, strategic analysis as well as kick ass creative briefs across our high profile accounts. The right candidate probably works for a large agency network and might consider Hello an intriguing exit strategy.

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