Investing is Really Relative

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A lot of people around me have quite stiff smiles these day because of the financial markets downturn. But its all so relative – when people talk about their losses. I have a meeting with a very nice guy from the bank tomorrow and just checked up on the potential of his option package 😉

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The Unexpected Fantastic

Posted on August 16, 2007. Filed under: Art, Fun, growing, music |

I hate all the Idols, Talentshow and Instant famous crap TV/Culture – but this one is the perfect exeption. Wow.

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Ibiza – and time off

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Im 14 days with my dear old friend Lars in one of his houses in Ibiza (again) – its just fantastic here. So mellow – and then so many friend and business partners flying in and living with us in thsi insanely huge house… try it.

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I Love This Video Geek Comedy

Posted on May 31, 2007. Filed under: buz, Fun, movie, nerve, people, Technologi, think, time |

See Bill and Steve about Bill and Steve

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What A Day – Im hammered

Posted on May 23, 2007. Filed under: advertising, Fun, Lucky, nerve, people, playing, Venture Capital, ventures |


Today I had a 100% fantastic expirience. I was invited to the FREEWAY BAD ASS CAMP – where this Danish online empire -> Number one in Dating, Auctions, Partyphotos (new category), Teen Flirting and much more. Henrik, Morten and UPDATE (Morten Sr. is also a very important part) started this as a garage project 9 years ago – and today they have the most sexy and profitable online/media company in the world (looking at impact pr. capita – pitty its only present in Denmark). The 15 companies they own – always with 51% minimum – are all build with fokus on social/community features and paying subscribers – even the auction site has 33%+ paying subscribers 😉 – and now they are starting to see the advertising revenue kicking – and THEY CANT STOP SMILING – they feel its FREE PROFIT – nearly too easy. Wow – I wish I had made some video – but Im having a PODCASTING MENTAL BLOCK – I simply dont feel comfortable taking out the cam – darn…

So anno 2007 – hearing these hot hot companies and the 3 majority owners and 20 minority owners (all web entrepanuers to the bone) – speak and discuss and exchange knowledge was like being in heaven for me. And when i gave my shameless selfpromoting presentation – I had to jump over all 12 slides about – >”Just do it” -> “Act” -> “Imagine how cool its would be” – because these guys where allready many times there…
And then on top of all this – we where picked up in Wagner Jr. plane – it was my first time in such a small plane – and I got totally – high.


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Good stuff (Danish Only)

Posted on April 29, 2007. Filed under: DR, Fun, podcast, video |

I cant stop laughing from this video (140mb) – actually free from Danish Radio Podcasts (whom I was ditching hard in my last post). (Im so sorry its only in Danish).

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I Love Twitter & Adore Evan

Posted on March 22, 2007. Filed under: bizz, buz, Fun, Technologi, Venture Capital, Weird Stuff |

luuve it

I simply love –  and everything around it. First of all that its SO ENDLESSLY SIMPLE – a brainer. Secondly that its done by the most powerful guys in the webspace – Evan and Obvious and Friends. Theyare winning all prices and awards this year and Im simply addicted. Looking forward to see the business model – but dont e worried – the service will survive – (Evan got a good deal when he sold Bloggger to Google – and any VC will give their left ball to get in now).

To be very hornest – i must say that I have not told you dear users about it – due to the greedy and ugly fact – that I have been thinking about launching something similiar. Bad me – Bad.

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Reality In A Startup Is Will

Posted on March 17, 2007. Filed under: bizz, buz, Fun, talent, Venture Capital, VentureOfMine, Weird Stuff |

hopeOne of my startups is VERY SUCCESFULL – but it takes a positivist to get it:

They make NO MONEY
They use 200.000€ every month
Their product is free
They will go technically bankrupt in may

Wierd – weird – They are a TOP 100 Company in Europe
– and the team is amazing – and will succed and EVERYONE wants to finance them.

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Reboot 9

Posted on March 16, 2007. Filed under: bizz, buz, Fun, Happy, Life, talent, Technologi, Weird Stuff |


The best technology event in the world – is now ready for 9.0 – come to Copenhagen – and give yourself the pleasure of NOT UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING – and bump into people you dont met in other fancy smancy conferences. This is real. And a product of Denmarks Mr. Visionary – Thomas Madsen Mygdal

The best thing about Reboot is – that some people DONT LIKE IT – only in Danish


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German Facebok Copy Sold 100m – Luke is King

Posted on January 6, 2007. Filed under: Fun, Happy, Life, Technologi, Venture Capital |


I was invited into the Studivz (the German facebook copy) – but in the Berlin Main Train Station I decided that I was not comfortable with the founders – I was wrong and Im cool with it. The fact is the I got to the deal via Lukasz from SpreadShirt  – a company I looked VERY CLOSE AT GETTING INTO the same day – but found too overprised for mee. I think the deal is insane and the guy who bougth this non profitable making company – must be crazy 🙂 – or wanting desperately too prove something to his family members in the family business (why do I write stuff like this – what kind of person am I). But thats my opinion . and hopefully WRONG.

 Lukasz had NO MONEY AT THE TIME – but he did put his personal account into the RED to do this – and now made 3-5mio EUR – AND I FUCKING LOVE IT !!!!! Congrats Luke – hope to see you sell SpreadShirt (or make it insanely profitable) soon – and Im sure that Accell is the best VC for you – good choice.

pVC = Personal Venture Capitalist = No LPs

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