Dubai & Me & Tariq Shaikh

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I here to meet with my fantastic partner Tariq Shaikh. He is one of my very most smart and interesting partners – and his for the last 14months been setting up a very special private equity company – something I cant really go deeper into – but you can see on the website and beneath. Its a really REALY big idea – and very hard for my micro patience – but I cant wait until we can tell more…

“RHT Partners is a private equity firm that brings together top calibre investment management professionals, entrepreneurs and prominent financial backers from Europe, the Middle East and the US in a firm dedicated to creating value through carefully considered investments in selected industry sectors. RHT’s values are grounded in high ethics and its investment decisions focussed on generating industry leading returns.”

I have spend most of my time with Tariq – and he also introduced me to some of the real Dubai natives (whom you NEVER MEET) – and I must say I have been extremely positivly impressed and suprsed how much energy and power and vision – there is behind this GROWTH EMPIRES PEOPLE!

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Linus 5 years old

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Linus will be 5 years old tomorrow. I cant believe it – the years.

and a fine picture of Hlin

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Mind Dump and Fighting

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Anit Paros
Dear Valued Readers
Sorry – that I have not been posting so much lately – but off course there are various reasons.

Politics and Impact
Over the last month – I have found myself eating and winning and talking with the top advisor’s (not just consultants) to Nicolas Sarkozy, Angelina Merkel and Hillary Clinton – and even though my only goal is to sracts the surface – and find out whats behind the power structures – I have gotten a little bit struck.

Architecture and Impact
I have spend time with some very very high impact developers and architects – and same story – I got a bit overwhelmed – due to the LONG TERM impact this stuff has. Psoting from Iassons unbelievable villas in Anti Paros

Investments and Impact
I have gone into nearly 75 companies and 95% goes very well – and Im not very needed there. Some would think that I did a smart move – but basically my luck has again striked – and even double since the entrepreneurs and companies who does very well – like me pretty muc hbecause I dont interfere.

Family and Impact
I  got  over my trouble in december – and spring has been very very good. But now reality and normallity has kicked in again – and I find it a bit difficult. And maybe Im just pushing the speed to much ?

Water and Impact
My water project – is now has interest from the most influencial people in the world – and one of the biggest industrial players in the sector. And again – I´m really really starting to feel HUMBLE – that I cant help to get such traction – after near bankruptcy in January.

This season is NOT my favorite and I really fight with handling my own expectations to life and holidays… Darn I think I think to much – but maybe thats normal for people who promotes Act – don’t talk 🙂

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Ibiza – and time off

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Im 14 days with my dear old friend Lars in one of his houses in Ibiza (again) – its just fantastic here. So mellow – and then so many friend and business partners flying in and living with us in thsi insanely huge house… try it.

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Politics – I dont feel ready

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Today I had 5 sms before I got up – telling me that it wascool that Im involved with the new Danish Political Party “Ny Alliance” 🙂 . I picked up the paper – and saw my picture there among the network of the lead political figure Mr. Khadar. The only problem is – that I never met the guy 🙂 – I actually think support the idea of the party and even lended them a office (from a venture of mine that went south). And we are getting pretty involved from HelloGroup to help out on a couple of things. But since my mum called as well – to hear if I was getting involved in politics (it was unfortunately never a topic in my childhood) – I think its fair to give the facts to you dear valued (Danish) readers.

No – Im not getting involved –

1) Im still shit scared after seing Mr. Heimburger trying to go in – in 1998. And remember how he was hammered by all the dealing and wheeling behind the scenes. But he was also behaving like if he could walk on water – like I would 🙂

2) I dont feel smart enough – really! Im really annoyed about it – but I simply dont know what I mean about a lot a the aspects.

a) I think the wellfare model is FANTASTIC and I love it even more when I travel.
b) I remember where I come from – real workingclass until I was 12 at least
c) I also start to see the need of some reforms – so that we can attract international talent and dont kill initiative by sending people money for free forever…
d) I hate too see the ultra right wing – having power.

3) I dont have the time – and I would be really afraid to do this “left handed”.

4) They did not ask me 🙂

And then Im also getting really afraid not to sped time with my kids – Laura (6y) does not really like cartoons anymore – “They are boring” – and since I feel sold out on time – I would miss out on playing with Linus and his beloved “Cars”


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Second front tooth – gone

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laura lol


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Laura Lost Front Tooth

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u t

Laura just lost her first front tooth (is that the english expression) – looks FUNNY – and she is but proud nd already a bit to much thinking about her looks… Darn it starts early.

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Enough, Hope and Changing The World

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Time after time – people ask me if I never get enough.



I dont. You dont ask a golfer or an art collector. Ventures is my hobby – and I hope to do deal and be catapult for business when Im 80. I cannot say that “its not about the money” – then i would lie. Money is a great way to measure – and it would be ugly if business guys should take out the dick instead of just looking at the books 😉

I hope to be more then a one sided dealmaker – I hope to be a superb husband – I hope to be an above average father – I hope to be a really good friend.

Despite  my Psyko Agressive Investmentstrategy I very humble to the business and change and people – and I dream about changing the world a bit.

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Ups and Downs

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Today has been the worst monday in my life – at home we simply cannot find out how to make everything work in the new house. Linus is very very angry all the time and Lisa has the teen hyper – Laura is like a princess (guess thtas bad as well) – and Hlin and I just totally dont get off really well. I think I hate her a little bit (darn I hope to regret this – done) – she has not been like a wife should be due to traditional ideas 😦 – fuck its hard – and then no sleep.

But wholly christ its good for me – the big shot got down to earth and face in the mud. So fast – the change comes. The positive fuckhead inside me just says: “Well no one died” so be happy and get back to it…

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No posts this week

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Im enjoing my family in the sun.

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