– By Michael Lee (see short bio) – cover-story.pdf
Morten is the kind of guy that accomplishes more in a month than most of us do in a lifetime. As a self-described Neo-Classical serial entrepreneur, Morten’s impact on the world has left an indelible mark. He has founded and invested in 85 high profile tech start-ups including:

VOIP star Skype (recently sold to eBay for $4.3 billion),
Anti-virus consumer brand Bullguard, 200mio downloads
Web Agency NeoIdeo (sold to Leo Burnett in 2000),
Chinese browser Maxthon with 72 million downloads,
Orolix the fastest growing on-line company in Brazil,
Commisions free stocktrading Zecco.com (75.000+ clients in 12months)
HelloGroup – fastest growing ad agenzy in Denmark
Gateway Techno Labs – 900 staff in India – IPO´ing this summer
NyhedsAvisen – number one newspaper in Denmark in 18months


Morten is a close partner with international top tier venture funds and individuals as: www.dfj.com, www.accel.com, www.nordic.com , Hasso Platner Ventures and many many more…

Tenacious, instinctive and viciously self-promoting. His network activity extends from honing the raw brilliance of young UK programmers to masterminding a sit-down with former President Clinton (as a member of http://www.clintonglobalinitiative.org ) to spending quality time with his wife and three children.

Recent activities include starting 40+ companies under his boutique firm LundKenner and igniting international communications agency Hello Group founded 2006 and now employing 65 people. On top of all that Morten has started 3 funds – Chinese Property, Indian Tech Ventures and Middle East GreenTech Private Equity Fund. Politics does not apply to Scandinavian entrepreneurs – but Morten has a very deep love to the Danish Social Model where everyone gets the same chance – free schools, universities, roads and hospitals – and where the strong and wealthy takes care of those who have trouble.

And this is just the beginning – his is only 34.


CV for Morten Lund
– not up to date –

2005 | OKT
LundKenner formed – Soren Kenner and I decided to join forces in building a venture company build on competences – NOT MONEY.

2005 | Sept 12th
Skype is sold – read blog post – changed my life.

2004 | FEB
Me in FOTRUNE – 🙂 funnny. Niklas and Janus was on the Cover 🙂 The article – feels strange and supercool.

2003 | DEC
BullGuard.com – receives funding from DJF / ePlanet – one of my part goals in life are achieved (Im fucking proud of Heini, Theis, Tomas and myself), now I have to deliver. No doubt that DFJ have found me trough Niklas and Janus’ always flattering presentations of me – and very important Henrik Albertsen from DVP. Im Lucky again

2003 | NOV
My most wild idea ever BullGuard.com – has now had: +45mio P2P installs, 15mio Aplication Downloads 5mio reg. user. And Heini is on board as COO.

2003 | OCT
Skype has now unofficially got funding / and Im suddenly a seed investor in a huge VOIP player Skype.com – feels cool to sit around the table with Bessemer, DFJ, Index… 🙂

2002 | DEC
My son Linus was born – fantastic to get one more healthy baby

2002 | APR
BullGuard.com – my latest venture is now public. We will launch ASAP – within 2-3 weeks – and danm – it looks good ! It’s as always partner based – and specially co founder Thies is a little hero.

2002 | FEB
Featuring in Euromann p.54 (Danish GQ) – as entrepanuer.

2002 | JAN
Helping Niklas and Janus with the suddenly exploding Kazaa – on business developement. Now playing with 30.000.000 users and growing – to make the worlds largest ISP concept (Died). ALL TOP CONFIDENTIAL – but technology is in alfa-testing and investors are lined up. Even though I’m extremely conservative in spending.

2001 | NOV
Consulting with TeleDenmark (monopoly telco in DK 🙂 on www strategy and dev. Strange to see a company THAT BIG – from the inside. VERY INSPIRING – and I can proudly say that I’ve made at difference.

2001 | SEP
SMSaps is funded by Comitel AS – and the new business model – REVENUESHARE (the DoCoMo model). We are first to launch premium paid SMS with the national telco TDC – now they see that sharing is winning. After 2 years of hard work !!

2001 | JULY
Entering the board of the reconstructed Travelmarket.com – R. Bunch has asked me to present him – in the 35mio DKR – investment.
I left since i did not believe in the guy, BUT I WAS VERY WRONG.

2001 | MAY
Invited to FutureCamp.dk – by the Prime Minister and The Danish Ministry of Tade and Industry. I’m was 5 hours a week telling my surroundings that it was pretty COOL – and that I believe in the vision of making Denmark the #1 IT-nation. The 33 selected people and the 20+ ideas will not do it alone – but with viral and a nonpolitical movement – we WILL MAKE IT [period].

2001 | MAY Initiates SMSaps in close collaboration with Payfish and heavy media players.
Went out off cash and was handled over to the VERY NONSYMPHATIC smalltimers from Comitel . Pay your V.A.T. guys 😉

2001 | MAR
Featuring in 6 EPISODES of “dot dk”, on national TV. Darn I look like a jerk.

2001 | FEB
SPEAKING at Ehandelsprisen (eBizz Award)

2001 | JAN
Profile in LEDEREN, INFORMATION, B. Nyhedsmag., Berlingske..

2000 | DEC
VindEnHund.dk – (Quiz/Research) – 75.000 reg. Users

2000 | AUG
Restructuring 50% COSTCUT in Prey4 (reality bites 🙂 – what a hell.

2000 | AUG
22nd of august The experience of my life – Laura was born 🙂

2000 | JUNE
Speaking at Sime, McKinsey (truly flattered !!) … – IT celeb for a year 🙂

2000 | JAN
Founds – Prey4 – Venture Fund with 2mio £ – together with Henrik Skov Andersen – Erhvervsinvest Nord have been a superb partner – I truly hope that I can pay them back some day.

Mindset4.dk (pr. agency)
Guleroden.dk (online giftshop – still run by the fab Kurt)

2000 | JAN
Weekly profile in Computerworld – READ

2000 | FEB
Acquires share in Reboot.dk – e-event for e-workers – developes a strong relation ship with Mygdall !

2000 | JAN
(top 3 webBureau in .dk) Neo Ideo – my LOVE, my EVERYTHING – whom we sold to Leo Burnett in Jan. 2000 – is becoming an integrated part of the Leo Burnett Group – and looses its solo identity – WoW that’s hard. I invented that name – and Jimmy, Lars & Weikop + Crew made it something unforgettable 😦 – and I respect the Leo people 200% !
1999 | DEC
Develops revolutionary “Word of mouth” concept for Baileys – SOLD WORLDWIDE
WINS: The DMA International ECHO Awards

1999 | OCT

Concept for commercial launch of Scor.dk (danish online adult contact site) – reaches 13% of DanKort Internet payments by Oct 1999

1999 | AUG

Develops Neo Pro – online project management – used by DSB – the company was later aquired by LeoBurnett Norway

1999 | MAY
Addresses Bill Gates – stammering – but broadcast on DR i prime time – U R WELCOME 2 LAUGH
(I cant find the link on DK.dk – help me pls.)

1999 | MAR
Debut at Sime. Money was small – and Me and Hlin arrived as journalists ; – interviewed Poul Saffo, J. Niel Waintraut, Bill Taylor – and visited Razorfish Stockholm

1999 | JAN
Starts Neo India with Kapil Manchanda

1999 | FEB
Wins the golden @ (a danish online award) for best interactivity for Get2Net.dk

1999 | JAN
Starts Net-x.com – Development of digital surveillance – goes bankrupt after 7 months due to cash problems – and CPH airport has now bought the concept

1998 | DEC
Founds DOTS (First digital economy “air-miles system” in Denmark)

1998 | NOV
Founds Crash Pilots; 15.000 members in 4 weeks !

1998 | OCT
Develops graphical web identity and 15 channels for the get2net portal

1998 | DEC
Starts e.magazine.dk – (full page Børsen & Berlingske)

1998 | JULY
Married 25 July with Hlin Schow Mogensdottir and receives Lisa Olavsdottir, 1989 as a bonus dowry.

1998 | JUNE
Meets Thomas Weikop– future Musketeer-partner in Neo Ideo

1997 | NOV
Medie Compagniet goes bankrupt, due to my bad management.
Rasmus Rask who was partner really did not deserve that (sory Raz.)

1997 | AUG
Develops graphical user interface for the SID home page (national danish workers union)
(I actulally did the photshopdesign)

1996 | APR
ColdSTART & CanvasKickStarting NeatWork – Calls 20-30 prospects every day, has 2-3 newbizz meetings every day

1996 | FEB
Ne@tWork Aps (later changed name to, Neo Ideo AS) – founded together with Jimmy Mayman, Lars Holm Hansen, Henrik Christoffersen & Niels K. Nielsen

1994 | AUG
Four months studies in Montpellier.
(Well “studies” is a fun expression 😉

1994 | MAY
Produces blue books for 105 schools on a 486 – Jannie, Lars, Jimmy, Rasmus.. all friend sitting at the minor kitchen table – making it possible. TRUE ENTREPANEUR.

1994 | MAR

Invents national tour for entertainers Tim & Gordon. (greedy idiots)

1994 | FEB

Founds Medie Compagniet – development of Digital sales- and print systems (On Demand)

Reads the first issue of Wired.
5 years later I had dinner with the fantastic Kevin Kelly (Wired founder) – and got to understand how they tried and succeded with creating a magazine primarily focusing on the posibilieties in technology…

Develops ski concept for Larsen Rejser (Package Holidays)

Creates what today´s students consider the ‘student package’: Cap, blue book, sweatshirt, tour and party

Develops revolutionary “computer to print” concept for digital print shops

Commences the M. Sc. (economics) studies in Odense

wins Danish Championship in U18 handball, selected for the youth and U21 national team

Finishes High School in Solrød and moves to Odense. Living at Christian “Legetøj”s place.

Born in Roskilde DK – grew up in Jersie with farmers all over

Hlin Mogensdottir, Icelandic, Psykologi student

Lisa Olafsdottir 1989
Laura Lund Nielsen 2000
Linus Lund Nielsen 2002

Mother: Inge Lund, Social Worker & Psychotherapist
Father: Niels K. Nielsen, electrician & CEO in Conelec AS

Holding Company data:

CVR# 27414125
Gammel Moent 17, 1
1117 København K

CVR# 30491734
Gammel Moent 17, 1
1117 København K

Iban # DK6330003138611558
Swift dabadkkk

CVR# 29404143
Fredericiagade 15
1310 København K


Luara, Dad and Linus angry

Linus and Mum



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42 Responses to “About”

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“I act just after thinking”…This is a something i like but don’t do…

I have an idea conceived for INDIA and expandable globally. Even named it.If you are interested to know shoot me an email at abubuckerblogs@gmail.com

A friend of yours in California suggested you might be interested in the local web project I’m working on. We may incorporate their technology in my site.

Hi Morten,
I was recommended to go your webside and I can understand that you initiate many new companies. We are an Executive Search company with 14 years of experience – so can we be of assistance please call or write us.

Hej Morten. Jeg har et spændende projekt til dig. Det henvender sig til unge på 15-25 år. Kontakt mig på e-mail, hvis du vil høre mere 😉

Morten -Help me make a difference in the dangerous world of stock market investing. As the web’s made online investing in stock market’s worldwide easy to do, more and more people are truly at risk with their hard-earned monies. They don’t know or have in their hands an easy-to-use method to protect their monies. We’ve got the technology to help. I just need some smart backers to help me bring it to fruition.

shoot me a mail – god darn. This is something that I think a lot about. (very strangely its the same reason Im really afraid of goin into property – imagine i i would be part of financing something UGLY UGLY – and some peoples lifes would become bad because of living in it)

Morten, your name has been used (perhaps incorrectly) as a major investor in United Mobile. Their customer serivce has gone through the floor in the last 3 weeks and I think the company is on the verge of failure. If it is indeed your investment, you will care. Please contact me to advise me how to get someone to respond to the problem I am having (unfortunately, being a visionary investor means that you are going to be faced with the crap as well – I know, I am the CEO of a company)

Hej Morten,
Gider du ikke lige sende mig en mail?

Since 1998 I’ve been developing a audiovisual format that shows how to do things with both hands, in one minute, in any language, and with a very digital light weight iiles.Now we are broadcasting in many territories but having financial difficulties.
Please, visit our site at http://www.canalmicro.com and have a look on our see & enjoy collections. And, please, contact us. I’m sure it will bring a better future.

Morten, I dont have your email. Dan Dubno

Jeg tror, at du er manden, der kan skubbe en god ide igang.
De fleste ryster på hovedet af ideen lige som dengang telefonen blev opfundet. (Hvem kan man dog tale med i et rør).

Jeg vil ikke sige mere her, men giv evt. et signal på mail til pouland@gmail.com

Hej Morten, Mads Vangsø søger din medvirken i Radio 100 Fm til en hyggelig snak om aviser og investeringer.

Hej Morten – hvad med egen landsby i Frankrig som base for udvikling af nye medie projekter? Vi har 10 huse, klubhus, kontor m.v. i naturskønt område, velegnet til workshops, teambuilding m.v. Email mig venligst for oplysninger ud over hvad der kan ses på http://landsbyen.oos.dk

Tillykke, det var en god satsning!
Vi i FENESTRA er de mest erfarne med både elektroniske media og læseranalyser. Jeg har selv tidligere været ansvarlig for Dansk nMedia Index i flere år og for de løbende tv-ratings.
Med Nyhedsavisen er det en ny tid, der begynder – bedre sent en aldrig!
Vi vil gerne indtil videre lave markedsanalyser gratis for Nyhedsavisen. I får brug for dem. Vi er erfarne og vi er som sagt topprofessionellse se http://www.fenestra.dk.
med venlig hilsen
Ivan Dybdal
tlf. 70 23 70 29

Morten, saw you yesterday at dld in Munich,”surfing risk”. Some funny statements, BUT in terms of conversion of business models “new versus old media”, still counting “eyeballs”. Missing the point. Now, ex-consultants, non-a**holes daring to risk their safe jobs and becoming entrepreneurs backed by their amazing wifes and kids…We have an innovative online model and have to fight against old media risk aversion, fear of loosing their “currency”. Wanna know more?Best

damn. a friend sent me to this page. one of the most impressive cv’s I’ve seen in a while.

Hej Morten, jeg mener jeg så dig til generalforsamling i Trykkefriheds-selskabet i sidste måned? Jeg skrev i sin tid at jeg gerne ville hjælpe, som det også fremgår af din hjemmeside. Tilbuddet står ved magt. Hvordan går det med Nyhedsavisen? Problemos?
Jeg skrev dette:
Tillykke, det var en god satsning!
Vi i FENESTRA er de mest erfarne med både elektroniske media og læseranalyser. Jeg har selv tidligere været ansvarlig for Dansk nMedia Index i flere år og for de løbende tv-ratings.
Med Nyhedsavisen er det en ny tid, der begynder – bedre sent en aldrig!
Vi vil gerne indtil videre lave markedsanalyser gratis for Nyhedsavisen. I får brug for dem. Vi er erfarne og vi er som sagt topprofessionellse se http://www.fenestra.dk.
med venlig hilsen
Ivan Dybdal
tlf. 70 23 70 29

[…] world. Most of the seed rounds of successful start ups have been financed by venturepreneurs like Morten Lund, Johan Stael von Holstein, Rodolfo Carpintier, Robin Klein, Daniel […]

Er det på en eller anden måde muligt at komme til at pitche en idé for dig?
Med venlig hilsen

hi, i’m a journalist and write on entrepreneurship and venture capital. wanted to talk to you about amaya venture. is there an email id i could write in at? thanks.

I’d like to know more about the ski concept for Larsen Rejser (Package Holidays). Was it related to ski vacation packages? What exactly did you do?

[…] proud to have found two great dreamers who backed our idea right from the start: Esther Dyson and Morten Lund. I will borrow only this paragraph- if you fit into this category, email me at nabergoj [at] […]

Hi Morten

It may well be mutual beneficial to connect.

I am the managing director of WirelessMatch Ltd – UK’s Wireless Funding Network. We facilitate funding in early stage and emerging UK-based companies with wireless,
mobile internet, online media and mobile telecoms activities requiring funding up to £2.5m

WE have a number of pre-screened investment opportunities requiring funding.

Best regards

Steven Dotsch
Managing director
WirelessMatch Ltd – UK’s Wireless Funding Network
URL: http://www.WirelessMatch.co.uk
Em: steven (at) WirelessMatch.co.uk
Tel: 020 8374 8718

Hej Morten
Har et lille projekt som måske kan have din interesse: http://www.rifraf.dk
Drop mig en mail hvis du har tid.

Hej Morten
Jeg har en god ide – hmm tror jeg. Det, som jeg har behov for fra din side, er en kort sparring over en kop et eller andet. Det kan være du kan se nogle muligheder, som jeg ikke har tænkt på, og måske det har din interesse at være med.

Iøvrigt flot interview i aften.

Håber at høre fra dig 🙂


Peter C

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Новый способ “наказать” тех, кто посмел участвовать в выборной кампании не на стороне действующей власти изобрели правоохранительные органы г.о. Химки.
Руководствуясь не нормой закона, а чьей-то “волей” сотрудники милиции решили “проверить” все фирмы, внесшие денежные средства в избирательный фонд неудобных кандидатов.
Начались “проверки” с телефонных звонков – где директор, сколько человек работает на фирме. После чего последовали “письма счастья” с просьбой предоставить всю бухгалтерскую документацию, учредительные документы фирмы, и даже, план экспликации БТИ.
Такие запросы химкинским фирмам рассылает 1 отдел Оперативно-розыскной части № 9 Управления по налоговым преступлениям ГУВД Московской области за подписью начальника подполковника милиции Д.В. Языкова.
И всё это в то время, когда Президент дал прямое указание правоохранительным органам о прекращении всех незаконных проверок малого и среднего бизнеса. С это целью внесены изменения в Федеральный закон “О милиции” – из статьи 11 этого закона исключены пункты 25 и 35, на основании которых ранее правоохранительные органы имели право проверять финансово-хозяйственную деятельность предприятий.
Видно, об изменениях действующего законодательства местные правоохранительные органы не уведомлены. И не смотрят телепередачи с выступлениями Президента.
Может быть, эта публикация подвигнет их к исполнению указаний Президента, а также к изучению и соблюдению действующего законодательства

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I just became a member of this forum

Great job forum crew!

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Has anyone tried beating diabetes this way?

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Hi there!

I’m new to this forum and just wanted to say hi. So Hi!


I am doing s study on creativity and wonder if you would be willing to talk to me about how you get your ideas.

Be well,
Jeff Lubin (mobile: +32-476 439 322)

Respekt! Mere er der vist ikke at sige!

It’s fantastic that you are getting thoughts from this paragraph as well as from our discussion made here.

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