Stop Whining

Posted on March 28, 2008. Filed under: act |

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller

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11 Responses to “Stop Whining”

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unless you are sure fighting will sustain you, which i doubt it ever does, specially in the long run because it is stupid to think that the opponent is stupid. also reminds me of the godfather: make them an offer they cannot refuse 😉 i.e. if one forgets about what actually happens in the book/movie. however, the new model can capture elements that the old model doesn’t while the new model may fail to capture everything, which is a co-existence argument. so, i guess you always change things by solving a problem, not ‘forgetting about/fighting’ it.

I undersatood the post but I didn’t know what whining meant exactly. So I looked for it.
I found an article about whining in adifferent contaxt but it gives a very practical path on” How to stop whining”.

I think it’s aplicable in any context.

Wisely said, a great reminder Morten!

Btw: Wishing you A Happy Birthday 🙂

Suck it up people! FUCK I hate people that lick asscrack like that! Everyone of you! Youre a bunch of fucking losers, and so are you Morten.. Fuck off with all your sentimental shit! Are you a businessman or what! “Im just lucky”, well fuck off then.. I would never put a penny on you! (and yes. I have much more success than you)!

“Wisely said, a great reminder Morten!

Btw: Wishing you A Happy Birthday ”

Go wank off in the woods, RennyBA! I can not get it into my mind, that people like you exist! You are never going to make it in the corporate world! Find something you love and do that! Fool!

Katt/Anonymous: “(and yes. I have much more success than you)”

Seem’s highly unlikely. Fool.

Now, go away and play on Digg.

I saw this:

And the first thing that came in to my mind was you, maybe it is because your are the only supertechnonerd I know of that understands ulterior opportunity’s, how is you Íslenska maybe Hlín will translate this for you.

Innilega til hamingju með litla drenginn

Hi Morten, it has been a year since we last saw each other… happy Birthday. Mahmoud

Katt is really sweet. Is it a girls name? So, you sucessful person… dont waste your time with posting senseless comments to show the world, how retarded you are.

Clever thoughts that can also be found in the “Blue Ocean”, which is a bestseller from 2006. I am a great admirer of your business approach an never ending energy force. I believe that the First Greaty Source and Center is with you 🙂

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