Growing up – No Formula

Posted on March 25, 2008. Filed under: Life |


When i look at my little girl – soon turning into a little woman – I get a bit worried – where is the time flying? And how do I tell her in a nice and smart way that the grown ups and the adults have no big book with the formula? I still suffer from the idea that I need to find that book/list….


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7 Responses to “Growing up – No Formula”

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What? There is no such book? *AAAAAAAAARGH*

With a simple explanation on life, and development..

What about “the book of five rings” from Myamoto Musashi, and the “Tao Te King” from Lao Tzeu?

PS: Hum.. 2 books?

Sound like the most obvious wiki project EVER 🙂

A metaphor, perhaps, for the relationship between venture capitalists and their developing companies?

Cant believe you post a picture of your daughter !!! Where do you think you are ?

I suppose how we feel about others and ourselves is grounded in ‘respect’ – whether we have been respected, and how we have been treated generally.

In UK we tend to treat children as second class citizens and then when they reach 16/18 we expect them to magically turn into responsible adults.

Sadly our education curriculum focuses on core subjects of Maths, Science and English – nowhere do we address parenting – who taught you to parent?

It is scarey, and, as parents, we present the role models that our children will follow – you can see this reflected in our societies.

On a positive note, you seem to take great joy in your family and have an acute awareness of the developmental changes – so your children will grow into well-adjusted adults. They may cause you a few headaches on the way, but nothing worth having is achieved easily.

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