Im In Kaos – Please Let Me Out

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OK – this blog was always meant as mental therapy – and actually not a media with 45.000 readers pr. month. Therefor this post.

My life is kaos – and I love caos – but today its fucking hard…

Its so much harder then I had ever expected to:

understand a newspaper from A to Z
do 80 other companies,
make a pro investment office,
get a fantastic new son,
be head of logistics for 3 kids,
be nice to everyone
remember to call my mum
raise 20mio euro for a financial services company,
do an IPO in india
stay in shape
satisfy my own starndars towards investment partners
think positive,
be social responsible (what ever that fu…. means),
build a wave energy company,
call my amassing entrepreneurs enough
look into the mobile market,
sell a mobile app company,
eat lowcarb,
understand how marriage works
stay updated on facebook
stay updated on linkedin
do an ecommerce aplication in Russian,
laugh enough,
not dress to bad,
be a good father
be effective,
see my 2-3  friends enough
kiss my kids enough
remember to get a haircut
be on my blackberry 24/7
understand what its all about…

Well – who am i to complain – it my dream to be in my position – but today – ITS KAOS 🙂


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17 Responses to “Im In Kaos – Please Let Me Out”

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I think this is the result of the “human infection”, some (including me)are never satisfied, we want more, be better, more competitive, do more to effect the world, but then do we stop, when do we say its enough? maybe when we are in heaven (or hell :0))or maybe then we get old and do not have the same physical power to “hunt” on the savannah 🙂

morten, your blog says it all: “optimizing the 650k hours in life”…just make sure you can breathe, so that you can be able to put yourself into everything else!

Jeg har lige pillet verdens største busseman og tørret den af under sengen. Imorgen skal jeg for 30.000 gang ud at dele post ud. Min kat hedder Zebra og jeg har ikke fået fisse i 6 år! Tænk på mig når du er nede og græd dig tør for væske!

Alle har drømme. Alle er ikke lige heldige. Jeg ville gøre alt for det ti-dobbelte af dit kaos!

And you had time to think and write about it for your thousands of readers.

I’ll wait a little bit more before I send you a business plan …

You can ditch at least 40% of that stuff

To add a little contrast, here is my day:

Get up
Feed the cat
Feed the kids
Ignore the wife
Go to work
Pray daily sales will cover overheads
Lock up
Come home
Feed the cat
Feed the kids
Ignore the wife
Fall asleep on my laptop adjusting my 5 year cashflow (again)

Ha ha ha.. Love that David.. “Ignore the wife”.. Ha ha..

Morten, it’s time for you to get a trusted subordinate to interface with those 80 companies. Someone to give you two sentences on where each one is and what it needs from you. Like a personal RSS reader that filters everything and distills it down to what matters for you.

That and a vacation (to San Francisco).

Reading through Morten’s chaotic day it seems he already has “Ignore the wife” on his daily schedule – sorry Morten… 😉

Very clever Alexander Haislip

So obvious, but sometimes the obvious fly by your nose! Very clever indeed! You have the money Morten, why not!

# Alexander

I though the same, but 4-5 days ago I saw a documentary on 3 sisters who have been thaught by their fathers to play chess from very early, about 2 – 3 years. Now one of them is world champion or was.

A neurologist made a study on them and discover that when they play they don’t see the different pieces, they were seeing the whole pieces on the board and they were using the same part of the brain that we use to recognize faces. Normal,and also very good users, don’t use that part of the brain to play chess they see the pieces one by one. So they move slower and not so smart.

We recognize thausand of faces and images and some peole use that part of the brain to some activities. This makes them better than average people.

So where we see dificulties and pieces they see a face.

Hey your life sounds a lot like mine, except that you have figured out how to earn money while doing what you like to do. ;o)

(I am a scientist, university employed, no plans of hitting the private sector anytime soon)

Dont mind me i just randomed a searh engine and winded up here :>.

Too elaborate: Maybe reduce the meta tags and only introduce this page for your friends and peaople really interesed :=?.

I random search pages to get answers not random spamsons.

Friendfeed man, friendfeed!

Buy a yacht equipped with all bells and whistles & internet (ofcourse) take her and the family for a one year spinand inviet friends etc for a leg of the way
U can work Skype etc have fun stay fit

No need for a haircut
No need for dressing OK
U always have to think positive
Throw the Crackberry overboard!
Logistics are simpler

Have fun whilst spinning the world!
Your kids will thank you for it if not now then later
(provided u don’t sink that is…)

don’t update
don’t be available
take time off
the world will still be turning even though you are not Tuning In all the TIME
Be selective
Just be

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