My 4th Child Is Born

Posted on March 6, 2008. Filed under: kids, Life |


Last night my wife gave birth to our 4th child – a wonderful baby boy. Its better then any other experience in the world – and I feel happy from top to toe. We haven’t decided on a name yet – but I’m pretty sure we have to leave the L name concept (Lisa, Laura, Linus) – since we cant find a name starting with L. Suggestions are wellcome…


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55 Responses to “My 4th Child Is Born”

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Many congratulations – are you mad (speaking as a father of 3); do you crave sleep deprivation? All the same; wouldn’t have it any other way.

Names? what about “william robert” – shortened to billy-bob; my wife didn’t bite!!!

Navne med L:


Jeg synes Lukas,

Congratulations 😉



Leo, Leon, Leonard, Leslie, Lewis, Leon, Ludwig, Laszlo, Lajos 🙂

Congrats! One vote for Lukas 🙂

Morten, congrats….

Think in a Spanish L name: Lorenzo (means sun), Lucas, Luis

I’d say that you could possibly be inspired by other names.

Hazaar are in order. Hazaar, hazaar!



Congrats Morton!
all the best to the little boy, to mam and the rest of the familiy

Hello Morten,

I would go for Lino

Lino Morten Lund;

I think that would shine.


Congratulations to your new born child, 🙂

How about the name Lucas?


Funny, many in here have submitted Lucas or Lukas seems like a nice name..

Leo was top of the mind. Congrats!

Opkald ham efter mig… Luis / Louis?????
Ej… lad vær’ med det… det scorer han ikke
noget på i fremtiden 🙂

Lyn is the right name.

Lage, Lambert, Lance, Landry, Lanni, Lari, Larry, Lars, Las, Lasarus, Lass, Lasse, Lau, Laue, Lauge, Launy, Laurens, Laurentius, Lauri, Laurids, Laurits, Lauritz, Laurs, Laus, Laust, Lavard, Lave, Lavrids, Lavrits, Lavritz, Lavrs, Lavst, Lean, Leander, Leck, Legart, Leib, Leif, Leiff, Lejf, Lejff, Lemmy, Lenarth, Lennard, Lennart, Lennarth, Lennert, Lenni, Lennon, Lenny, Leo, Leon, Leonard, Leonhard, Leonhardt, Leonhart, Leopold, Leslie, Lester, Levi, Levy, Lewi, Lewy, Liam, Lindy, Linus, Lionel, Loke, Lorens, Lorents, Lorentz, Lorentzo, Lorenz, Lorenzo, Lorry, Lothar, Loui, Louie, Louis, Luc, Lucas, Lucien, Ludolf, Ludolph, Ludwig, Ludwik, Lui, Luis, Lukas, Luke, Lyder, Lydolf, Lyn, Lynge.

Congrats! Very nice news! I was going to suggest Levi, but someone already beat me to it!!

Thanks for the funding, as well! Working with Rasmus to finalize that.

I hope 2008 continues well for you and yours!

What about an Pullerschnaps? That ist what we do when a new baby is born …

all the best,

Congratulations Morten. Only 7 more and you have a soccer team. 😉

Congrats on this special day.
Hope mother and child are doing well … I can read that you’re happy and proud.

Will let the name decision into your and your family’s hand as you probably are the best to figure this out.

Best of luck with #4, #3, #2, #1 & #0

TILLYKKE, Morten! 🙂

Børn sætter livet i perspektiv.
Et stort tillykke til dig og din kone 🙂

Well, you can always consult a web-app for inspiration on what to name your newborn son:

Congratulations, I’m sure his siblbings are as excited as you about the family expansion.

Congratulations! I always liked “Liv” or “Life” it’s easy to remember, positive, and easy to spell!

Really, good luck woth tha baby, she’s a blessing by any name.

Congratulations Morten. 🙂

Congratulations Morten & Family! Enjoy!

Morten, of course! If you want ham to become a smart entrepreneur 🙂

Hey Morten!

Tillykke med dit fjerde barn – damn du har haft travlt 😉

Vores førstefødte søn skal hedde Luca – men du må godt låne navnet 🙂

Hils familien

Til hamingju… Boys are a blessing… everything that begins with a b… best, bravo, belissimo, bíll, bhhaammmmmmmmmm, bisquit…(they can live on those…), bingo, burps!!, balls (really anything to do with balls…), handball, football, basketball…ect., but most of all congrats… on ur new brats… LISA…LAURA…LINUS…??? beats me…
LOVERBOY!!…nah… not a good name but lets be in the game……. Morten… would be my guess… as Ingo told me when we had our boys… lets keep it in the family… but if not… Landon… for lands yet to be conquered… or Lars… isnt that like very danish??
But whatever… kisses and hugs…

Congrats… boys r blessing
What bout Landon… as conqueror of lands… kisses and hugs from us…
Ingo and Halla…

Names with “L”, hmmmm. That’s a difficult one.

Lulff, maybe?

Anyhooo – congratulations!

Congrats! How about Laban?

Congrats mannen!
It IS the greatest feeling in the world!
Since you already have a boy with the greatest name – Linus – I have no good suggestion. We named our baby boy Leon which I really like. But since his last name is Bille I actually wanted his first name to be Dollar. Luckily I have a sane wife… 😉
Cheers to all of you!

Well done – big kisses to U both. I havnt any experience in boynames – only girls (3)at my home – but roberto or cornelius was my favorites…congratulations

I suggest Levi. 🙂

Morten, congratulations. You are a very lucky man. Lazlo sounds kind of weird. Lex sounds like a pornstar and Leonard is too old sounding. Maybe Levi. That could be hip. Or Lawrence (larry).

Best wishes to you and the new addition to your family.


Kiss and RESPECT to H’ (come on, after all you had the fun part of conception…she had the hard work)

L for Luvvaboy ! 😀

Congrats Lhin and Morten !!!! we have a drink right now to celebrate (yes any occassion suits;-)! Why not Leonard or Leonardo (my second name:-0) ? let’s celebrate soon!

Et stor tillykke her fra New Zealand. Elias siger at Linus´ bror da skal hedde Lynet. Men hvis det ikke skal være med L så Noah eller Av for Søren….
Håber det går godt hos Rødderne og de passer godt på dig i em 🙂

i think he should not have a an L Name – let the fourth child stand out with a name that does NOT start with L 🙂

London??? … congrats,- having my first in 10 weeks seems scarry enough:) best from Tokyo, Lasse

Larry or Larrybox?

Mebbe Light like the mainchar from Death Note.

Hi Morten, sending my congratulations from Austria! To inspire your familys`discussion, here are the most popular boys name from Austria!


Good Luck to L…!

Hej Morten og Hlin,
tillykke med jeres ny lille vidunder 🙂
Aldis siger han er sød – overraskende, ik 😉
Faldt over dit navn via Morten Brink Iwersen på
Kærlig hilsen

leanord, larry, Lawrence

I just felt like commenting.. I’m sure he already has a beutiful name lol.

Congratulations Morten – By this time your little chap will have his name, and will be smiling and recognising you – heart-melting aren’t they?

My second grandbaby is due in a few weeks – we are very excited. My first little chap (Harrison) is absolutely gorgeous and such a sweet-natured little chap – i could just eat him up.
Warm wishes to all of you

Congratulations on your fourth!! How about Luke Alexander?? =0)

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