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Im so happy with my paper – its so so big and positive. And here (for danes) you see that we are nt oly number one in readers – but also in the most interesting segments for advertisers. WOW.

Also the numbers – are interesting:

Alle (15+)
The readers of Nyhedsavisen spend average 11% more time on a page than the readers of Politiken do on a page in their paper. 

The readers of Nyhedsavisen spend average 60% more time on a page than the readers of Metro do on a page in their paper.

20-59 years
The readers of Nyhedsavisen spend average 30% more time on a page than the readers of Politiken do a page in their paper.

The readers of Nyhedsavisen spend average 58% more time on a page than the readers of Metro a page in their paper.



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13 Responses to “Nyhedsavisen – the numbers”

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Hi Morten, it really looks interesting, who has done this survey ? And can I find it anywhere on the internet ?

An independent survey by a Danish/International survey institution. Just did not release yet.

By the way – your IP reveals that u r from Berlingske 😉

Well it’s interesting even though I’m from berlingske 🙂

Great numbers, but they are history now. I was one of your happy readers in Odense, but Nyhedsavisen has not been delivered for two weeks now …

So, this time no excuse.
The charts starts at 0.
Maybe the next argument will be why blue and orange?

Hi Morten,

Just curious…hvor står Nyhedsavisen med hele sagen omk. de Muhammed-tegninger som de andre medier idag genoptrykker?

/ Frederik

I’m looking forward to see this supposedly so great newspaper. Have not come across it anywhere yet. Not even in Copenhagen.

I’ve not come across the newspaper and I live in 2100 CPH.
Is it not being distributed in this area?
Apart for this I wish you the very best of luck in this quest of yours.


Nice to see that the quality of graphs has been improved a lot, since your last try 😉

Just a suggestion – add a little humour to such a presentation of numbers. Why not end the show with a graph, where Nyhedsavisen is the smallest? Just to shake up the monotone ‘we’re the largest’-message.

And then – when people see the heading of the graph, they’ll read something funny – a group of people no adsellers will want as their readers.
(example: People living in the countryside with income below 200.000 and age 70+)

Hey Morten.

I am a new reader of your blog. It’s interesting to read your point of views. Sometimes your spot on, but this time you forget to mention some important aspects.

It’s not hard to become the biggest newspaper – it’s just a matter of how much money, you are willing to spend and loose.

To have a healthy business is something completely different, than jusu using a lot of monet to get high reader-numbers. Don’t you agree?

All the best,


P.s. Do you always check peoples IP-adresses, when they make a comment?

Good point Michael – its well done to beat 24timer and Metro in circulation, but the big question is whether Nyhedsavisen have another 500 mill DKK or even 100 mill DKK to maintain the number one position??
Untill we know that, we can celebrate that Nyhedsavisen so far has survived longer than most people in the media industry expected – and the new ownership is so much more dedicated to the paper than eg. Klaus Riskær Pedersen was with De Bergske Blade/Frederiksborg Amtsavis and Peter Linck with Dagen – and thats perhaps the best indication that Nyhedsavisen and the new investors might perform better than those two. Also have in mind that there ARE private publishers in Denmark with a daily or weekly today who makes money. So if there is still money enough, I believe Nyhedsavisen will maintain as number one next year.


Jag jobbade på Nyhedsavisen med att dela ut tidningen för ett år sedan. Aldrig haft en så dåligt arbetsplats förut och så blev jag kickad en natt för att dem tyckte jag inte hade skött mig vilket inte alls stämde. 🙂

I guess you haven’t bought it in order to close it, have you?

avisen.dk seems to be only sporadically working – at best.

Could Freeway make it work soon?

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