Enough Bullshit

Posted on February 3, 2008. Filed under: act |

I was fully aware that taking majority in a top newspaper would mean a LOT of interest and speculation. But I did not foresee so much negative and wrong bullshit. I cant go into specifics – BUT WE ARE NOT AT ALL LOOSING FAITH OR POWER AND GIVE UP IS NOT A PART OF OUR VOCABULARY!! I will let this graph say everything. Dear highly respected Professors, Experts, Bankers, Friends and Enemy’s – only George Bush is loosing track faster – and he is not even on a subscription model like many of our highly valued and very good competitors…

Update: Here are the official numbers.pdf


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15 Responses to “Enough Bullshit”

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You aint seen nothing yet – good news is no news, and conflicts is the nutrition that makes news goes around! I don’t think your competitors live out of opportunism – they fight for survival, with a few exceptions. (e.g. Borsen) I guess that their state of mind is completely different and that they might fear that the model you eventually will come up with will shake the industry, which it has to- for you to break even

Best of luck

Where is the chief competitor, 24Timer?

Your are absolutely right about your analytics. Changing the game is hard work. I have seen though that more balanced comments make people want to listen more carfully to what we have to say. Sometimes we want to screem to our opponant, being the competitors, our government etc, but messages is getting more effectivly to our ordiens when we keep calmn. Let the results of your business speak for itself.

Dear Søren, you are so right!! But im emotionally driven and its hard – but I will try.

As one of the avisbude that has worked since the start delivering the paper. I,m so happy your doing that well that you have to fire 130 avisbude. Even worse we dont get a mention in any of the news reports.

You’ve achieved good readerships, and great respect for that. But it has cost Nyhedsavisen more than 500 mill DKK so far to get there and the former main investors gave up as their ROI blew up in the air – so no wonder that the market estimates you to struggle even more. You can’t use the graph to anything if you and Freeway will be busted because you lost all your money getting high readerships.
Bottomline is that it is a question of how money each mediagroup has to spend on papermedia. In this perspective e.g. Montgomerys Mediacom could be in a worse position than you and Freeway as nobody knows how much money they actually have nor how much you and Freeway has 🙂
But the market knows it will still cost Nyhedsavisen hundreds of millions DKK to maintain a position ahead of Metro and 24timer and former attemps to challenge the market like the paper ´Dagen collapsed as their founder had a very big mouth and a very small wallet…
Then Metro had the same problems as you are going through, but finally went in black, so you can do the same. In other words don’t cry (it will only give you more negative PR), but fight behind the lines so that you maintain and get even more readers, advertisers and distribution channels.
Remember that you have one thing in your backhand, which can be your ace – your online know-how!! – combine that with a paper brand equity (assume you’ve already done that) and the market wont laugh at you anymore.
Good Hunting!

Hey Polly
We where very open – in the fact that we had to adjust to win! Im more sorry then ANYONE – but journalists seems only to write about their colleagues – and not “avisbude” – I fully understand your way of looking at it… Darn – would be easier not to try – since someone gets hurt no matter what – and I just live in the illisuion of happy, romantic -> “we can all be friends..”

You are right. The old newspapers are desperate and nearly given their printed versions away, just to raise the distribution numbers. How about 5 DKK per day? That’s the offer these days.

But you must have a functioning web-system — cause avisen.dk is non-working crab as it is.

I’m not very aware of the newspaper market and less about the danish newspaper market.
Said that, your graph shows you have acquired a lot of readers and now you want to make make money out of it. As Jakob says, your knowledge of online business is a big plus. Advertising on print media and online give about 30% more efficiency than only advertising in one channel.

But I’m sure, that your team will find other ways than usual advertising to make money out of happy readers. No doubt.

What is really a big,big,big task is making money out of unhappy readers who leave faith in your product. I know about it.


One last thought. I think your graph shows the readers of newspapers. I think you have a delivery platform not only a newspaper. You can bring any information fron online to hand delivery ( catalogue, etc..)and … even through newspaper. I didn’t say you could distribute others newspapers, you though about it.

And as you say in your last “happy post”
even cheese can be delivered at their home.


Hi Morten
This “act and think later” – habit of yours, is not working for you right now. At least not while you are moving and shaking old media. But only change your style while you are working with media. And remember that you will be working with other exiting projects in a short while, while these newspaper guys will have to stay and struggle on in their old paper world…

Mon ikke der er plads til såvel de gamle som
nye blade. Der er jo også plads til både
fastfood og de bedre restauranter. Beklager
hvis der er nogen der føler sig stødt, men
gratis aviser er fastfood, efter min mening, en
ok snack til den hurtige sult!
Hvorimod de “gamle” blade leverer flere gourmetmåltider, dybdeborende artikelserier etc.

Gourmet og Fastfood er et super billede – (har allerede brugt det idag omend jeg nok ser os mere som EN TOP ITALIENSK RESTAURANT KÆDE MED REKLAME FINANSERET A LA CARTE MENUKORT) – takker! Jeg tror jo bare at vi ka gøre lidt af det hele – når vi ikke skal skrive til de – lad os sige det pænt – “ældre” målgrupper med meget tid… ?

Sorry, but that graph is manipulative – I hope you didn’t do this on purpose, but maybe you just stumbled over it in one of the marketing-offices and thought it could serve as a decent illustration?

The problem arises when you say, that you’ll let the graph say everything. Then the deceptive illustration falls back on you.

A few questions:

-Who made this graph?

-Where are the sources?

-Why did you leave out 24timer?

-The zero-point is set at 300, why did you choose that?

-You choose to show only one readership-number per year – except for Nyhedsavisen, which get two marks in 2007?

-The dotted line illustrating the launch of Nyhedsavisen is made to act as the exact turning point – is this the only possible explanation for the numbers?

-Would the chart look the same if you had shown more data?

-You choose to extend the curve for Nyhedsavisen upwards – based on what? Or just for the joke?

When you enter the world of reporting and newspapers such facts are needed.

OK OK OK OK – you are spot on in every observation – I did a fast graph by hand (otherwise I would never be able to produce in this speed) – I wanted to have the An Inconvenient Truth effect graph see http://tinyurl.com/yvgnjh . I will try to get a PERFECT ONE DONE. Sorry. I always forget that this is actually a blog people read – and not just personal notes 😉

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