Dubai & Me & Tariq Shaikh

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I here to meet with my fantastic partner Tariq Shaikh. He is one of my very most smart and interesting partners – and his for the last 14months been setting up a very special private equity company – something I cant really go deeper into – but you can see on the website and beneath. Its a really REALY big idea – and very hard for my micro patience – but I cant wait until we can tell more…

“RHT Partners is a private equity firm that brings together top calibre investment management professionals, entrepreneurs and prominent financial backers from Europe, the Middle East and the US in a firm dedicated to creating value through carefully considered investments in selected industry sectors. RHT’s values are grounded in high ethics and its investment decisions focussed on generating industry leading returns.”

I have spend most of my time with Tariq – and he also introduced me to some of the real Dubai natives (whom you NEVER MEET) – and I must say I have been extremely positivly impressed and suprsed how much energy and power and vision – there is behind this GROWTH EMPIRES PEOPLE!


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8 Responses to “Dubai & Me & Tariq Shaikh”

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Is Dubai substainable? 1,2 million Indian, pakistanian, philipine slaves driven in by truck in the morning brought back like cattle in the night ,Instant deportation after jail if entering the city limit after 1800, 1$ hour, no rights, no family allowed ,falling down from the skyline like fruit ,basicly the biggest concentration camp on the face of the earth right now! Wow that was harsh, but sunday was full of badbeats, so this was a great chance to cry a bit.

I’m glad to see that this part oh the world is on your radar.Is there any part of the world left?

Kristian: U have a point. I have to say that I always speak to the pool guy, the taxi driver and the roomservice guy – and they are VERY HAPPY. NO BULLSHIT – they are all from places where there is no future – and therefor very very happy (when they talk to me). Its a problem that its a dictatorship – and a dessert – but its also a huge oppertunity. And remember that the Sheik behind it is NOT SITTING ON A ENDLESS FORTUNE (he is out of oil soon) – he is building via a very very agressive financial structure – and its a pure miracle to look at the big
2015 plan

Khalil: Well Im about covering the world now – with Brazil, Chine, India, US and lots of Europe… 🙂

Morten thanks for the kind words – a lot of work ahead yet! – Peter someone just bought this to my attention – sorry but I dont know who you are, perhaps you are u confusing me with a different person [I was formerly Head of European Semiconductor Banking for UBS in London] , good luck with business in any case)

excellent post

Wow… That sounds verrry interesting and I bet you were interested too! 🙂
Having an influential partner is a great aspect in a business. It motivates eachother to do more and more things with no hesitation because the motivation is always there!
I congratulate you and Tariq for your inspiration to move on and continue making things grow big!

If there is one man who shouldn’t be talking about Ethics (besides George W. Bush), it is Tariq Sheikh. I am not surprised that he is hanging out with the Dubai Shaikhs.

(And I know he will delete this message like my previous posts).

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