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Good Insight

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Mr Techcrunch (Michael Arrington) is really good at this.

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Dark Day – Bright Light in the Horizon

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Today we had to layoff quite a lot of people at my newspaper and restructure quite a bit. I really rally hated it, Im simply to soft for shit like that. But it was simply needed to make our profit plans work. And even though Im really hard to myself on it and have to face that “thats business”- I cant stand the idea of some people going home to thier families and have to tell the terrible truth – BUT it was highly needed (and the alternative would off course have been worse). But urghh – what a day. Cant even smile thinking about that sales was record for a Wednesday (but we are still lossing about 2-3 average danish yearly salleries pr. day).

Press has been really fair and quite possitive – when you think about how small our country is and that all journalists went to school together (more or less).  Its also kind of really weird to see 12-15 journalists and professors and investment bankers having a clear idea about our business (on TV, Online News, Print…) – when they dont even do a deep Deep DEEP dive into what really going on. The paper will very likely be number one very very soon – and we are SUPER HUMBLE – but we will fight with EVERYTHING WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS THING MAKE MONEY. And change the whole business a bit…

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How Schools Should Teach

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I  looove this movie and this guy (enthusiasm beats all glossy production tricks!!!) – wow. I learn so much – Wii learn – its just amasing – to see how technology evolve with lightspeed just because everyone has a global voice. Also it makes me think about how Youtube (or whatever video community) can become the ultimate teachers inspiration. Remember how happy you where when your teacher in elementary school showed up with a video…


Carnegie Mellon researcher Johnny Chung Lee – my new hero

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DNA and You

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23 and Me – is so interesting when you think about it for a minute. Ad off course just the act that its a Googlewfe behind it – kind of gives another dimension. Off course Ester Dyson is in as investor/help 😉 – (ED you are amasing!)

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My Friend Is Dead

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Chris Devries
Chris Devries was a good business friend – and only 21 years old at hearth and mind. He really had a deep impact on me – as a non teaching teacher – and as a friend you could ask about the bigger questions in life. Working at CityBank for a life time he had a true network of REAL FRIENDS all over the world. Im so so so sad that he is gone. Love.

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Someone Asked Me

Posted on January 26, 2008. Filed under: Life, Venture Capital |

Someone asked me what stuff I owned (invested in) that no one knows about and that is super cool.
I have to say that is supercool just going BIG BIG.
Why its killer: The person
This thing is killer – – people simple build maps from scratch with GPS equipement and entusiasm…
Why its killer: The idea
Nothing beats the team and the quality ad the revenue.
Why its killer: Idea is simple and amasing

Gateway Technology Labs
Simply amasing people – impresse size – and the market demand endless amounts of services like this.
Why its killer: The team! I have never seen anyhing ike hat.

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Capitalistic Philantrophy

Posted on January 25, 2008. Filed under: Life |

As you see from my WILD idea – I have an urgent need to change the world a little bit. And this video of Bill Gates speaking at Davos about CREATIVE CAPITALISM (the wording is really stupid) is really interesting.

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Keep an eye on

Posted on January 24, 2008. Filed under: talent, technology, Venture Capital, VentureOfMine |

The team is stellar – and advisory board rocks (for a Slovenian biz.. 🙂 – and now the press picks up even before launch – see Techcrunch.

I did invested during summer – lucky again…

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15mio€ to United Mobile

Posted on January 24, 2008. Filed under: Life |

I invested in this brilliant company United Mobile last year in spring – and sales and technology is skyrocking. And now its the 800pound gorilla of the venture industry steps in –  Accel Ventures – the guys who invested in Facebook – have just injected 15mio€ to make the growth even faster. Management is stelar – Charles the new CEO takes over excatl where Svenn (the brilliant foundeer!!) stops.

So – what does the company do?

Save up to 90% on mobile calling worldwide – you simply get a simcard with many numbers in one – and use it for traveling… Easy peacy..

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Hello Going International – Larry King ;)

Posted on January 23, 2008. Filed under: VentureOfMine |


This invitation is fantastic – drop by and have a drink. Thomas is setting up our shop in NYC – and the selfconfidence is there as you se 😉

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