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Our agenzy HelloGroup (well it mostly Jacob Langemark, Kenner and THE KILLER AMAZING STAFF) is exploding in size AND QUALITY. I’m so fucki.. proud to be part of it and have it as a company who can service my investments.

Mikkel Demib

– dropped by – and we instantly chose to put 1,5mioDKR on red 😉 – I like Mikkel so much – he is REAL – HONEST and NO BULLSHIT . Also oftenly impossible to work with – but its getting BETTER BETTER – and he is becomming a PLAYMAKER in the Venture world – so cool to see him using other peoples talent and just kicking him self in on 10% – instaed of his normal 130% Mikkel – which is GOOD – but pretty hard for him to maintain 130% involvement level 😉


– one of my most mind-blowing project and in a sector where I’m blank. I must say that my breakfast meetings with Gunner Smari (CEO) are second to none – the guy teach me so much and is so wise and dares to talk without being bullshit… Doing a real FULLBLOW TAKE on the establish Newspapers in Demark is so ENDLESSLY DIFFICULT and CHALLENGING. First of all the 250years old established papers are like parent – so one feel a bit guilty to challenge and probably kill one or two of them – but thats life (with out cigarettes and alcohol the last 3 months) and nerves seems to respond with sending 10-20% signal to my brain – normal level is 1-2%. When Politikken/JP is now obviously running dry on cash in 2years (if they don’t change strategy) and SøndagsAvisen lost 33% of its market-cap Friday by adjusting profit down AGAIN – now from 110mio to 20mioDKR…


I feel a whole new kind of optimism in Denmark – and was very happy to see a couple of stories in the press stating the “Janteloven” (an Idea Danes have about “you are not allowed to think you are something special”) is dead… Well I never met Janteloven – only when Ive been too cocky or showing of – and my mum, Mik, Hlin, Lasse or real friends have told me to adjust my imprialistisk small dick attitude…

Andrej, Slovenia + Ester Dyson

We (I always say We about my business – nd now WE = Rasmus and I) went to Ljubljana Tusday for an amazing mini Seminar – around something I believe can be the biggest media and content network in Eastern Europe. Andrej and Team had book a stellaer place (very OLD SCHOOL CIMMUNISTIC – but updated to new) and we talked for 20hours straight – only interupted by Absint and Ester Dysons MANY INTERESTING STORIES ABOUT HEAR WACKED INVESTMENTS IN SPACE STUFF. Before spending a day with Ester I was no fan (actually oppersite) – but I really REALLY enjoyd a lot and learned from her. Wise LADY – and again HONEST and NO BS – straight to the bone

India + Lund XY (new collection)

We are talking to a very VERY cool company in India who have amazing numbers and A CEO AS COOL AS Clooney mixed with Clinton (does not have the all the looks but he is GOOD). We will go in and do something like an Investment Bank deal – and help IPOing. I feel a bit new to this – but know we can do it.

Etre 07 Budapest

I love tha conference – its amassing to be around likeminded people – and see so many startups and so much capital fly around. WOW is all I can say. Most spectacular is that every year i meet 3-4 new venture funds with 1 to 2bio$ its fun. This year Zyb and Orolix – where very cool – and I was VERY PROUD to have a Super private dinner – with Tim Draper and Wife Melissa, Lukasz Wejchert (Onet), J Meyer, Nagib, Tommy, Martijn…. one year

The killer team around Zecco and the amazing invetrors (All Dutch) – have done something I could not even have imagined… And now it 1y – BIT CONGRATS

New business card

As always trying to be mysef (and shamelessly attention-grabbing) we had new business-cards made for Etre – and it goes without saying that I made a 100% embarrassing spelling mistake


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6 Responses to “Clinton, Demib, Denmark, India, Brazil, China, Slovenia – Budapest”

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Thanks for killing Søndagsavisen, they really annoy me when they put their crap in my letterbox!

I love your new business cards.. and of course spelling mistakes is great to make it less formal.. consider adding a couple more of them 😉

I don’t get the whole thing about “straight” and “no bs”. As often as you repeat that it must be sth about it. What does it mean? If you got time and are willing to explain, thx.

Hehe, that’s a really funny business card. Why not say “no bullshit” instead of “no assholes”?

About the newspapers, these are really interesting figures (in danish)

Exiting what the future will bring…

i really like the new LUND XY logo and a almost pure white card

Great to read about Andrej and Slovenia. Remembers me of the good times in Cannes and that I should pay Andrej a visit someday, too.

[…] Clinton, Demib, Denmark, India, Brazil, China, Slovenia – BudapestI feel a whole new kind of optimism in Denmark – and was very happy to see a couple of stories in the press stating the “Janteloven” (an Idea Danes have about “you are not allowed to think you are something special”) is dead… … […]

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