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I have only 3 words to say about the Clinton Global Initiative (video):

I loved It 

Its very hard to understand charity when you are from a country like Denmark – where charity is build into the tax you pay. I never talked about charity at the dinner table in Denmark – we always talk about the welfare system (the full package thing). But this CGI has been an amazing way to learn about all this – and to learn about the PRIVATE SECTOR CAN REALLY DO BIG STUFF. The examples of the numbers from the conference speak for themselves – here is a few:

8.5 million out-of-school children will be enabled to enroll in school for the first time.

50 million people will have access to treatment of neglected tropical diseases.

170,031,331 acres of forest will be protected or restored.

11.2 million people will be empowered with increased access to sustainable incomes

But I must say that Im neither rich enough or smart enough by now to do really big things. Im really afraid of doing like quite a few i met at the conference – buy the wrong equipement for the new hobby 😉 …


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7 Responses to “WOW WOW Clinton”

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Hi Morten,

Just a little comment about being rich enough and smart enough to do really big things.
For the person or family who’s life you help improve it does not matter whether what you are doing is really big. It is not the size of your charity that matters, but rather the respect and humility you put into that charity.

Yep Tomas you are right.
I am a member of Amnesty and Ventilen Denmark
and I am happy about it.

Thanx guys. You are 100% right – and Tomas at least(a childhood friend) knows that Im not neglecting the action from the ordinary family and the sports fan from the local club. I got carried away – and was expressing myself wrong. What I meant is: Im not yeat ready to do a WORLD CLASS (leading)IMPLEMENTATION OF A PHILANTROPHIC PROJECT.

Well Morten,

when you are ready let me know, and perhaps there’s a role for me in your project 🙂

And for the record, knowing what i do know about you, i have faith that you’ll get there one day.

cheers and good luck

Morten.. Don´t expect to be a new Kofi Annan within the next few days.. 🙂

Hi Morten,
Big things are within reach for you, you know what I mean… Inspiration and outreach is the platform of all human commitment and if you could bring [my project] to support that would be a great, big thing! I also think you have made a world-class point that most super-heavy philantrophists do not realize:
“do it for profit – since thats the only way to attract world class talent.”
Philantrophy for profit will sooner or later be the force to finaly balance the worlds wealth, not charity or politics. I’m seeing Clinton next week btw, we’ll see what comes out of that… 🙂

Hello Gentlemen: interesting conversation at hand. Morten, it was really nice meeting you at CGI. I share the same sentiments about the private sector and how it can really do BIG stuff. When you are ready for a WORLD CLASS IMPLEMENTATION OF A PHILANTROPHIC PROJECT, may I suggest that you reconsider helping our organization bring forth a new wave of positive media into the mainstream: http://WWW.CHANNELG.TV! (sorry, that self-promoting American in me just couldn’t resist….)

All the Best~ Deborah

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