Naked – Totally Naked Generation

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This is how everyone
must think about me and all of us shameless “naked” bloggers and selfpromoters…


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42 Responses to “Naked – Totally Naked Generation”

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it will best for you

i dont see any boobs wich is what i waned to see

Please visit jesus-is-lord website Thank you.



these are animals but worse than animals,beasts and unntural.A big stigma on humanity and civilization.

Where is anything that fun in here?

Its well crap picture there is nothing to see any good thing

I think you are brave to do that

I wish we could see their fronts. (boobs,
pennis, vigina, ect.)

naked is health and good for you ! it’s the way were born! What could possibly be wrong with nudity, there a thousands of Nude statues full frontals all over the world,in public, i find it weird, that one can be arrested by the police for indecent exposer, if you are naked in public, yet We all appreciate these Nudes statues all over the world, with penises and booms staring us in the face, yet let it be alive, rather than a stone statue, and all hell breaks out! We are a hypocritical society

I smell Gluteus!!!

I was there. Cleaning the floor up was a major drag!!!


great hope to like them is the same place

I wish to be there !

Looks like one of Spencer Tunic’s jobs. I was in one in melbourne (Australia) – great fun! 4000 people, all shapes and sizes, no embarrassment, no sleaze, just good, clean, innocent fun. Don’t miss the chance to participate in something like this if it comes your way.




Waw! ! Sangat mengejutkan! !

very beautiful and creative

have fun be naked


God there’s some sleezoids in the world who think that this is in any to do with anything sexual, get over yourselves and get back under your bedsheets where you sit secretly masterbate to your playboys, this has nothing to do with full frontal nudity or anything like that it’s an artistic expession akin to to the works of Spencer Tunic. For all I know this is one of his works. In any case I think a lot of people need to grow up and extract thier judgemental minds from the gutters of life. Geet a life

אמר ראש Ozinn Ogoitni כולל אותם על הרצפה וכל Ogoyenhm (39)

אמר ראש Ozinn Ogoitni כולל אותם על הרצפה וכל Ogoyenhm
אומר אדירים של informant של השטן, ועל המרד ואת Atoh, הוא אמר את אלוהים “, כולל Ogoitni” אני נשבע, כדי לעודד כמה מהם אמר את זה של “אני” הוא כי סביר להניח, כי Ogoitni ו Odilltinay “כדי Ozinn אותם”, את הצאצאים של אדם, אין שלום “בתוך האדמה,” חטא ואהבה Orgbhm אותם וכדי Oozhm ו מופרע מעל מפריע “וכל Ogoyenhm” כל המשוער Ogoitni גם לעשות זאת.

Said the head of the Ozinn Ogoitni including them in the ground and all Ogoyenhm (39)

Said the head of the Ozinn Ogoitni including them in the ground and all Ogoyenhm
Almighty says an informant for the devil, and rebellion and Atoh, he said to the Lord, “including Ogoitni” I swear to entice some of them said it’s “I” and is likely that, because Ogoitni and Odilltinay “to Ozinn them,” the descendants of Adam, no peace “in the ground,” a sin and love them Orgbhm and to Oozhm and disturbed over the disturbing “and all Ogoyenhm” any Ogoitni also estimated to do so.

Abidp Alzahdp fourth Altip

The supervision of Professor: Khalid Khamis Faraj

Requesting the preparation of: Maryam Salim

Fourth Altip, visual, Zahida, Abida, downcast, a woman has lived her life contrary to other people, isolated in the world of mysticism is far from the minimum things, A researchers to determine their own identity and biography of her life, was a Sufi Mzjoha Prabapahamip from Syria came after the fourth personal Altip first known, and the development of the meaning of the divine love for Muslims, many of which were affected.


He also said that researchers have not agreed to identify the fourth, as some see it as Mulap Family outdated, obsolete and Al tries to belly measured, and others believe that it is the enemy of Bani Al-Ateeq, therefore, called Altip. The alias Pham .. It was good that the name of a fourth because they are born after the father of three daughters, lived in the city in the second century AH, was built about eighty years old, and died in AH.

Its inception:

Sufi said of the unique religion Al-Attar (a reminder of the Patriarchs) to a fourth: I was born in a very poor house, which her father died in childhood, and suffered the bitterness of her mother Vmaguet fourth full orphans, and so was the misery and deprived of affection and sympathy and parental love. After the death of her parents and her sisters left the house with a fourth after the bear arrived in Basra to end the drought and famine, the time difference between them and their sisters, and thus became the fourth single homeless do not have a breadwinner in the cold. ()


Views differed on the fourth of her life lived without a home, no money, no marriage, but it appears that a fourth was Mulap, and was playing the flute and then a singer, (This is what Al-Attar), and it was a measure of beauty, and Hassan, have criticized the transfer of the text Some of the righteous, “it occurred to me that I visit a fourth Altip – may Allaah be pleased about – and see Osadegp or her claim is false, while I am well, and if the poor have turned their faces and their bodies onto us Kaloqmar Kalmsk, remote sensing and handed over to them. I said: Where Oqubltm? They said: O Mr. Ageeb talk. I said to them: What is. They said we are the sons of traders, financiers. Altip So we were at the fourth – may Allah be pleased with them – in Egypt (and perhaps Basra), so I said: What is the reason to Zhabkm They said: We Mmelthin eating and drinking in our country. The transfer of good for us fourth Altip and good voice. We must go and hear them sing it and look at the refined, and went outside of our country to come to the country; described her to us, and reminded us that it had Thabet. one of us said: “If we ran out of good voice and sing, what we landscape and refined . Vgurena Halitna, the poor and the most appropriate, and we came to the door. Aftrguena section are, however, has not emerged, and the Wailing between our feet and said: I have the pleasure of your visit We told them: How do so. said: we have a blind woman, forty years ago, when the door Trguetm said: God and Mr. the sanctity of these peoples who Trkoa section, however, he began to visual. individual vision of God at the time. A: When you consider each other and we said you can see God’s kindness to us, did not expose Sriratna He said that we wear the poor: God does not promise to give up the dress code Ali. I am repentant to Allah – God – by the fourth rule, we have. Avguenak We are in sin, and we Nuaqk obedience and repentance Vtbna We are all in her hands. and went out for all of our money, and we are poor – as the view. ”


Entered by the subjects and Zhad .. through the tears and fear, and through the long nights in the tahajjud, were attending the workshops and mosques Adhkaar her life she has mentioned in the workshops and preaching, counseling and coping with self-Vtaraft on (Hjunh) Abida Aabdat of the largest of Basra, this has affected women more influence in the fourth, was the fourth visit, and spending the night with them, and seek their own Vtakhlua:

Oh my brothers in the comfort Kluti

Habibi always Houdrti

I have never liked me instead

The amateur Albrja plights

Where you see hasan

It Mihrabi was released, the Qublti

The very complete and satisfaction and then

The Oenaii in Alory! The Ohqoti

The maid had, which has been plagued all her life, a slave, daughter of Abu Shawal, saying: “I was a fourth variety of conditions: Once dominated by love, and once dominated by despair, and sometimes dominated by the numerator, and once dominated by fear,” … But the divine love as we have seen is character, and pioneered in Tsofha. These lines in the divine love Inchadha:

Fletk Thlo life bitter

To accept and wish fi’l Gdhab

And I wish that you and I Amer

And between me and the devastation of the Worlds

If you are true affection Everyone Hain

All of the above soil dust.

There are many verses, followed by the fourth Altip in divine love.

The fourth pilgrimage:

A fourth exceeded the scope of love and become a shrine to the (Alkhalp), or act as the supervision of the sea unseen, Hojatollah it more than once, he said in reference to a fourth House of God has Hojatollah marginal walk on foot, taking the will of Abdullah Ibn Abbas, the structure when he died, he said: ( O Children of the infantry Hjawa pilgrims Walker each made a good step by hundred of the merits of the holy shrine. was said and the merits of the Temple? said: A good hundred (.

Fourth and historians:

Different views about the life of a fourth, myths and stories have evolved from those of women and most of the imagination, and the differences between the figures, which experienced a fourth time Altip such as: the winds of Omar bin al-Qaysi, Sufian Revolutionary Abdulwahid bin Zaid. Of these, historians and bigeye Manaawi Al-Attar, and many of them.

The deep-Attar in the writing of the fourth Altip, as written in the incident, the market (as in one day, the fourth requires a need to master, saw a strange man has been seen as evil stares, Fajavc him and fled. However, it stalled a run, Vgmi it, when I woke up took chant Lord (God, I’m strange orphan, Orsv constraints of slavery. Gmi but great to know: land or not satisfied with me?) .. then I heard a voice say to them (not Thzni! On the day of reckoning in the sky, looking close to you, and Ihsdonk Cetkonin on it) .. and then reassured her that the sound of Algbe, and promote and return to the principal’s house).

Here, Dr. Samih Atef comment on the incident Zein market and want to say that Al-Attar inspire us that there is a special divine care takes the lives of the fourth, but took place in Al-Attar error, the answer Algbe his fourth heart of the district decides not know but Allah Almighty, with the revelation that, whatever the types and forms, has been cut off from the ground after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

It is Sufi and Mbalgathm exaggerations and departure from the familiar and well known, is said that Ibrahim bin Adham was walking on a pilgrimage to his feet, and stop every step to reach the Kaaba to pray two rak’ahs after forty years .. He used to say: (others take the road on foot, I Voslleke on the head), and to learn not find cried and said: (woe is me! Oozlm Basri did not even see the Kaaba prepared?). Vsama voice say: (O Ibrahim! I’m not blind, but went to the Kaaba, a fourth). Vtother Ibrahim, then saw the Kaaba has returned to her .. and then make a fourth witness, said to her: a fourth! Jalal you to your business! Then the noise that Thdthainaa in the world? Everyone say: I went to meet with the Kaaba, a fourth!). Vojapth: (O Ibrahim! And that the furor raised by you in the world Bakdhaik forty years to reach this place?? Everyone say Ibrahim depends on each step to pray two rak’ahs. Ibrahim said: (Yes, I went forty-old passed the Sahara), said a fourth: ( Ibrahim you have come to pray you, I have come to poverty). and then cried a long time.

This is what was said by historians; Some stop with them to stop them, some see the exaggerated perspectives and their imagination; because it considered that the Commission Chogaha is a sin committed, as he tells them Manaawi: (entered the fourth group Iaudunha of illness, the Vsoloha : What are you? “She said:” By God, as defined for the Alte reason, the Paradise Vmmelt on my heart to it, that Vohsst Moulay Ali Fatbni Ghar, he threshold) .. and here means that God is blamed her for this trend; it Mollagha and her lover, Vtapt and decided not to return to it ever! .

Bani Israel deception and concealment of the right:

Jews were followers of Islam in the face of two methods:

First: the method of deception and camouflage, and Btalpis truth with falsehood, and to raise the suspicions and ambiguities in the legislation and the issues of faith, even the right to make people invisible, so is the human right and wrong, not able to distinguish between the two … This is what many people trying to raise and exercise in our lives now, in a move him to question the methods of thinking and the nature of Islam, and the victory of Islam and the possibilities of his arrival to the big target in life; Jews have played in the past and are still being practiced in various Bosalipem.

II: method of concealment and concealment of the truth, they have a lot of information and evidence which confirms the Prophet in his sincerity, but they were hidden from the people, because they do not want Islam to take its place as a natural Rsalip in the divine life, and Invidiously from the prostitute themselves. This approach is fully in our face with infidelity and atheism, when a lot of evidence to deny the right to teach, so as not to have him in their argument is accepted in some reject it, as pointed out by the Koranic verse clearly says: (Tlpsoa not truth with falsehood Tktamoa and right and you know).

We must refer to two points to clarify the meaning of the verse:

First point: The difference between the situation of concealing the truth and falsehood, the case of paneling, is that there are issues that can not play it, in the absence of their significance in the intellectual and practical, they resort to is withheld from the public so as not to know the right Firtbtoa, and there are issues that are not free of ambiguity and shadows in minute detail, they turn to when mixed with falsehood of themselves, to wear their religion on people, and play through in what they want to play on the right and wrong.

The second point: We note that in the Koran people go to the book not to the nation on the issue of confidentiality paneling right or false, although it is apparently supposed to ask the nation to identify the right and the wrong conclusion by reading the Bible and to reflect it, But apparently that people who do not have found a way to familiarize themselves with the Torah for what is already there, because they were Jews, and monopolize them hidden from the people, and showing them only what they want to show, as they were not even known people expressing their own language to get the job if it were a way Knowledge is the only way the introduction of the scholars of the People of the Book, and that the Koran is our view of them Ithaddahm that Izaroha for people to reveal what they are facts, and this is reflected in the Koranic verse: (Say: Bring Baltorap Vatloha, if you are truthful) (Al-Imran: 93).

(And establish prayer, pay Zakat and bow with those who bow) (The Cow: 43).

خيلي جالبه

مي خواهم همه اونها را كه خوشگلند ،بكنم.


that’ll be coooool.yeh man internet rocks

i’m afraid. oooooooooooooo myyyyyyyyyy ggggoooooooooooooddddddddddddd

i;m out of here

What the heck!!!!!!!!! the internet, from now on is called <<>>



Another thing, I sort of agree with Kyle, you know have you seen the Egypt section at the field museum (in Chicago), they got pictures of naked people on these cardboard things. Remember what they did to artists to learn human anatomy, they made them draw naked people who sat in front of them.

good artistical compisitions

Cool art and I just dont think its wrong I think it is just art I mean seriously people dont you have lives and if you have a life then I bet youve seen those naked statues in museums,right?

thats shows that we goes in past when
we have no cloths to wear

very very goooooooood

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