Miss C “The Rolemodel”

Posted on September 15, 2007. Filed under: nerve, people |

light breaking trough
In our family we have a very close friend – lets call her Miss C – a truly amassing person. Miss C was not born into a super easy life – but not big trouble either – but over youth she had the most stupid friends one can have and was pretty hard hit by “pure bad company”. Hlin has know her from childhood and I always just liked her from my hearth – not like many other of her friends (who are pretty fucked up – like your partners friend are by default 😉 )

So to the point – Miss C has over the last year transformed from having a small depression – achieved at the work as a social wellfareworker  – where she had people spitting her in the face and piles of papers on her desk with unsolved cases of “removing babys/kids from their parrents” – so so so bad that ANYONE WOULD HAVE GOTEN DEPRESSED. Also keeping in mind that even I cant sleep really well after hearing her tell about how these cases “with kids who are getting really bad treated” are just not solved due to lack of personal… BUT BUT BUT – after 12-18 months of really having problems staying home and not working – our AMAZING FRIEND  – this MISS C – has reinvented herself – got a new job started taking coaching classes (and I was not found of the Idea – I was putting it in the Numerology league). SHE IS NOW HAPPIER THEN EVER AND HAS SO MUCH POSITIVE ENERGI and is so inspirering to be around – congratulation to the human drive and transformation ability of the brain – I LOVE LIFE.


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3 Responses to “Miss C “The Rolemodel””

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Scusi, but doesn’t that mean, there is now one person less to take care of these kides, referred to as ‘cases’?

Yes unfortunately – there is one less – and its a disaster. But she is now happy – and spreadning love and security to her husband and 3 kid. And maybe this post will remind some of the hardcore liberals in our country – that even our wellfarelevel needs more investments… (AND MANAGEMENT AND EFFICIENCE).

Oh yes, it means that there’s a vacant position for you if you can handle that amount of underpaid, (de)pressing, unpopular work. It also means that she and her three kids now have a mutch better family life with a happy mother.

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