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I Never Worked For Me (Board = Bored)

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A Record Label for Board Members or Maybe lets call it and Activist Commitment Agency:

Making a 360 board activist

concept for companies with

8-20 world class international

board members in a record label

like setup.

Full serviced and managed.

During my busniess life – i have never been in a board or close to a board that really worked and moved the business and supported the business to really win/perform/change… Off course its mainly because Im personally so unfocused and low on attention span and bad at details – but I really feel a need for at new way of doing this. And I have decided to LAUNCH a BoardLabel or BoardAgenzy for my own companies/investments (maybe open to others)- so that they will get THE BEST BOARDMEMBERS  and BE AS FIT AS POSSIBLE. I think its about being Activist and Acting instead of talking – so I really hope this will fly. I just hired the most powerfull person to run it – and cant wait to tell you more. Only note is – that I really think the Danish Discussion about Cooperate Governance is SICK AND DESTRUCTIVE – specially for smaller companies – so maybe it will be REBEL BOARD LABEL or EXCLUSIVE?


*I stole the term “RecorbLarbel for” from N. Reffstrup (the artist formerly known as Navne).

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Net Jacobsson To Facebook

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 Im was so happy to see that my friend and business partner at Maxthon is now going the the hottest online property on the this planet.

“I am very excited to announce that I have joined Facebook as Director of International Business Development! I truly believe that Facebook is creating a paradigm shift in social communication and beyond, and I am really psyched to be part of this fantastic team and opportunity. “

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WOW WOW Clinton

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I have only 3 words to say about the Clinton Global Initiative (video):

I loved It 

Its very hard to understand charity when you are from a country like Denmark – where charity is build into the tax you pay. I never talked about charity at the dinner table in Denmark – we always talk about the welfare system (the full package thing). But this CGI has been an amazing way to learn about all this – and to learn about the PRIVATE SECTOR CAN REALLY DO BIG STUFF. The examples of the numbers from the conference speak for themselves – here is a few:

8.5 million out-of-school children will be enabled to enroll in school for the first time.

50 million people will have access to treatment of neglected tropical diseases.

170,031,331 acres of forest will be protected or restored.

11.2 million people will be empowered with increased access to sustainable incomes

But I must say that Im neither rich enough or smart enough by now to do really big things. Im really afraid of doing like quite a few i met at the conference – buy the wrong equipement for the new hobby 😉 …

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Design Design – People

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Its been a while – (or say 18months) – to get a website up – but finally. I love these guys – and if it wasnt because of my insane ambitions – I would be sitting with them doing design (well if they would let me).  See

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Sorry – Im not different

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I hate my self when Im to fast and cant deliver -it reminds me of the worst VCs I have met. Bvvvdrrr – I dont want to be like that.

Sorry Rasmus!

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Naked – Totally Naked Generation

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This is how everyone
must think about me and all of us shameless “naked” bloggers and selfpromoters…

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Bye Bye Office – Hello Google

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bye bye office
Picture: Jason Shellen – via twitter – please see this one of my favorite blog posts ever.

I have been playing with Google Documents for some time – and today I really saw the impact. Now that the pacage is complete with Presentation included. I did a small fast presentation – just to keep in practive and see how I could use it. And WOW – its nice – simple simple – and fast. See my kids concept (got the idea friday) – and if you like it – do not hesitate to apply for the job as Store Manager or CFO or Whatever you feel like 😉

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Barecode and Flex

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CRAZY SHIT -> Flex Barcode Reader Component – his component uses Flex and a webcam to read UPC/EAN barcodes, which it uses to look up CD and book information using the web service API.

I think its a new era – with all this flex and stuff – still havent figured out how too use it to make a business – but give me 4-5 months…. (And honestly – I dont really get it – but thats normally not a problem 😉 )
Via Allan P.

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iJoule Fat or Hungry ?

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UPDATE: Link to ijoule blog
Im so proud to be with and behind David – in this amazing product/project – doing somethign about the biggest and most crazy disease in the world. The numbers are scary – and here is a seldom link to my own post) I Off course its also nice to put action behind my big mouth (a.k.a. the WILD project)

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Miss C “The Rolemodel”

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light breaking trough
In our family we have a very close friend – lets call her Miss C – a truly amassing person. Miss C was not born into a super easy life – but not big trouble either – but over youth she had the most stupid friends one can have and was pretty hard hit by “pure bad company”. Hlin has know her from childhood and I always just liked her from my hearth – not like many other of her friends (who are pretty fucked up – like your partners friend are by default 😉 )

So to the point – Miss C has over the last year transformed from having a small depression – achieved at the work as a social wellfareworker  – where she had people spitting her in the face and piles of papers on her desk with unsolved cases of “removing babys/kids from their parrents” – so so so bad that ANYONE WOULD HAVE GOTEN DEPRESSED. Also keeping in mind that even I cant sleep really well after hearing her tell about how these cases “with kids who are getting really bad treated” are just not solved due to lack of personal… BUT BUT BUT – after 12-18 months of really having problems staying home and not working – our AMAZING FRIEND  – this MISS C – has reinvented herself – got a new job started taking coaching classes (and I was not found of the Idea – I was putting it in the Numerology league). SHE IS NOW HAPPIER THEN EVER AND HAS SO MUCH POSITIVE ENERGI and is so inspirering to be around – congratulation to the human drive and transformation ability of the brain – I LOVE LIFE.

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