How Can One Company Be So Cool

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I simple adore Apple for their bility to keep being cooler then the rest – also because I know how much (endless) Samsung and Sony and … are putting into the war on cool design. I silently hope that Normann Copenhagen will get to that level within Industrial design – and the Woofy.

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10 Responses to “How Can One Company Be So Cool”

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You are so right. Simplify is the keyword. Apple ROCKS

And if you should have any doubt, anyMAC is the only true place to buy Apple in DK!

This photo is feed for the trolls and other Mac evangelists. My stationary PC, looks like the mac part of the photo. Webcam built in, Wifi, bluetooth etc, etc.
Bad marketing IMNSHO

Oh yeah – forgot. My Mouse is bluetooth wireless, so actually I do not have that cabel either.

YEAH. The founder is so COOL too and the best team of innovators.
I look upto Steve Jobs. Welcome to Disneyland ; I wonder when he will start focusing on technologies for kids at the broadest spectrum possible and create the most compact tools for them to have fun learn and create innovate. I recall my litte newpew now while writing this comment and remembering him designing his own new laptop; he just thought the laptops not the MACs are full of unnecessary components and makes me wonder if we at World Wide Welcome Inc start inviting kids to focused fun groups to see their early thoughts on how future design should be in their most precious eyes.
Best regards from the Venture without Money.

Apple does great design and their marketing is brilliant as well – but only because the media and their cult following believes in it! The picture is obviously a comparison between apples and oranges (pun intended). The Dell can be modified in many different ways (soundcard, gfx-card, ethernet-card etc.) while the Imac is cool for another year or so until the parts are old and slow, and the user has to buy a completely new computer instead of upgrading the parts.

What Apple have worked out is that only geeks care about the theoretical advantage of being able to upgrade your video card. If your machine “just works” out of the box, you don’t need to upgrade. For most people, being able to upgrade the hard disk and memory and having USB and Firewire offers all the upgrade possibilities we’ll need for the next 3 years. After that, new (incompatible) processors and fancy memory busses will have been released and we’ll need to buy a new machine anyway. People buy laptops and iMacs precisely because they don’t care about upgrading.

Until Dell actually factors design elements into the production process, they can’t complain that Apple is beating them. After all, you can’t win a game from the sidelines. People care about design more than Michael Dell thinks.

Those are good and valid points, but I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean to say that the Dell was superior (or vice versa), what I meant to say was that Apple’s ads are only based on design, not on functionalities. Apple are great at design, but a lot of people (also non-geeks) actually care about having to spend $1500+ on a new computer every two years, instead of upgrading a component.

Oh, and are Apple really outselling Dell?

Im a PC mann !! Just like and admire the design endlessly 😉

@Kimblin – I just don’t think your point about the “Apple cult” is fair. You can look at things objectively and see that Apple is handing Michael Dell his ass on a plate.

On 6 October, 1997, in response to the question what he would do if he was in charge of Apple, Michael Dell told several thousand IT executives, “What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.” On Friday 13 January 2006, Apple passed Dell’s market cap, i.e. the company Michael Dell would have shut down is, less than a decade later, worth more than Dell. For 2006, Apple had sales of $19Bn versus Dell’s $14Bn.

I disagree that Apple’s ads are based on design and not functionality. Watch this: Pure functionality.

An iMac IS a PC so illustrating functionality is less important. Apple does advertise OSX and iLife functionality but the hardware components are the same as a Dell. You can quite happily buy an iMac and run Windows or Linux on it all day every day. So in terms of functionality, there’s no difference between an iMac and a Dell XPS. The standard way of distinguishing your product from others when the functionality is the same, is to highlight either a) price, b) design or c) quality. Dell does a) and Apple does b) and c).

Of course your point that the iMac is more difficult to upgrade than the XPS is true. The question is how many clients actually care? I think the answer is very few people – as is evidenced by the state of laptop sales. In two years time, when those new games you want to play need a better graphics card than you have, chances are the processor you have can’t handle the pace anyway. I mean look at Vista which wouldn’t run properly on a 3 year old machine no matter what you upgraded. On a machine that costs $1,200 upgrading the processor and the graphics card isn’t worthwhile especially when you look at Mac second hand prices. Most people know that after 3 years, a $1200 computer is going on eBay.

In short, I don’t think it’s fair to label people that buy Apple products unthinking cult members. I think you can sit down and compare a Dell and a Mac and completely objectively find the Mac to be a better product – and I say that as someone who uses a Dell Latitude and a MacBook Pro every day.

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