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Clinton Global Initiative

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Today I was invited to Clinton Global Initiative – and I fucking proud and looking forward like a boyscout who getting a new knife…

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Retro Classic Serious Art

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Wierd Trend – Adrenalin, Deathwish and Youngblood

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I feel that I turned 50y last time not 35y – when I see this new crazy jumps and running trend – even in my neighborhood… Its like JackAss as a sport – will it become an olympic sport ?

[GrandDaddy me is just hoping that Linus will never hear about it – and not hurt himself 😉 – how wacked am I… Also thinking seroiusly about buying a helmet for bicycling…]

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Wow – strange to be working class

Posted on August 23, 2007. Filed under: Life |

See the CEO sallary developement in the last 25 years.

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MMI – the Money Making Internet (long post)

Posted on August 21, 2007. Filed under: Life |

Its nice to see ventures and things breaking trough – I have been hunting online business models and revenue since 1997 and I cannot say that I have been too succesfull until now – but halleluja – its feel like its coming. I could not care less if the Bank in US have done som wacked loans and there are trouble – (its was fu… obvious anyway that US economy is a big cracked up – when I go there and cant sleep due to jetlag – and see commercials (super wellproduced) telling me that I can get a nice car without paying 1$ up front and even have 5000$ cashback – ehhh – thats not healthy – sorry. I could not care less about this – because this time the internet will not be as affected by the outside – the interenet is now a 70-80% ecoloob where money are made – even though super efficient – and services are created and payed for (see mail Google Storage note).


Zecco – is truely amazing!

Palore – lead by super entrepanuer Hanan Lifshitz was featured on Scoble (the big kahuna in blogging) – after a very very very hard start I think Palore can be BIG BIG !!

Kontera – lead by ultra nice  Yoav – is growing VERY FAST now and makes god money !!´s 60 people – makes money and delivers a super product – CEO Jakob Langemark is a KING.

and I could go on and on….

Being in synch – or at least believing you are
Heini and the BullGuard guys was trying to get the new iPhone dog to advertise BullGuard  2 years ago – 100% LA style – this creature has a manager and pr assistant 😉 I have been a fan of Pierre Winther since 1994 – and I sence that he is getting he artistic breaktrough this year..

Also about websites and services: is really good  –  Linkedin is impressing me – nice new features – The new PorteFolio business magazine from Conde Nast seems good (I love their print magazine on travel – and Im aware that its not very socialistic – sorry). Twitter is getting really a pain in the a.. Facebook seems to be the next VERY BIG thing – its hard to find time for all these LinkedIn, Plaxo – but its a darn smart and efficient way to find the people you need… is super – I do have an multi upload problem but its a SUPER SERVICE. I ended at this website – showing quite a couple of new online revenue stream I did not know

And THE VERY BEST OF ALL – GMAIL (and Google services – Im on Maps all the time) – yesterday I finaly got the chance to upgrade my storage – wow – these guys are kicking asssss!!!! Google Checkout took care of a SUPER EASY BUYING PROCESS and now I have 100GB of space for my MAIL (it was full all the time) – pictures and whatever comes up – I recon that its not hard for them to see what music I like (after crawling my mails 😉  and the adwords starts to get my attention now and then…

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The Unexpected Fantastic

Posted on August 16, 2007. Filed under: Art, Fun, growing, music |

I hate all the Idols, Talentshow and Instant famous crap TV/Culture – but this one is the perfect exeption. Wow.

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My Next Thing

Posted on August 16, 2007. Filed under: VentureOfMine |


– just an initial sketch.

(- wow its a long time since I played with .GIF)

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Good People and Tons of Money

Posted on August 16, 2007. Filed under: act, Venture Capital |

If you have a good idea SeedCamp seems to be the place to – Sheriffed by Saul Klein – the superstars of the VC world has joined forces and the hype is superbly timed.

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How Can One Company Be So Cool

Posted on August 7, 2007. Filed under: Life |

full size

I simple adore Apple for their bility to keep being cooler then the rest – also because I know how much (endless) Samsung and Sony and … are putting into the war on cool design. I silently hope that Normann Copenhagen will get to that level within Industrial design – and the Woofy.

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Financial Crisis ?

Posted on August 7, 2007. Filed under: Life |

I love people who really get exited about stuff 😉

Via Mickey

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