Dear Danish Media

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Lets Dance, Laugh and Celebrate – for Technology and Our New Local Hero – Mr. Dalgaard
lars d

Imagine that a Danish brad is taking his company public in America (its has never happened before – AND NO -> EuroTrust was not something we should count in – just be happy Danes where not obandoned from Nasdaq).  Imagine – that this guy has gotten all the attention from the worlds biggest banks who now will take him public – and even suck his d… (desk) if he asked to…

Dear Danish Media and Journalists – all you got out of this story is that:  its probobly too “dot com”ísh and never made profit – BUT HEY STOP. PLease note that:

This guy brougth his own bread to the bakery – by comming to SF and starting a company – and succeded.

This guy invented a whole new category in the “software as a service” space – and you will end up being refering more to this guy then any other danish entrepanuer.

This guys has a vision and a mission – that is reflecting what he got in Denmark selfconfindence and responsible social behaviour.

This guy will do one of the most interesting tech Ipo´s this year – following the Google movement with hosted services and millions of paying users – I was lately inviteted to talk at Hasso Platners (The co-founder and chairman at SAP) yearly event (I spoke about tits) and I saw him in the eyes when he talked about how endleesly surprised (and worried) they where at SAP by Google Earth (more – and after this demonstration of THE POWER OF THE GOOGLE GRID there is NO END TO WHAT BUSINESS GOOGLE CAN DO A TAKE AT.

Why the heck am I bitching about this – I’m on holiday for f… sake… Well I was really sorry to see that the press had so little excitement about SuccesFactors going public – since I just hope that Danish IT/Entrepanuers will get the same selfconfidence boost as it got from Skype – seeing that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

And off course Im also influeced by a call from Lars – but he is just a bit worried that his highschool friends (and mother) will not see him in Superman Costume on Frontage of the danish Euromann (magazine)  😉


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4 Responses to “Dear Danish Media”

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Lars is a great guy with a great vision. He deserves all the success he can get: Hard work and a very determined mind is behind this. So wonderful to experience people with ambitions beyond getting their face in Billedbladet (Danish tabloid)

always fantastic to witness the succes of fellow entrepreneur and this case even more as it is a Dane. I can only aspire to reach my goals in same maner as mr. Dalgaard.

Great story !

Dear Morton, i came across your blog while I was browsing the net. You have a very open approach to things and I have an idea that requires me an in with Skype. I am a film producer and have documented before for Al Gore. I would appreciate if you could get in contact with me, maybe you’ll like my idea. It will not be your usual pitch… Best Alex Splendore

Lars is amazing and he makes people jealous…especially in Denmark. One thing for sure is he doesn’t care at all! Go Lars!

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