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Im so happy not to live in the US – and Im a bit shamefull to admit I have watched a lot of CNN without knowing how rightwing they are….”More sounding more like Hugo Chavez…” – wholly cracker – the old greyhaired guys must be on crack!


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Yeah, I saw that one yesterday as well. Jaws dropping here.
But quite entertaining “interview” there 🙂

so why is denmark : country with highest taxes, number 39 on the list , and below virtually every european country.

It isn;t that they dont have the money.

A good example of where money doesn’t mean a thing. It is what you do with what you have.

Lesson to poor entrepreneurs ? Don’t go for the highest valuation – go for the smart money.

I’m stunned as well. Free market powers rule – that’s the story in the US. With regards to the health care system they have to think again. It’s sad when media and health care systems are privately funded – they get to decide who goes to hospital and what story is aired.
AND MM needs to lose weight, otherwise he will find himself deeply involved in the healthcare system.

Funny thing – among many americans CNN is considered leftwing. I recently heard a girl refer to it as
Communist News Network” 😉

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