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Dear Danish Media

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Lets Dance, Laugh and Celebrate – for Technology and Our New Local Hero – Mr. Dalgaard
lars d

Imagine that a Danish brad is taking his company public in America (its has never happened before – AND NO -> EuroTrust was not something we should count in – just be happy Danes where not obandoned from Nasdaq).  Imagine – that this guy has gotten all the attention from the worlds biggest banks who now will take him public – and even suck his d… (desk) if he asked to…

Dear Danish Media and Journalists – all you got out of this story is that:  its probobly too “dot com”ísh and never made profit – BUT HEY STOP. PLease note that:

This guy brougth his own bread to the bakery – by comming to SF and starting a company – and succeded.

This guy invented a whole new category in the “software as a service” space – and you will end up being refering more to this guy then any other danish entrepanuer.

This guys has a vision and a mission – that is reflecting what he got in Denmark selfconfindence and responsible social behaviour.

This guy will do one of the most interesting tech Ipo´s this year – following the Google movement with hosted services and millions of paying users – I was lately inviteted to talk at Hasso Platners (The co-founder and chairman at SAP) yearly event (I spoke about tits) and I saw him in the eyes when he talked about how endleesly surprised (and worried) they where at SAP by Google Earth (more – and after this demonstration of THE POWER OF THE GOOGLE GRID there is NO END TO WHAT BUSINESS GOOGLE CAN DO A TAKE AT.

Why the heck am I bitching about this – I’m on holiday for f… sake… Well I was really sorry to see that the press had so little excitement about SuccesFactors going public – since I just hope that Danish IT/Entrepanuers will get the same selfconfidence boost as it got from Skype – seeing that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

And off course Im also influeced by a call from Lars – but he is just a bit worried that his highschool friends (and mother) will not see him in Superman Costume on Frontage of the danish Euromann (magazine)  😉

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New Focus On Financial Services

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After being psycho aggressively investing in the last 4 months – deploying 10mio€ into 20 companies  I have found a person and a company (structure) where I will spend all my time and focus for the next 6 months. Its all about financial services for ordinary people – a bit like Zecco (the unbelievable success with now 50.000 clients). I think there is an insane and enormous potential. I will off course tell you much more – when I can.

And yes I dare to think that we can create millions of happy clients and billions of value.

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What Money Cant Buy = Succes

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The dodgeball story and stries like this is always forgotten in the rush og growth. But – no one cries – the guys probobly have a nice bank account and can do something else – and Google has just shown stamina by failing which is so important in my point of view.

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Munich & Germany

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mono munich
As some of you might have noticed I do A LOT IN GERMANY these days. And I must say that its really amazing whats going on in the 4th biggest economy in the world. They are are simply starting to believe in them selfs again (despite no really smashing global internet startups the last 6 years and no real kick ass VSs). Therefor I have desided to go more or les ALL IN 🙂 – and after spending 10 visits to Berlin this year and Friday a visit to Munich – I must agree with that Munich is probobly one of the cities in the world with the highest quality of living – WOW it rocks. Even though its beating Copenhagen (came in 2nd).

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Board Meetings

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Spleak Morrie

I have been to MANY many MANY board meetings – and I have to admit that Im probably the worst board member in the world. Mainly due to my attentionspan of about 2min 😦

But I enjoy meetings with young structured Americans who really deliver like a Radio show – and just brush you up on the business in 1,5h.  (And Morrie – you know who I mean – you are fucking good!)

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Allen & Co

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For me – and how I work – this is BIG INSPIRATION.

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Im so happy not to live in the US – and Im a bit shamefull to admit I have watched a lot of CNN without knowing how rightwing they are….”More sounding more like Hugo Chavez…” – wholly cracker – the old greyhaired guys must be on crack!

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The Small And sexy Idea

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My friend Mik (king of the good life) – got me into the coolest simplest deal in the world – and now they are live – have a look and try

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Mind Dump and Fighting

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Anit Paros
Dear Valued Readers
Sorry – that I have not been posting so much lately – but off course there are various reasons.

Politics and Impact
Over the last month – I have found myself eating and winning and talking with the top advisor’s (not just consultants) to Nicolas Sarkozy, Angelina Merkel and Hillary Clinton – and even though my only goal is to sracts the surface – and find out whats behind the power structures – I have gotten a little bit struck.

Architecture and Impact
I have spend time with some very very high impact developers and architects – and same story – I got a bit overwhelmed – due to the LONG TERM impact this stuff has. Psoting from Iassons unbelievable villas in Anti Paros

Investments and Impact
I have gone into nearly 75 companies and 95% goes very well – and Im not very needed there. Some would think that I did a smart move – but basically my luck has again striked – and even double since the entrepreneurs and companies who does very well – like me pretty muc hbecause I dont interfere.

Family and Impact
I  got  over my trouble in december – and spring has been very very good. But now reality and normallity has kicked in again – and I find it a bit difficult. And maybe Im just pushing the speed to much ?

Water and Impact
My water project – is now has interest from the most influencial people in the world – and one of the biggest industrial players in the sector. And again – I´m really really starting to feel HUMBLE – that I cant help to get such traction – after near bankruptcy in January.

This season is NOT my favorite and I really fight with handling my own expectations to life and holidays… Darn I think I think to much – but maybe thats normal for people who promotes Act – don’t talk 🙂

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