2 Weeks In Wonderland

Posted on June 16, 2007. Filed under: Life |

Im just about to leave Ibiza after 2 weeks in this magic place. I havent really had a holyday (execpt my permanent vacation 😉 ). I have never been a HUGE fan of holydays – but somehow I just wanted to go here without any purpose. And now I feel a bit changed – really – it sounds like people look -> when they arrive to Copenhagen from Goa in thier brand new weird hippie clothes – but thats how I feel. Most importantly I have spend all 13 days with Linus – and I have really got to know him ad feel him so much deeper and better and we have been laughing for 13 days straight playing with his Cars. Very importantly I had my FANTASTC WIFE Hlin and Laura and my parerents here for 5 days – and got the BIG FAMILY FEELING. Also – My old close friends (and I have very few) have been here – and we got to reconnect – ohh that was NICE – it seems to mean even more when not that I get a little older…

Off course I have done 10-12 deals while I have been here – and the foundation of a new  – most interesting might be Corpcom.com, Wamba.com and United Mobile (Due to amazing founders who flew in to present and have a sip of wine..) – but also Nagib from Orolix who was here with his amazing wife Andrea – they came from Brazil – and it makes my brain realease pure happyness – when I get all these impulses while I have gone into slower and slower mode – and even 3-4 times slept more then 6 hours – wow…

And to the really weird part – I think Im starting to open myself to more alternative thinking – and the whole idea of not only believing in PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE – might have a dimension of ENERGY to it – maybe ? Im not talking about starting to live under the ideas of astrology or believing in Aliens – but maybe there is something about the impact of the energy we are loaded with… (Or is it just the sun? – and will I get a reboot when I land in the tonight).. I nearly hope not. I just hope that Linus will be VERY HAPPY in his new kindergarden – and that Hlin is not sleeping – since I REALLY MISS HER 😉

Try to listen to: Ive Mendes – Casticais – thats as “Im on holyday and open to new waves..” as it can be.


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6 Responses to “2 Weeks In Wonderland”

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hey morten, I like your posts, keep em coming. and call me when you’re in london so we can catch up 🙂

can’t agree with you more regarding people’s energy. same here.

10-12 deals while at holidays, unbeatable!

Looking forward to start working together.

i think you have a brain the size of a planet..

Well, nice. Still the thing about the fairytale that I mentioned before. If there wasn’t the pics & videos, I would conclude it to be a reeally nice story.

[…] Seems as though he got a new sense of purpose, perhaps even an epiphany about his own life. He writes on his blog: “And to the really weird part – I think Im starting to open myself to more alternative […]

Morten how do you manage to focus on so much stuff at the same time.. and still sound like you have it all under control?

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