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Glubble – browser for Kids

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Im so proud to be part of this Glubble project . Ian is a true master. It should be under my WILD concept – since its really something GOOD for kids.


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In controle – no way (updated)

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Sometimes – or say quit often – people ask me how I can manage all the stuff I do. Like this post:

Morten how do you manage to focus on so much stuff at the same time.. and still sound like you have it all under control?

June 19th, 2007

The answer is so simple – I DONT.
I simply dont believe en focus and controle.

Off course I have used 15 years in chaos – and therefor Im not so afraid of it. I am very nervous and very afraid pretty often – but i love the risk and the game. And I never saw anyone with a 255 page strategy plan who actually had more fun/joy – or less worries. I let entrepanuers work – help if I can – and cross my fingers.

Update: I think I forgot to say – that you have to work (or mentally be aware 24/7) and that I hate to loose so badly that its a problem quite often even when we play family games 😉

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2 Weeks In Wonderland

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Im just about to leave Ibiza after 2 weeks in this magic place. I havent really had a holyday (execpt my permanent vacation 😉 ). I have never been a HUGE fan of holydays – but somehow I just wanted to go here without any purpose. And now I feel a bit changed – really – it sounds like people look -> when they arrive to Copenhagen from Goa in thier brand new weird hippie clothes – but thats how I feel. Most importantly I have spend all 13 days with Linus – and I have really got to know him ad feel him so much deeper and better and we have been laughing for 13 days straight playing with his Cars. Very importantly I had my FANTASTC WIFE Hlin and Laura and my parerents here for 5 days – and got the BIG FAMILY FEELING. Also – My old close friends (and I have very few) have been here – and we got to reconnect – ohh that was NICE – it seems to mean even more when not that I get a little older…

Off course I have done 10-12 deals while I have been here – and the foundation of a new  – most interesting might be, and United Mobile (Due to amazing founders who flew in to present and have a sip of wine..) – but also Nagib from Orolix who was here with his amazing wife Andrea – they came from Brazil – and it makes my brain realease pure happyness – when I get all these impulses while I have gone into slower and slower mode – and even 3-4 times slept more then 6 hours – wow…

And to the really weird part – I think Im starting to open myself to more alternative thinking – and the whole idea of not only believing in PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE – might have a dimension of ENERGY to it – maybe ? Im not talking about starting to live under the ideas of astrology or believing in Aliens – but maybe there is something about the impact of the energy we are loaded with… (Or is it just the sun? – and will I get a reboot when I land in the tonight).. I nearly hope not. I just hope that Linus will be VERY HAPPY in his new kindergarden – and that Hlin is not sleeping – since I REALLY MISS HER 😉

Try to listen to: Ive Mendes – Casticais – thats as “Im on holyday and open to new waves..” as it can be.

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India – will start outsourching ?

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I had been thingking about this before – but I must admit that I was a bit suprised when I saw that Gardner now says its for real.

[picture is from my last trip]

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Ibiza – and time off

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Im 14 days with my dear old friend Lars in one of his houses in Ibiza (again) – its just fantastic here. So mellow – and then so many friend and business partners flying in and living with us in thsi insanely huge house… try it.

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Zecco – turning into BIG (Update)

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I have loved Zecco since I met the guys first time (well actually we first declined – but then after some wine – Soren and I went all in). And now Jeroen and partners have really made it to BIG. And this picture show all their self confidente in one shot 😉

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