What A Day – Im hammered

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Today I had a 100% fantastic expirience. I was invited to the FREEWAY BAD ASS CAMP – where this Danish online empire -> Number one in Dating, Auctions, Partyphotos (new category), Teen Flirting and much more. Henrik, Morten and UPDATE (Morten Sr. is also a very important part) started this as a garage project 9 years ago – and today they have the most sexy and profitable online/media company in the world (looking at impact pr. capita – pitty its only present in Denmark). The 15 companies they own – always with 51% minimum – are all build with fokus on social/community features and paying subscribers – even the auction site has 33%+ paying subscribers 😉 – and now they are starting to see the advertising revenue kicking – and THEY CANT STOP SMILING – they feel its FREE PROFIT – nearly too easy. Wow – I wish I had made some video – but Im having a PODCASTING MENTAL BLOCK – I simply dont feel comfortable taking out the cam – darn…

So anno 2007 – hearing these hot hot companies and the 3 majority owners and 20 minority owners (all web entrepanuers to the bone) – speak and discuss and exchange knowledge was like being in heaven for me. And when i gave my shameless selfpromoting presentation – I had to jump over all 12 slides about – >”Just do it” -> “Act” -> “Imagine how cool its would be” – because these guys where allready many times there…
And then on top of all this – we where picked up in Wagner Jr. plane – it was my first time in such a small plane – and I got totally – high.



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16 Responses to “What A Day – Im hammered”

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Det var cool at du kom forbi – meget inspirerende peptalk 🙂

“I can see my hooouuse from heeeree!.. no, really – I can!”

Hi Morten, souns like fun. Just a little
correction, they don’t own a minimum of 51% in all their
companies. There is actually quite a few cases
where they don’t (EMMA, Wireless Factory etc.)…

Hej Morten
Det var super du kiggede forbi – lad os håbe vi snart ses igen 🙂
Mvh. Peter

Tak for besøget, peptalken og fodboldkampen 🙂 .. og masser af respekt herfra.

Ha’ en God Sommer!

Mvh. Kimm

Morten Wagner & Co – very talented IT entrepreneurs, street smart and strategic, what more do you want?

I remember when the Freeway guys pitched their
dating.dk web site at First Tuesday (a long
time ago), and the Venture Capitalist panel
just shook their heads at them.
But that didn’t stop them.
Now, look who is laughing all the way to the bank!
I have a LOT of respect for these guys.

Hej Morten, tak for at du kiggede forbi til vores lille camp. Fantastisk at høre dig fortælle om hvordan du “forelsker” dig i dine projekter 🙂 Inspirerende var det!

-Rasmus (“fodboldmanager-gutten”)

Tak for besøget – Det gav en masse gode inputs – det var virkelig et godt oplæg selvom der blev hoppet lidt hurtigt gennem powerpointen 😉 Håber du får en go’ sommer hils hvor du kommer frem

Mvh Kim
Autogejl.dk 😉

Buenos dias!
Check this out!

And some more..

And some more..

Check this out!

Check this out!

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