Eran Davidson – Video Podcast #2

Posted on May 20, 2007. Filed under: ventures, video, VideoCast |

Here is podcast #2 – before I got all the fantastic comments. Still a little stiff – but maybe this is natural to me – will do more casts this week and work on it.

AND = Bummer – chewinggum again 😦


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16 Responses to “Eran Davidson – Video Podcast #2”

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It looks a littel bit stupid when the interviwer is looking in to the camera and not on the interview object.

yo look like a b-movie star mister lund

More, give us more of these cool videos 😀 be prepared, your nickname in the startup scene is the chewinggum monster 😉

haha… enjoy watching your videos, but i have to say that you both look stupid and very teenage-like chewing your gum. Did you share your gum with Eran, Morten? 😉

i dont think so… this make him very congenial and i really like this. Show me another business angel / vc, who is wearing tshirts and chewing gum at a meeting with other vc/business angels… thats, why i like morten, he is real! Keep it real morten 😉

Keep it up, I like the facing forward format.

carrying something on from the first comments, Think about it this way folks, if you were there, you’d be pissed off if the two other people were talking to each other instead of you, so it makes super simple sense for both people in vid to be facing you, as they are talking to you.

Something tells me Morten did this format for this very purpose, so you get the impression they are both talking to “you”.

2 mins is too short, make it 3.

and maybe ask three questions and get three answers instead of asking a couple of questions up front in one go.

1st min “who are you and what do you like doing”

2nd min “whats the best stuff you have going now”

3rd min “where do you think the future hits are”

cheers, Ian

@James Dean: I am.

Thank you all for the comments. I know Im a B actor – and I know that Im not CNN – but I don’t really care – this is a great way to a) present people around me b) to remind myself in 10years how things where.

Love how you assimilate a good Israeli accent every time you talk to Eran. 😉

What is the point of these podcasts??

Is it to glorify the fantastic life of a VC and your endless network? I can´t see a single interesting or usefull thing in your podcasts. Maybe entrepreneurs are NOT your target viewers. It smells of show-off…

This is what I dont and you dont even have a small chance to make me feel thats negative – dude. Go to another website – and spend your time more wisely and optimised for you. There is billions of other sites.

I second that motion! Why stay on the if you can’t take the smell in the bakery? Pick another site 🙂

Love your natural and frank approach to webcasting! A good supplement to the short cast’s would be a weekly show of 10-15 min – This would pave way for debt, solid subjects and valuable insights; much to our appriciation!

Good luck with the next 398 takes!

Reg / Raffar

Check this out!

I once had a business meeting with this buzzo (eran) and other investors were he forgot to remove the selling ticket from he’s new pair of Levis 501…

lol. But Im just happy he did not wear his fly, kayak og motorbike suit 🙂

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