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I Love This Video Geek Comedy

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See Bill and Steve about Bill and Steve

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Scoop podcast #4 with Mt. Piratebay

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Peter is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Scandinavia –  unfortunately like Abba, Bjorn Borg, Volvo and Saab he is Swedish. And Sweden has violated all possible rules on his and his most known website project – by taking the servers and trying all kinds of tricks. Its off course VERY CONTROVERSIAL – but few people understand that this guys is doing everything with a big heart and 100% respect of internet. Like when all Danish ISPs (uhh this hurts) blindly followed the orders to start a simple version of the Chinese firewall – by blocking AllOfMp3 from central hold. When the first Swedish ISP followed and blocked AllOfMp3 – they contra blocked ThePirateBay for all users who where told to contact Costumer Support and get an explanation of why this mess. The ISP lost lost of clients – and suddenly they opened All the internet again.. Do the Google news archives search and you have hours of weird reading…

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Politics – I dont feel ready

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Today I had 5 sms before I got up – telling me that it wascool that Im involved with the new Danish Political Party “Ny Alliance” 🙂 . I picked up the paper – and saw my picture there among the network of the lead political figure Mr. Khadar. The only problem is – that I never met the guy 🙂 – I actually think support the idea of the party and even lended them a office (from a venture of mine that went south). And we are getting pretty involved from HelloGroup to help out on a couple of things. But since my mum called as well – to hear if I was getting involved in politics (it was unfortunately never a topic in my childhood) – I think its fair to give the facts to you dear valued (Danish) readers.

No – Im not getting involved –

1) Im still shit scared after seing Mr. Heimburger trying to go in – in 1998. And remember how he was hammered by all the dealing and wheeling behind the scenes. But he was also behaving like if he could walk on water – like I would 🙂

2) I dont feel smart enough – really! Im really annoyed about it – but I simply dont know what I mean about a lot a the aspects.

a) I think the wellfare model is FANTASTIC and I love it even more when I travel.
b) I remember where I come from – real workingclass until I was 12 at least
c) I also start to see the need of some reforms – so that we can attract international talent and dont kill initiative by sending people money for free forever…
d) I hate too see the ultra right wing – having power.

3) I dont have the time – and I would be really afraid to do this “left handed”.

4) They did not ask me 🙂

And then Im also getting really afraid not to sped time with my kids – Laura (6y) does not really like cartoons anymore – “They are boring” – and since I feel sold out on time – I would miss out on playing with Linus and his beloved “Cars”


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An Erotic Art Galleri, A Zoo, Wuufi and a 55m Brand New Yacht

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BeachClub – cool place
C.B.s Villa – drinks and biz talk
Habour dinner – talks – bizz – fun – alcohol
Late talk – German and Danish politics – interseting
Up early – fly to Monaco
Imossible to get around in Monaco with stupid loud cars all over
Monaco is UGLY – looks like the picture I have in my head of Mallorca 1984
At M.B.s brand new 55m yacht – got delivered 24h yealier – surreal – to big – 10 mann staf…
Talking NewsPaper – interesting
Talking M&A – learning – listing a lot (is that what I should really do)
Off to Dinner – with NC crowd and woofi
Getting a bit tipsy – talking solar energi and pigs
Going to MJs place to sleep
MJ & Wifes place is SUPER nice – and they are
Up and to Airport – forgot my passport in Mallorca
Tjekking in via PDF
Posting on this blog – darn I feel lucky

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What A Day – Im hammered

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Today I had a 100% fantastic expirience. I was invited to the FREEWAY BAD ASS CAMP – where this Danish online empire -> Number one in Dating, Auctions, Partyphotos (new category), Teen Flirting and much more. Henrik, Morten and UPDATE (Morten Sr. is also a very important part) started this as a garage project 9 years ago – and today they have the most sexy and profitable online/media company in the world (looking at impact pr. capita – pitty its only present in Denmark). The 15 companies they own – always with 51% minimum – are all build with fokus on social/community features and paying subscribers – even the auction site has 33%+ paying subscribers 😉 – and now they are starting to see the advertising revenue kicking – and THEY CANT STOP SMILING – they feel its FREE PROFIT – nearly too easy. Wow – I wish I had made some video – but Im having a PODCASTING MENTAL BLOCK – I simply dont feel comfortable taking out the cam – darn…

So anno 2007 – hearing these hot hot companies and the 3 majority owners and 20 minority owners (all web entrepanuers to the bone) – speak and discuss and exchange knowledge was like being in heaven for me. And when i gave my shameless selfpromoting presentation – I had to jump over all 12 slides about – >”Just do it” -> “Act” -> “Imagine how cool its would be” – because these guys where allready many times there…
And then on top of all this – we where picked up in Wagner Jr. plane – it was my first time in such a small plane – and I got totally – high.


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Me No More A Virgin To Fraud

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For the first time – I have tried a real conman or should I say concouple – really strange. They got German investors and me – they got a supercool partner – they seemed really ok. And now they are taking the company hostage and playing stupid trying to blackmail us. WOW – imagine that I should try this. Weird. I will let you know what the names are soon – so the internet transparency will avoid this to happen to YOU.

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I don’t know why (or thats actually wrong) – but I just love Google so much. I love the search product and use it every day – I love the services and use the spreadsheet every week –  I love the business model (they should do a song at every business schools every morning). Enough love to a 450bio USD company.

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Eran Davidson – Video Podcast #2

Posted on May 20, 2007. Filed under: ventures, video, VideoCast |

Here is podcast #2 – before I got all the fantastic comments. Still a little stiff – but maybe this is natural to me – will do more casts this week and work on it.

AND = Bummer – chewinggum again 😦

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Rouvan – Video Podcast #1

Posted on May 17, 2007. Filed under: ventures, video, VideoCast |

please comment – Im really fighting to make the format right – and I will do 400 casts until Christas – so Dear Values readers – tell me what you want.

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Video Cast Show

Posted on May 10, 2007. Filed under: Life |


I have decided to do a Video Cast Show – now the camera and editing tools is getting in place – and Im trying to find a format.

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