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Posted on April 25, 2007. Filed under: DR, fools, media, public service, television |

I know this is WEIRD – to non Danish readers. But. But. But. In our little fairytale country – we  have  Public Service TV (non commercial – payed by the people in something like a tax – called license). And now the management – AND GOVERNMENT – has fucked up the whole idea by playing Architectural Emperors spending all the money on a GIANT GIANT MEDIA NEW BUILDING – and now has to do major cut downs – and closing the sports department.. Yes – the sports department of a public service TV station – HOW FUCKED UP CAN IT BE? The only thing (besides our dance version of American Idols) that can get the nation to feel united – in a time where we have each our own RSS Channel with 100% ego-driven media consumption – with absolute NO ICEBRAKING EFFECT AT SOCIAL LOCAL EVENTs. Hmm. Im off course very much influenced by my 15years as 100% sports idiot – but its NOT SMART – to swap  Architecture for Content – when you are a media company.

Dear Valued reader – sorry to be bad ass angry – on this sunny day in Copenhagen 🙂 Its a very hard effort for my positive brain.


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7 Responses to “Public Service Tv”

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Hi Morten,

I couldn’t agree with you more!

There was an interesting eps. of “Deadline” on DR2 yesterday, where Kenneth Plummer tried to defend himself against the old school DR-badasses Georg Metz & Claus Borre… Check it out on re-run if you have the possibility!

/ Frederik

“but its NOT SMART – to swap Architecture for Content – when you are a media company”
It cannot be said any better!

Look at the bright side. More family time. And where do you get the best ROI – Return on INTEREST:-)
Anyway. Yes, the previous government fucked up in their regional planning by wanting to move DR to a piece of wasteland hoping to make big bucks by attracting enterprisebuyers to the pieces of too expensive land (at the time) between Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport.
Also, Nissen, the former secretary general of DR wanted to make himself a monument, and nowadays that is impressing buildings, not statues. And when DR-journalists objected, predicting the present outfall, they fell out of grace. Sad story. But the world will survive.

It may simply be a daring attempt from DR’s board of directors to increase the public pressure on the politicians for more financial support.

DR’s board of directors is now talking a language the public understands…

Message: We will close down sports if we don’t get more money.

And DR got the attention they wanted with this message!


off course. thanx Morten. I so NOT into politics – its obviuos.

The sport department died years ago when sport-lørdag was closed. DR has never been good with sports after 1988 anyway.

Check this out!

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