I Love Twitter & Adore Evan

Posted on March 22, 2007. Filed under: bizz, buz, Fun, Technologi, Venture Capital, Weird Stuff |

luuve it

I simply love – www.twitter.com  and everything around it. First of all that its SO ENDLESSLY SIMPLE – a brainer. Secondly that its done by the most powerful guys in the webspace – Evan and Obvious and Friends. Theyare winning all prices and awards this year and Im simply addicted. Looking forward to see the business model – but dont e worried – the service will survive – (Evan got a good deal when he sold Bloggger to Google – and any VC will give their left ball to get in now).

To be very hornest – i must say that I have not told you dear users about it – due to the greedy and ugly fact – that I have been thinking about launching something similiar. Bad me – Bad.


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15 Responses to “I Love Twitter & Adore Evan”

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you are bad – very bad you

What is so great about Twitter? I can’t see anything but a board where people post all kinds of junk. These days people seem to waste their life updating poinless sites or living in virtual spaces (2nd-life). Look back in five years, nothing of what they have bought or made in cyberspace remains. Get OUTSIDE and enjoy life. Well that’s my 5 secs.

I am also a fan of Evans, and I think that ehat he did with Blogger was fabulous. It went broke, but he stuck with it and ended up getting rich. I really want to like Twitter, but I keep thinking: why is this thing so popular? Like Philip says, it’s just a tagboard. But it’s obvious (pun intended) that it’s becoming a success.

What is that Evan has, that makes such a simple app such a big success?

It’s HYPE. Just think about Apple. HYPE is the biggest advertising gimic these years. Companies like Apple, are earning billions in free advertising, just for being secretive. Let people speculate…
Well someone should make a advertising agency focusing in HYPE – putting out small bits of HYPE all over the net, not banners and large scale ads – just small anouncements. “I’ve just heard, that Apple is making a new iPhone 2.0, with 5 mpix and 3G…” x 1000 = You Got Hype! Digg, Reddit etc., are perfect places for generating HYPE.

Maybe I should start fopcusing at what Evan are doing… I could might learn something.

He is a first mover who designed some thing very simple using sms, the simplest feature ever made that masses use on mobiles regardless of Network & OS.

I believe he presented the concept online with a simple 4 square social networking feature.

This turns out to be Twitter that is very personal to you and you want to share it with othere where ever you are in the world whether out dining, walking, in the cinema, work, home, wash room, any where.. The most important thing WE carry with us 24/7 is our mobiles!

He didnt re invented the wheel but he presented it well at the right time and communities are not built by hype they are built by organic loyal users which Twitter has.

We will see alot og segmented Twitters online but Jubii can never be Google!

Is it because the Americans aren’t as used to SMS as we are here in Europe?

I simply love your blog Morten! full of passion information industry insight private and personal thoughts and hilarious comments such as “(Evan got a good deal when he sold Bloggger to Google – and any VC will give their left ball to get in now).“`
Best wishes for us all~

-> Mads

Actually you can use SMS with Twitter: just send Twitter a SMS with info what you are doing, and Twitter wil publish it on your personal Twitter-profile.

So now you don’t have to send SMS to *all* your friends about where you are or what you’re doing – just send it to Twitter, and all your friends can get it from there 😉

[…] blogosphere is full of delighted squeals from new subscribers, including Morten Lund and none other than Microsoft renegade Robert Scoble, whose own Twitter channel you can peruse […]

How about twitter for the rest of the world. As it is now, only US phone subscribers can access it.

Hehe, Great post.
Me to. Twitter is, in my eyes, a better invention than YouTube and other social-revolution-successes.

However i am even bad’er than you. I have been developing on a Twitterish system for quite some time now. Very much like Twitter… Twitter is one of those applications where you ask yourself ten times a day; “Why did i not come up with that?” 😉

Anywayz my Twi(s)ter will have some twists that will make it better, more multi-messaging, allthough i will not be competing with Twitter in any way. I am merely interested/devoted into building the worlds best messaging-community-system and from that see if it can sell.

Hope to see you on Twitter 😉


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