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I was posting for talent the other day and I forgot to say how proud I am to work with the best talent already. So I wrote to the leading Danish business magazine to put these guys into Top100 Talents – www.bny.dk. These are only Danes.

Tommy Ahlers, Zyb.com – 31
Well – this guy was a shooting star at Mckinsey (top lawyer with a first class degree) – who chose to ditch a very promising carreer with them in favour of starting his own business. The fact that the first incarnation of Zyb didn’t work, did not break his spirit and he stuck with it  – which has resulted in him now dominating the mobile backup market in Europe (having signed 5 operators and more than 100.000 users). He will become one of the greats. Zyb is funded by http://www.nordic.com – backed with a lot of cash – and is being courted by some of the biggest venture capital funds.

Mogens Jakobsen – 29
Mogens is the youngest partner at Dangaard Telecom (turnover>2Bn USD) and now part of Brightpoint – where he runs one of the most promising business units. Pretty simple story really: This guy is a MEGA star. He is easily a top ten talent in Denmark – primarily due to his amazing insight into the global market for MVNOs.

Nikolaj Refstrup, Spleak.com – 32
Nikolaj has a background in the venture sector and has founded Oryx Invest – which has delivered 2-3 big success stories since DotCom. Subsequently he wanted to get his hands dirty and founded SPLEAK – the chat-robot which is taking the world by storm – with more than 1 million users. – As CEO Nicolaj has orchestrated and amazing transition from a vague idea on a piece of paper to a truly international business with offices in Copenhagen, Delhi and San Fransico. Nikolaj has independently attracted some class A investors including the Clausen family (Danfoss) IU and DFJ who have all chosen to invest in the company. An honour bestowed on very few. This guy is amazing with XXL in empathy and of truly international calibre. Beyond Spleak Nikolaj has investments in the fashion industry, leisure property in Nicaragua (must be a future) and has is very well connected internationally.

Theis Søndergaard, co founder Bullguard 30
Theis is a journalist by training – and was one of the guys who helped start SMS AS, whilst studying. He founded BullGuard with me in 2002 – and has been the company CTO since then, with responsibly for the BullGuard development team and products strategy, playing a key role in making the company what it is today. Antivirus software is a very serious game. BullGuard’s cutting edge security software in addition to its amazingly advanced backend has made it the choice of some of the biggest PC builders in the world – and the man behind this is Theis. He is one in a million – They do not come sharper or more capable than this.

Morten Wulff, Traceworks – 30
Has built traceworks fra scratch – 3 years ago he placed his bets on an industry which, at that time, didn’t even exist. His foresight was spot-on and Traceworks will break through 20 mil USD in revenue this year. Mark Kharazmi og I have just assisted in closing a large capital investment in the company along with the leading Nordic VC fund. Morten is a visionary and a good humanitarian – but what makes him truly great is that he understands the realities hidden behind the pop and makeup which is web 2.0

Mark Kharazmi, LundKenner – 33
Is a Partner in my venture company (not capital) and has at a very young age already tried what very few ever get to try – starting Nordic Venture partner (as an intern), CFO for Dansk Droges activities in Poland – og now Partner at LundKenner. He continuously keeps an eye on 7-8 companies and assists 2-3 early startups on taking steps towards international maturity every month.

Jacob Langemark,CEO HelloGroup – 35
Was a textbook definition of a “flyer” at Unilever – but chose to do his own thing. After two failed attempts he found the rhythm at AdTomic (Where he as CEO and Partner grew the business from 5-30 Mil DKK in revenue.) – and has founded http://www.hellogroup.com which must be THE fastest growing advertising and consulting agency in Scandinavia. 45 employees and and 25 Mil DKK in revenue since launch in July 2006. Beat that! The client list includes: SaxoBank, Adobe, Zecco, NyhedsAvisen, Fidelity, BullGuard…

Alexander Staun-Rechnitzer*, COO bullguard.com – 31
Comes from the murky world of international organisations where he was working with some of the leading players in international politics as a go-fix’er dispatched to many quite uncivilised places. From this he joined BullGuard as PR Manager, but has over the last 3 years worked his way up to the role of COO – where he runs BullGuard operations in 8 countries and refers to CEO Heini Zachariasen. He will become one of the greats and his 50% British pedigree and discipline is unbelievably refreshing in very “down to earth” Denmark. Truly international talent.

Christian Jebsen, Vækstfonden – 35?
Christian is extremely close to becoming one of Denmarks best venture capitalists. His background from a gigantic American startup which spent 80million USD (don’t know their name) – has given him an intimate knowledge of the business, which can be matched by very few. With the founding of Vækstfondens new BlackStone foundation – where Cristian will become a Partner – I believe we will see his name mentioned quite a few times in the coming years.


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13 Responses to “Talent – rerun”

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And I am sure it is a good list – congrats to all the men – but I am crying anyway – because there aren’t any women on your list? 🙂

I am sure it is not because you don’t want to – but I still think it is a shame – and I already know that the list in BNY will be with 96% men – and when oh when are we gonna start using some of the female talent in this country?

My username is Sexism – since Im very VERY kean on digging into this subject 🙂 But I did get caught in the hearth of the debate with this last post. Since Im not even able to show ONE DANISH FAMALE ENTREPANUER in my network – darn that sucks so much. Darn. I really would love to be able to show and live out what on my agenda – but I dont have a chance. I did not sit in ONE SINGLE MEETING the last 18months with a female entrepanuer 😦

And I think it must be a real pain for the big corps. since thay HAVE TO FIND AND PROMOTE FEMALES – due to regulations. But I can still just act as the independent I am. BUT – please please send me some FEMALE TALENTS – lots of them. (I will give no special famale advantages – but I will be more then fair).

Ben Sorensen
Phil Morle

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Hi Morten,

I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, and I was wondering wich blogs you read.. Hope you’ll share ’em



why not check out the mans blogroll then? 😉

Good question Marc,

would be great, if ‘the author’ would share some of them.

By the way, would be great to hear some new stuff going on,

/Marc (the other unique one)

Next time I read the following comment before I type sth. in here. :-/

wow amazing danish talents. What do they have in common and how do you define international ?

What do you do with talent when you get them? Do you live up to expectations? Do you react fast?

And some more..

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