Too few talent contacts me

Posted on February 12, 2007. Filed under: VentureOfMine |


Im looking for talent – people who can focus and want to live out a businessdream – Im always in search. And actually Im a bit disapointed not to get more cold calls/emails. Just to let you know 😉

*no – its not me on the picture – I never wear belt – and shirt goes outside the pants


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18 Responses to “Too few talent contacts me”

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Hej Morten
Det kan godt være, at det bare er mig, men jeg synes ikke, at jeg kan finde din email nogen steder.

Hi Morten,

He´s right beneath your schnasse;) Just
remember that talented people come in
diffrent ages, sizes, colors and backgrounds!
And maybe more important; talent don´t come
with the hole package, ready to war.. You have
to build a soldier up.. Give him the right tools!
But what is talent.. and luck for that matter, mr. lucky man?!
A wise man ones said; “The harder I work the
luckier I am”.. Think about it.. Personally I dont believe in luck!

I have a tip; I know this guy who loves business
more than he should.. He eat, sleeps and shits
business! If you ask me this guy have a problem..
His talent is to find the little holes in
everyday life.. You talk about focus?! You can´t
and wont find a more dedicated and focused man, anywhere..
I know you can find him in your inbox!
My suggestion is that you give this kid a chance,
and take your time to listen to him.. I dont think you´ll regret;)

Oh yeah; notice that the most hungry people work the hardest?! Makes sense..! This kid is starving!!

Maybe – when talents present themselves – you hold on to them 🙂

Dear Morten,

What kind of talent are you seeking? Someone like yourself perhaps? A start up ideaologist, one who owes it all to his own wife and kids, an entrepreneur with no money who aspires to go full time venturing without money? I am interested to know so that i may apply myself to become one of those talents you are seeking.

All my best,


maybe they are put off by you only working Thursdays?

independant talent is too busy changing the world! 😉

Hi Morten,

I have the same problem as Kasper. Can’t find any contact info on your site.


If you do your research, you should eventually get to this URL on your road:

which should help ya, how to contact the poor guy 😀

[…] was posting for talent the other day and I forgot to say how proud I am to work with the best talent already. So I wrote […]

had A meeting with this guy some days ago.. its amazing that only a few large corps. focus on what he works with…

This guy has talent..

Hey Morten,
Have you ever think of Vietnam?


We are proud to announce that the BooYippee “talent exposure” website will be opening its doors very soon, and we would like to invite people to register their interest.

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The BooYippee Team

i’m a very taleted driven individual, you just did didn’t didn’t see it. hope you are well.

talented people don’t play by those rules do they? 🙂

Dear Morten,
You are looking for talent. I tried to call you to discuss further our Focusspec, adjustable spectacles. My collaegue Ron Kok and you spoke during the WEF not too long ago. But I always get your voice mail. Could you perhaps contact me? Thanks a lot!

I have a bunch of songs recorded!

you can also look at

Did you know that according to ?
May be you prefer ?
Offers brand name ?

Please don’t spank me!

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