Enough, Hope and Changing The World

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Time after time – people ask me if I never get enough.



I dont. You dont ask a golfer or an art collector. Ventures is my hobby – and I hope to do deal and be catapult for business when Im 80. I cannot say that “its not about the money” – then i would lie. Money is a great way to measure – and it would be ugly if business guys should take out the dick instead of just looking at the books 😉

I hope to be more then a one sided dealmaker – I hope to be a superb husband – I hope to be an above average father – I hope to be a really good friend.

Despite  my Psyko Agressive Investmentstrategy I very humble to the business and change and people – and I dream about changing the world a bit.


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13 Responses to “Enough, Hope and Changing The World”

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If life “is all about luck” then hoping really doesn’t matter, right?

Hope is about believing that you can succeed. It’s one of the things that drives us. If you don’t have hope, you’re not as likely to try harder. How fun would things be without hope? Sure, you’re right, if life is “all about luck”, then hoping doesn’t matter, but how sad would it be not to hope, and then enjoy, when what you hoped for came true?

Jens, my point is simple, if “it’s all about luck”, then hoping is a non-existing variable. If life is “sometimes about luck” then hoping makes sense. Btw. luck mostly appears when you work hard thereby diminishing the “lottery ticket factor” considerably.
Thus if “it’s all about luck” I can understand Morten’s conscience when he wants to hope all those things, cause then he would be working 24/7 as I’m sure he does.

But hope sure is a nice thing in my eyes.
I hope to be well everyday, no money in the world can buy you a good health.

In getting into trouble here – due to my lack of consistensi 🙂 – On top of everything its about luck – but I do believe in hard work as the major luck driver.

i.e. create your own luck….dont i love cliches…

Morten I cannot help, but to laugh everytime I
see another one of your post proclaiming how
humbled you are by everything (your family,
your job etc.)! You are one of the least humble
men I have ever met, and I have met a few!:) I think you like to consider yourself as that type, but the
fact of the matter is, you are not!! You need to hone
up to who you really are, which is a smug,
arrogant serial investor that in many ways puts himself and his job in front of everything else…! I like reading your blog though, and I do in many ways respect your entrepenuership Good luck in the future!:)

This is hat I LOVE. Smug – thats me! Humble is probobly a wrong word – point taken – since Im not. Happy that yo u like the blog 🙂

Yet another myth slayed! Funny stuff emerging…
Morten – People are never what thet portray themself!
Just learn to live with that fact and keep coming up with idéas. It’s a needed force for driving
society evolution into new future businesses.
Good luck on your road ahead.

PS. I dig your blog which epitomizes “Loud Thinking”!

Looking for a venturist??? Try googling “arrogant and humble ventures” somewhat a paradox eh?

Money comes and goes. Lets see how long it will stay with Morten. It is just stored energy. One can lose it very quickly. Lets hope Morten will make a fortune. I would LOVE to see this!

Gary Player said:

“The more I practise, the luckier I get.”

Check this out!

Very nice – best regards

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