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Enough, Hope and Changing The World

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Time after time – people ask me if I never get enough.



I dont. You dont ask a golfer or an art collector. Ventures is my hobby – and I hope to do deal and be catapult for business when Im 80. I cannot say that “its not about the money” – then i would lie. Money is a great way to measure – and it would be ugly if business guys should take out the dick instead of just looking at the books 😉

I hope to be more then a one sided dealmaker – I hope to be a superb husband – I hope to be an above average father – I hope to be a really good friend.

Despite  my Psyko Agressive Investmentstrategy I very humble to the business and change and people – and I dream about changing the world a bit.

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The Future Is Bright

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Power is more important to me then I like – I bring converters before cigarettes… I got this IBM X60 – darn its fast – Intel Centrino Duo is speedy speedy. I did not get Adobe Acrobat installed – so found this nice online .pdf converter very convenient.

I got this blasting fun Spider video from Erik Andersson – and learned that you can get a Hooters Mastercard – ehhh.

I have been flooded with requests of initations to Joost – but since Im not part this venture – I dont have more left. I tried it – was impressed with quality – but content wasnot for me – and I only opened the application 2 times over the last month… I just wan FREE TV – FREE MOVIES and FREE MUSIC – NOW – Dear Google wrap the AdWords around and get going.

I got in Apple mode. Got a MacBook – blamed it on Laura 🙂 – wow its nice and Im looking forward to try Windows on it… Got a iMac 24″ (just realised it has DualCore so it can Run Windows as well – hmm do I want that ?) with TV-tunercard for the sleeping-room – Im impressed with the record function – cabletv does not deliver a signal good enough – hope HDtv will come to Denmark before I die.

Have been focusing 90% on Orolix darn it looks like a killer – Soren just wrote up the thing – how amazingly nice to have a partner who can write a plan i 2 hours – that takes an adult life until 35 to make and execute – and had board meeting with Palora, talked with Jubble, Zyb, Spleak, Johannes on a Pier2Pier connector I did not really understand, some internet Charity called, talked quite some ti Martijn faboulous the energy boms from IIP, got a few clients to Hello … I use Google Spreed-sheet to organise my Orolix todos – dreaming about a Wiki but my aesthetic since does not allow me to use ugly techie wiki (stupid me).

Am I doing a diary here – or just feeling guilty not to post more often ?

PS. Linus got the old iMac – so no one is with a PC (or should i say Apple).

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My New Venture

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no post

I have decided to go 100% in on my mariage&family and company wise and turn it into something really big. It feels VERY VERY good to have something focused on the schedule – I will only do “other ventures” on Thursdays – and Im very sure that this can become the biggest thing I ever did. Mostly because of the team in Brazil and the magic founder (from Libanon) Nagib – what a personality – Im already a fan as you see in the fan picture.

To you – dear VALUED readers – Im sorry to say – that I will be posting less – since I have to focus very hard to succed…

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Jubble – collect images

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Jubble is my first venture in the category of succesfull Offline stuff that strangely enough is not online yet.

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German Facebok Copy Sold 100m – Luke is King

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I was invited into the Studivz (the German facebook copy) – but in the Berlin Main Train Station I decided that I was not comfortable with the founders – I was wrong and Im cool with it. The fact is the I got to the deal via Lukasz from SpreadShirt  – a company I looked VERY CLOSE AT GETTING INTO the same day – but found too overprised for mee. I think the deal is insane and the guy who bougth this non profitable making company – must be crazy 🙂 – or wanting desperately too prove something to his family members in the family business (why do I write stuff like this – what kind of person am I). But thats my opinion . and hopefully WRONG.

 Lukasz had NO MONEY AT THE TIME – but he did put his personal account into the RED to do this – and now made 3-5mio EUR – AND I FUCKING LOVE IT !!!!! Congrats Luke – hope to see you sell SpreadShirt (or make it insanely profitable) soon – and Im sure that Accell is the best VC for you – good choice.

pVC = Personal Venture Capitalist = No LPs

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This Is Smart

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because its so so so profitable.

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