Its about luck – but also trust

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I have been thinking a lot. And lately we have had some critique form our partners – who thinks we are not delivering what we promise. And isnt that the whole problem here in life – managing other peoples expectations ? I must say that I have been thinking A LOT ABOUT IT.  Its not new to me – since entrepanuers very oftenly gets  a bit frustrated when reality kicks in just after launch. When we understand that:


There are no rules

Nothing is given

During the prelaunch and the businessplan periode – we all dream so so so hard – mostly to peep ourselfes and hype our suroundings – but also since no one EVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN – when the billions of people on the internet will see our new thing. And I have to admit that I (we at lundKenner) have forgotten that people sudenly think I can foresee the future – just because Niklas and Janus invited me into Skype. But that NOT THE CASE. I have NO CLUE – and even though I dare to have an opinion – it does not mean that I have any book or tricks with the magic formula. HEY THATS WHY WE GO INTO IN SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS – simply hedging our bets.

I have to learn to undersell a bit more – and understand my new situation. The weird fact that maybe Im not as stupid and telentless and my subconsiuocness insecure inner self tell me. And just stay lucky and keep the trust and eager to change the world just a littlebit.


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7 Responses to “Its about luck – but also trust”

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ok ok … no more. vinotinto..

u r ok.. just underpromise. but overdeliver.. go to bed.. and trust that u r not selling yourself short… NO one will pad you on your shoulder in 5 years time for something you burned for today. !!!! and thats the truth… gotta run. my son i crying… (-:

Well / i dont feel bad / i just outline to myself how things are. But thanx / and happy christmas

There’s no need to undersell, and no need to oversell – be sincere and honest. And remember to do what you say you’ll do, that’s actually the biggest problem for most people.

Funny that my friend/colleague Matt was inspired to point out the “magic start-up radar” myth by a Techcrunch entry that same day!

I believe that trust is gained through personal integrity.

Call me a romantic, oldfashioned idelogist, but it works for me.

I have never doubted yours – hence I trust you.

Henrik (new last name) Vincentz

Thnax!! Im in a bit of an emotionel vacum these days – so its nce to know.

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