Spot Runner

Posted on December 16, 2006. Filed under: Technologi, Venture Capital |

The more I think about it – i think this will hit.

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5 Responses to “Spot Runner”

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yepp,,, thats a winner…. cool idea.. and just think of all the addons.. tv, internet, radio…… outdoor etc… dammnnn thats a winner.. couldashouldawoulda…

Yes, you are rigth. This gonna work bigtime! as channels are increasing rapidly and when broadband fully developed distributed.

Yup, beautiful idea. Take it to the web and it’ll go nuts.

This wannabe is so not creative that they used their very accomplished competitor’s trade name Cheap TV Spots as the heading of their widely distributed VNR. In my opinion this is a spot ruiner. Even small businesspeople will catch on to the fact that look-alike template-based ads are the absolute worst for branding, and that companies that sell them often force their clients into long term contracts for overpriced air time. That means broken business model as word spreads of that painful discovery. Pass on this one. But the real world’s first global internet-based TV ad agency produces award-winning custom ads that are unique and memorable, in as little as 24 hours, at a price far less than these lazy template companies. Plus there are no restrictions on territory with Cheap-TV-Spots so you can go global for their original discount flat rate. They produce in Spanish, English, French, German and Chinese on 4 continents with no long term contracts required. is the most award-winning discount TV ad agency with over 50 international awards. Their sister agency produces national quality original custom TV ads for free. I challenge you compare that value proposition with a template company.

AdverTelevisioln is a new competitor taking on Cheap Spots and Spot Runner.

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