Nothing Like Talking

Posted on December 3, 2006. Filed under: Life |

Ive spend the last week talking to all my friends and partners / and everyone I met about my strange situation with my wife and … And must say that its inceredible how happy everyone is to talk and give their exspirience and time. Im impressed and thankfull – and the dinner friday nigth at restaurant George (on top og Pompidu centre in Paris) was really mindstrugling – since all 3 couples and me – had the same problems – with a too energic entrepanuer male – and relationships that where into or heading into constant trouble due to the extreme amount of time the male put into his things… weird world. But so nice to spend time with likeminded. So nice. I fell better – maybe just less strange.


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14 Responses to “Nothing Like Talking”

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life is strange. but sometimes you meet a friend and sometimes you start to love. at the end, thats the important – only!

true comment. life is strange and should be trusted.

Well said Morten – nothing like talking and sharing your happiness and worries. That’s what friends are for – isn’t it? 🙂

>since all 3 couples and me – had the same problems – with a too energic >entrepanuer male – and relationships that where into or heading into >constant trouble due to the extreme amount of time the male put into his >things… weird world.

Jeez..what’s so weird about this world!? Read your blog man…you’re gone all the time (to nice locations, meeting interesting people – living a life hard to comply with for those at home) while your partner is taking care of the (read; your) kids and the rest. You may not want to hear this – but I think for most people who read your blog – you getting into this situation doesn’t come as a least to me. Why I feel that way, because I am not doing any better – and the situation sounds to familiar 😦

Åh Morten, du lyder som et forkælet lille barn, der netop har opdaget, at der er en verden udover din næsetip. Som andre har givet udtryk for, har du været MEGET væk og haft travlt med at pleje din karriere. Ofte har du rejst med kort varsel. Du har vel sagtens også brugt termen “jeg gør det for vores skyld!”. Så vidt jeg ved, har din kone mødt dig lang tid før du tjente penge. Hun har i alle årene støttet dine ideer mens hun ved siden af har født børn og passet studier.
Du burde være hende taknemmelig, at hun har stået ud med det i alle de år – ville du ha’ gjort det?
Du er et priviligeret menneske, og hvis du virkelig vil din familie, kunne du jo arbejde mindre og lægge noget energi i den fælles dagligdag. Mange drager på dyre overlevelsesture, men ofte er det at få en fælles hverdag til at fungere en langt større udfordring, der kun lykkes ved fælles indsats.
Men når nu du har brugt så meget tid på at tale med venner m.fl. om din situation, kan jeg kun håbe, at du også husker at tale med din kone.

Et sidste spørgsmål: Hvordan ville du have det, hvis din kone havde en blog, hvor hun kryptisk skrev, at hendes mand ikke har været den mand han burde være udfra den traditionelle opfattelse?

OK OK – point taken, and TAK.
But I will never ever stop being emotionally driven.

Emotions keep you human.

Sorry but can some one translate Helles comments as I am not understanding the reply…

Hi John.
I wrote that I think Morten is a spoiled child who should use more of his energy at home. He has a wonderful wife who has supported him and his many ideas through the years. She meat him before he started making money. If You use the excuse “I’m doing this for You” to explain why you’re working all the time, it looses crediability, when You after making lots of money increases Your work effort and spend even less time with Your family.
The comments you don’t understand is related to my question: I asked Morten, how he would feel if his wife had a blog, where she wrote comments about him similar to the one he wrote about her. But Morten apparently think it is his right – beeing emotioned! He didn’t answer my question.
I think it’s pathetic, when an adult man is complaining about how his (fabouleos) wife is not what he expected her to be on his blog, instead of taking responsibility and talk things through with her.

Thats an opinion.
[Helle is biost]

If you have a partner (wife/husband) who is a real friend and is trying to work with you, it is absolutely necessary to work together (not separately). If you put your power in front of everything, you push back your partner and she/he will never have the chance to help you. So it is a very good thing to get a little week and step back, so your partner can step in front and take responsibility. Than your partnership might become a real team with a great teamwork for your whole life.

Fantastic point. But Im a ego-head with o big hope for finding that kind of partner.. 😦

I have seen photos of your wife. With you complaining in public, she is probably longing for a real man.
I volunteer – she is HOT!

She is VERY HOT – and beyond what you can see :). But that does not change any fact.

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