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3rd World Will Explode In Info Growth

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work to get info

Happy New Year – boring message – but now I said it 😉

We got a new Au Pair – Jo from the Philippines. She is so so nice and after a couple of weeks adjustment to the Danish climate – she seems to like it here. Even with our crazy family.. The interesting part is – that whenever we talk over dinner – she impresses me SO MUCH with her knowledge on nearly all topics – and most often she uses he Internet as a reference.  And I tok is as a given – that she had a computer at her paretns or a friends house – undtil yesterday when she explained that she went to an InternetCafe and paid 1USD pr. hour. Still not so strange – until I digged into her sallery – 30USD pr. month!!!!!!!!!!!!  She was (until 2months ago) willing to work 4-8 hours to get 1hour surfing. Imagine the perspectives this has for the world. Well a lot of My More Intelligent Friends have already been talking about this for a long time – but NOW I SEE IT.

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Merry Christmas to YOU

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This movie tells about the dream and the reality of playing VC
– even without the C 🙂

Dear Valued Reader / Friend
Its been a fantastic year – just look at the stocks – and youtube. Google has made it possible for anyone with more then 2 braincells to make enough money from a content website to get food and broadband. I have had the time of my life in LundKenner– doing business all over the world – and most important creating friendships and succes in Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Israel, Spain, US, UK, India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand.. nearly any country in the world. List of Ventures – not listed Whisher, PokerOfiice, Jubble, Traceworks, Polar Rose, Imity,, HelloGroup…

Time magazine cornered the whole situation by making YOU – person of the year. We – (you and me) with the control of the mouse are more empowered them ever – and i cant wait to see what next year will bring. Note. My blog now has more readers then the local paper where I grew up 🙂 – the Internet is empowering you and your ability to be a self-starter and shameless selfpromoter – and saying: “Im sorry” 🙂

Imagine if we could unite and make the world better for those 20-30% who go hungry to bed. Enjoy the presents, the family and the -> nice food (see my scary fat post).

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Its about luck – but also trust

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I have been thinking a lot. And lately we have had some critique form our partners – who thinks we are not delivering what we promise. And isnt that the whole problem here in life – managing other peoples expectations ? I must say that I have been thinking A LOT ABOUT IT.  Its not new to me – since entrepanuers very oftenly gets  a bit frustrated when reality kicks in just after launch. When we understand that:


There are no rules

Nothing is given

During the prelaunch and the businessplan periode – we all dream so so so hard – mostly to peep ourselfes and hype our suroundings – but also since no one EVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN – when the billions of people on the internet will see our new thing. And I have to admit that I (we at lundKenner) have forgotten that people sudenly think I can foresee the future – just because Niklas and Janus invited me into Skype. But that NOT THE CASE. I have NO CLUE – and even though I dare to have an opinion – it does not mean that I have any book or tricks with the magic formula. HEY THATS WHY WE GO INTO IN SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS – simply hedging our bets.

I have to learn to undersell a bit more – and understand my new situation. The weird fact that maybe Im not as stupid and telentless and my subconsiuocness insecure inner self tell me. And just stay lucky and keep the trust and eager to change the world just a littlebit.

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One Day In My Life

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one day in my life

Notes from a day in my life – a strange one – see big.

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Proud To Be In On Nikolajs New Venture

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I do think that Polar Rose is VERY cool – and I did put a bit of money in – but frontpage at Red Herring – is a suprise 🙂 – read here. Denmark is hot as a finish sauna these days – well its actually swedish 😉 – like Abba, Scania, Ericsson, ABB, GRiffen and Volvo.

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Why Not In Europe

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This kind of steakhouse is a big oppertunity for busness outside Brazil. All you can eat – top quality – and the it comes flaying faster then you can dream of. Blurb – had to digest – but incredible. Also I was impressed by this Fasano hotel – did not stay there though.

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The coolest and the best

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I got to know Nicolai trough Mik (the master of the good life) and I chased him from 99 to 04 when he finaly surrendered and did a startup with me – We have had a great time – and the succes came fast with 20.000 new users a day and the hottest US VC now in. Beyond this succes – we have created a friendship beyond and I have to give this supermann my biggest credits. Not only can Nic master a startup in all means – but he is fun, empathis and a real gentlemann.

And a once more A BIG and HEARTFULL APOLOGY for being to hard on him in this spring when we had some financial trouble – I was unreasonable and terrrible and nearly cant stand myself and my partner for it. I feel lucky that he still wants to be my friend. Sorry dude – and thanx!

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Ask more questions – movement

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I think the world would be a better place if everyone would ask more question. a) Becasue then a lot of people would not just surf trough with out understanding. 2) Bacause people who have to answer migth have to think more before they state whatever.

I nearly always (due to my massive from birth selfconfidence) ask if I dont understand a word or a weird letter combination that somebody has started to use in his field (DRM, ERP, HQ, HR,..) because he/she needed to be able to talk/write faster. I ask i big crowds and in small crowds – because Im pretty sure – that if I dont understand it – then there migth 10% who dont – and we have no chance to get to the deeper understanding of whats going on if we dont get the basics….

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Spot Runner

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The more I think about it – i think this will hit.

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Going To Brazil

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Im going to Brazil now – to see if my thesis is real. I think that the people in this amazing country (despite the crime) have an ability to dance trough life with a passion and happyniess. And my new friend Nagib even seems to have a company that can make the pasion and the happyness come throug the www pipes… 🙂

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