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In Denmark where the social

security is world class – people

have low risk profiles and few

people risk to do a startup.

Strange when they actually just can fall back on social wallfare – unlike people in US.


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11 Responses to “Strange”

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Because welfare just took all their money, so they don’t want to risk the little they have left on risky startups.

Thats probably as far from what I think as possible

One issue is that a lot of the potential reward will be taken away from you in the name of equality.

If you have a job, with the high taxes, it is not easy to make money to put aside for a startup. Or to pay of future debts. And with little upside, why risk it?

Would you really want to fall back on welfare? For most people I think the alternative to startups is a job, not welfare.

I don’t want social security and live off of others. I want to support myself. The welfare state doesn’t make it easy. I hate the welfare state. It should just get out of your way.

The less you have to fight for (coming from a spoiled community as DK) the more sense it makes not to risk anything.

Give me a break!

Is there really truth in the argument? I see serious start-ups popping up everywhere…

And is the number of start-ups a way to count any kind of success anyway? How about quality, successrate, technology, branch… Statements like the above frankly is nothing but propaganda… for… eh, some cause. It has no significant statistical meaning what so ever.

Who really wants a bunch of no good businesses started because people have to, because they can’t fall back on anything?

…on a sidenote to Lau…

“I want to support myself. The welfare state doesn’t make it easy.”

Come on, are you without talent altogether? With that attitude I’d rather see you dead than starting a business I might have to interact with or rely on.

It’s never been easier to be an entrepeneur mainly because of the welfare state, get your finger out of your arse. We’re a whole nation here supporting you.

If you don’t succeed with your goals… please try to take it out on yourself instead of absurd and abstract ideas like a ‘welfare state spoiling it’s citizens’.

Denmark might very well be one of the easiest spots to get rich on the planet right now, if that is really your main goal in life. There are a lot of interesting things going on with great financial potential – a lot of this potential is there because of advanced free education and governmental support. Get on the boat and use society for your and my benefit. Synergy works, that is one of the reasons you see welfare states on top of world society.

I’m sorry to read that you would want to see me dead. That’s harsh. How does that go with “We’re a whole nation here supporting you.”?

How do you know if I am not already running a business? You don’t know me, and it’s not very nice to write in the way you did.

Why do you think people do business? Why did they start businesses before the welfare state? To survive. You make it sound like it’s a bad thing? Is there something wrong about making money to support yourself and your family?

Nothing that the welfare state does is “free”, it’s paid for with the enormous taxes.

ps. I didn’t write anything about ‘welfare state spoiling it’s citizens’

just read that the no of Danish start ups increased with 85% 2004-2005 and 25% so far in 2006 – I guess that we are on the right track and people are not that risk adverse any longer 🙂

I agree with Lau, you need a certain momentum (if you have a job) before getting money enough to lift off a start-up. But until then, the taxes are really a pain in the neck, and a direct obstacle. The government have venture capital funds, but they are just as risk averse as the banks are, if not worse. Welfare is the worst thing to have in a start-up situation.
But to see me dead because things doesn’t always turn out to be in my favour, is really ignorant. Obviously money is not your problem, but for a lot of start-ups it is.

OK here are some good points. But I have never gotten anything for free. I have worked and hustled and tricked my way. So for the money part – forget it.

Government support:
The real discussion boils down to: When is support needed. I’m not sure that if governments should support or not – I think its good to embrace entrepreneurship – but the poeple who choose a joob in the national bureaucracy are NOT THE RIGTH PEOPLE TO. And even our national Entrepreneurs Club are not the REAL DEAL. But can the real DEAL DEAL PEOPLE tech it ? Best sales guy and best programmer is not always best manager….

Getting venture / risk capital
Well you still have to remember/understand (I had a really hard time to see this point!!) that the risk capital and venture capital is COMPANIES BASED ON MARKET ECONOMY WHO HAS TO SHOW PROFIT. In essence venture capitalists are NOT PUT IN THIS WORLD TO NURSE ALL STRT UPS – only the ones the choose to invest in – and PROFIT FROM. (Same with banks…)

Im put in this world to start ideas, start projects, support people – create and surround myself with talent and opinion – to scratch the surface of whatever business means. And get my mums and wife and kids respect 🙂


If the government doesn’t support (maybe not with capital, but with a realistic way out og having a job, even manager jobs) the entrepreneurs, and venture capital funds only pick those companies who show profit from day-1, you just kicked out about 90% of all startups. But fine with me, just that welfare on top of it isn’t making the situation any better, is it?

BTW, after your def on Venture capitalists, I am not sure I will ever approach one. They sound like combination between a marketing company and rip-off deal (only works if you profit bigtime, which is normally not the case). Only question is how Skype did it, they didn’t make any serious money and still they got huge funds. Strange. I never saw number of users as an asset, especially when the “product” is free.

Never mind. I will continue running my business and go for some I-banking along the way. As long as I am having fun, I am content, it’s the ride that counts, not the money (I have thought about what to do with $1Bill, and frankly, my mission in life doesn’t change)

Sexism, you wrote

Im put in this world to start ideas, start projects, support people – create and surround myself with talent and opinion – to scratch the surface of whatever business means. And get my mums and wife and kids respect

Was this a hint to get introduced?
That can certainly be arranged, if you think it might be mutual beneficial for whatever reason you find useful (even plain friendship)

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