So Much I Dont Understand

Posted on November 2, 2006. Filed under: Life |

Today I’m in a fun mood and I found out that i still don’t understand:

International AID
Girls minds
American football rules
Personal TAX deduction rules in Denmark
How to bonds really work
How to use binoculars

and quite some more. I just thought that I would understand much more when 34.


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8 Responses to “So Much I Dont Understand”

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No one understands a girls mind – not even the girl herself.

I believe that international AID mainly is about the western world feeling better about them self.

We are pretending to help the underdeveloped countries with international AID. At the same time we are holding the countries with an iron fist by subsidising our own industries and forcing the underdeveloped contries not to tax the products from our subsidised industries – if they try to we threaten to take away all AID.

Its blackmail on highst political level. The consequence is that it in Africa is cheaper to buy e.g. an orange from spain or california than it is to go an pick the local oranges of the tree – which are consequently rottin on the tree.

It is terrible and it makes me sick to my stomach.

The funny thing is that the experts have been trying to solve this problems for decades, when the solution is so obvious – remove all these stupid subsidies and allow the underdeveloped contries to trade fair and square – simple.

I know people are scared and fear all the jobs that will disappear in the western world. But its just doesn’t make finacial sense to sail an orange half way around the world to be sold instead of the onces that are 2 miles away – not for anyone.

Also it is not like we can’t afford it, and in the long run the western world will also gain economical in my opinion.

I couldn’t agree more with you on that one. Instead of seeing 3rd world countries as notoriously “poor & helpless”, the industrialized countries should let the invisible hand of Adam Smith rule and let these countries become efficient and selfsufficient in their own right. All research shows that the current international aid doesn’t help these countries out of poverty and only keeps corrupt regimes and dictatorships staying in power. Instead, let these countries sell their goods on western markets – with no technical trade barriers, tariffs, subsidies, etc. The free market can “govern” itself perfectly.

Futhermore, it’s *fucking* insane the way the European Union keep upholding huge bulks of surplus commodities as a way of protecting basically inefficient European farmers (who by and large also receive grotesque sums of government/EU subsidies each year to continue their inefficient productions)…

American Football rules:
Basically the game is a metaphor for trench warfare. You have two lines (the big fat guys) who actually are some of the most important players in the game (and get paid accordingly). They control the trenches. If the offensive line cant protect the quarterback (the guy that throws) and give him time or the running back (the guy that runs with the ball) to have space to run – no offense will work.

The goal of the game is for the team with the ball (the offense) to move the ball down the field either by throwing it (quarterback to receiver) or to run it (running back). When you get it to the end zone, you get 6 points. You kick a short kick after for the 7th point. If you cant make it to the end zone, you can kick it between the two uptight poles in the end zone for 3 points.

You get 4 attempts (first down, second down, third down, and fourth down) to move the ball 10 yards or more. If you cant move the ball more than ten yards, the other team takes over the ball at the spot of the last attempt. Most teams will not take a fouth attempt and will kick (“punt”) the ball to the other team to make them have to work harder to come back down the field and score.

The field is 100 yards long.

Here’s how bonds work: A bond is basically a company taking out a loan. And the bondholder is owed that money (usually with interest) from the company. The thing that confuses most people (and Morten) about bonds is price and yield. Obviously, price increases or decreases in inverse proportion to the amount of interest paid. Yield roughly corresponds with the interest rate but usually slightly higher due to the mighty power of compounding.

Remember, in a liquidation or bankruptcy, bondholders are paid BEFORE stockholders. Which is the position you want to be in.

REGARDING GIRLS MINDS: That is how a girls (female, womans) mind works.

To Jennifer

A correction: Yield is dependent on bond price, interest amount (not rate) is calculated frompar value on bond. Yield is the trate of return after you have received interest (an amount of money determined when you received the bond) compared to the price paid for the bond (which is never par value).

To Jennifer

Another thing is that bond yields depends on wheter they can be called or not. And the value of bonds are determined by discounting, not compounding. I think you have mistaken bond yields with modified internal rate of return (MIRR). That is a completely different matter.

to nuclear missil:

Thanks – I had been losing sleep over that.

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