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The reason I chose the username sexism – is that I originally was opening a blog on wordpress to post on sexism – and how to get around it. I work with 40 startups and there are nearly NO GIRLS – and what does that mean for my 2 daughters?


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14 Responses to “Sexism”

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That depends entirely on their mindset. If it’s proactive it’ll just mean that it’ll be much easier to stand out.

And I thought you were smarter than that. As a GIRL I am just about to start writing all the reasons why – but then again, why bother. Ouch, my head keeps getting bruised on that d**n ceiling.

Jennifer you are spot on. But its too easy just to close your eyes. I see it with “live eyes” – and I see quite a problem – really. Although I cant get the debate opened – since its so hard hard to crack the angle… I would love to make a open forum – with 5 power people (not depending on sex) – but d**n…

Okay I wrote this Illustrious response to Morten’s entry and I guess it didn’t rate with my computer because it did not post – I am certain it is operator error – so I will shorten my response here and say – Morten, you are right – and I would like to see that forum – I would be very willing help make that happen in anyway from any angle – I would bake a cookie for that! And sometimes, a girl doesn’t mind the bruises -one day, that ceiling just might break.

I agree we need more women in the business. They have other ways of looking on things, the we do. And we are not alway looking from the right angle.
So I would welcome every woman/girl. And give them the support they need.

After a good nights sleep, I reconstructed my original post and here it is in general – it is so hard to find the right angle for sure – because people get too PC about it.
The problem is that also women are to blame. When I bring up Maureen Dowd – both sexes go flying – and the woman are less supporting
I bring up Carly Fiorna and I normally get 2 replies- “gee she tried hard” or more relevant “she had a great wardrobe” My favorite is when Elizabeth Dole, bless her heart, was running for office and on her website they had Elizabeth’s Favorite things! Whose idea was that? BTW, her favorite color is purple.

At ETRE in Barcelona there were so few women attending and then at night the place was thronged with wives all spray painted right out of magazine and only talking to the men on their arms – it was hard to get a conversation going except with those that had careers. I had theory that I explained to my bus mate on the way home, but he just looked at me like I was truly an insane person.

All this brings me to the fact that mabye we all should be forced to read Simone de Beauvoir’s Second Sex as I was when I was 17 – I can’t decide if that was good or bad, but it did open my eyes.

Well… I’m sure, that you’ll encounter loads of women doing cool and innovating business if you look into other sectors than hardcore IT. You will find some brilliant entrepreneurs – also in Denmark.

Take for one example the fashion industry. There are nothing but really powerful women. Look at the Baum und Pferdgarten girls. They are in the middle of big start up success.

So… I wouldn’t be that concerned! And I’m positive that the father of those two daughters will have some business for ready for them to mess around with 😉

(And finally… I’m not one of those feminists).

As a journalist that covers the venture sector here for quite a while, I can confirm what Morten is seeing. But I think that Ms Rix has a good point, there are indeed few women running IT, semiconductors, and communications companies in Europe, rather you will find them in other sectors, such as biotech and pharma.

And you can be sure that journalists are not asking these female founders and CEOs of companies like Speedel and AC Immune what their favorite colors.
Cheers from Zurich

Ms Rix writes: (And finally…. I’m not one of those feminists).
What’s wrong with being a feminist? Lots of bright women and guys are feminists.

Yeah, what’s wrong with being a feminist?
Baum & Pferdgarten – surely they’re WOMEN not girls???
Anyway, Ms Rix has a point. There are more and more (Danish) female company founders every day.

What are “those feminists?”

Im so glad you ask (hope you are not ironic) – I never understood it! But its something danish females invented in the 1970s – maybe -> “like purple girlpower” (ANYONE PLEASE EXPLAIN) – with a VERY HEAVY POLITICAL TONE… But now it just keeps them WOMEN away rom the fun – I think. The idea should be killed – so we could start over.

Nopt not ironic, I REALLY want to know – and now I do. I think we must start over, cause I want to have fun.

[…] The reason I chose the username sexism – is that I originally was opening a blog on wordpress to post on sexism – and how to get around it. I work with 40 startups and there are nearly NO GIRLS – and what does that mean for my 2 daughters? I think it’s good. what about you?Link to original article […]

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