An Idea A Day (hmmm nahh – maybe)

Posted on October 19, 2006. Filed under: Life |


I want to publish my ideas – since there are way to many to get them launched anyway.

Idea: Have an army of animators in Ukraine, India or Bangladesh – and give people the chance to do a family cartoon. Simple. And in the YouTubu days – worth a lot 🙂 – Maybe.


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4 Responses to “An Idea A Day (hmmm nahh – maybe)”

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An idea a day keeps the doctor away…

Let’s start an idea Bank. Post your idea in the Idea bank on Mondays, and let others help you grow it. After a couple of weeks, it’s time to check the balance. Either your idea has matured, and can become something real, or its time to check out. Those without great ideas get to borrow from the bank 😉

I like this idea? But perhaps entry is by invitation only and with a set of guidelines and rules?

Hey Morten, been a while since I was up on your blog. Wow! Looking good! I like the idea of armies of animators in India although I believe Hong Kong is the place to do this. Apparently they have armies of artists there turning out copies of works of art at a rate of knots and cartooning can’t be far off what they’re doing.

As for ideas for the bank, here’s one I’ve had for a while – a milk bottle where the cap (or the entire bottle) changes colour when the milk has gone sour. I can’t tell you how many times I ask my partner or she asks me, “Is this milk off?” and we sniff it and taste fingertips of milk. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the bottle tell you, “Hey, don’t drink me, I’m off”? Once you have that right, you could take it further to other products too.


…hmmm, well, I have a pretty good idea of how Morten’s idea can be real. In my vision we enhance the creative do-ability idea and combine that with a very significant cost effectiveness. I see how. I have the animation team and can conduct the project. I would need a smart money VC interested in web 2.0 and business model support and very early seed funding. If you, Morten, are interested, please let me know. If anyone else would like to work on this and eventually prepare it as a presentation for lundkenner, please let me know and let’s explore this.


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