Dear Bakery Girls

Posted on October 17, 2006. Filed under: Life |


I wonder everyday when I buy my The at the bakery (and bread when Im not to much on crazy non bread diets). I wonder WHY THE GIRLS IN THE BAKERY – who are pretty smart (in Denmark the Girls in the Bakery has a degree)  – why dont their own little shop – rent a small location – stir some water, salt and flour – and put in in a own. AND THEN MAKE 90$ and hour instead of 13$.

“- Shut up OverEntusiasticEntrepanuer”
“NoWay Jose””


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10 Responses to “Dear Bakery Girls”

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maybe their motivation in life is not to make money?

Maybe work hours are impossible 😉

Because she’s doing the 14$ pr. hour, so that she can have a degree and when she has it, she don’t want to own a bakery….I think…;-)

But some of them already have a degree…

And then they read your blog and all run off to start their own shop/bakery…the next day you are walking down the street and wonder…jeezzzz why is everybody getting into bakery shops? There’s a million of them – am I missing out on an opportunity here?…then your ‘old’ favourite shop is going out of business because of this young spirited beauties with degrees compete to death…before going out of business themselves…and they are back to where they were…however the difference is that you may not get the same smile and happy faces like in the old days when ordering a sandwich…because YOU started it all here and now 😉

I hope they read this – and your evolution will happen within less then 30years.

PS. is it now logal to smoke pok in working hours in .NL 🙂

Or Morten – maybe you should take a degree, because what would happen if all the entrepreneurial kids find out that you’re taking a masters degree. Then they would all rush to school and in 5 years from now we would have nothing but professors.
I’m not sure which scenario I like better 🙂

I dont think they give degrees to people who cant spell

I’m sure they have, but I still think that most of them work in a bakery while they finish their education. Not many would like to own one, unless of cause they are in love with the baker…

I have been watching a program on tv about Denmark and they were actually just discussing the similar thing. I had the feeling that it was a very “particular” place.. and actually is one of the places I would like to visit as soon as possible. I think the reason why they don’t that maybe it’s more deep in the danish system.. it’s surely strange that so highly educated people accept to do that after all their studies! you should post more about it.. it’s an interesting topic!;)

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