Was It Smart To Buy YouTube

Posted on October 11, 2006. Filed under: Life |

I get the quition quite some: “Well if Google pay 1bio for search in MySpace – then why not just buy YouTube before they want 2bio for the search 😉 “


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6 Responses to “Was It Smart To Buy YouTube”

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I think YouTube has seen it’s growth explosion of original content already. Would have been a smart investment a long time ago.

We’ll see what Google can do for them (hopefully something more exciting then a stream of ad revenue).

YouTube is nothing (well, personally I would never spend time looking at these movies, but that is because I am too old, I think) compared to Google launcing an interated Writely+spreadsheet= office package today :-). Now THAT is something to think about.

For me the point of YouTube is not the content centralization – It’s more of an easy way for me to upload my videos, and eventually share it with others – either on my blog or elsewhere (MySpace?).

Without this, YouTube would’nt have seen this kind of viral growth?

How about education on demand? Who could build the Education 2.0 platform? Google or a federation of startups? Academic education doesn’t work well. It’s boring, it’s antiquated, it should be fixed. There is a huge market all over the world.

Wikipedia + blogs + Facebook (social networks) + podcasting + videocasting (YouTube) + Flickr + mobile (cell) phones + gaming + IM + VoIP = Education 2.0

“Rather than spending 4 years of your life taking a bunch of courses that may or may not really matter in your life once you graduate, you can choose your education on an ‘as needed basis,’ based on your unique interests and talents.”

Dimitar, very ambitious project you have there. I’ve tried to translate your equation into 1980. It would look somthing like this:

Webster + tabloid + discotec + home video + Kodak + Donkey Kong + Trivial P + Telephone = US kids

Heck, I don’t want to be in those academic shoes – I think you might wanna reconsider it too 🙂

If you ask Steven Ballmer there is no business model for YouTube that would justify $1.6 billion (http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/oct2006/tc20061011_940241.htm) but then again – being a mac guy I really don’t care much about SB

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