Why Go To Work

Posted on September 20, 2006. Filed under: Denmark, work |

was the title of a speech I gave yesterday. It was a very strange situation – I normally love to give speeches and lectures (even though I don’t feel smart enough to teach people anything). Its was strange because – the host employees of the host Novo were all above 37 and well dressed and there were 40 of them. And the first 10 minutes – NO ONE LAUGHED ONCE – and that really scared me and I started sweating like a pig and felt VERY BAD. Luckily I got on top of things and they seemed very happy after my 1 hours shameless selfpromotion. Phyyy.

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7 Responses to “Why Go To Work”

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Why live IRL?

If you happens to be a part of a nice social online community, whether this is a MMOPRG or just internet when it´s best, why even bother being part of the real world?

You can have friends “inline”, you can get a great social life there, you can be respected and earn money online, and actually all four top-parts of Maslow pyramide could be fullfilled without leaving the home. And the bottom part – physical – well, you can just order pizza and hmmm, to your doorstep and you should be fine. Who cares about the messy and dangerous world “out there”?

… and yes, why go to work?

Some people (in particular stonefaces dressed in monkeysuits) have a funny tendence to seperate pleasure from business in all matters which can be very tough to work with as a cheerful entrepreneur since it often results in a quite different mindset on how to react on things in professional matters. But remember; a strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug so just go overdoze your surroundings with enthusiasm and joyfulness and try not to give a fuck about reactions and environments 🙂 (i know, easier said than done)

Ha Ha Morten, I guess, what is called dynamic adjustment skills made you express the content in a different way from what you are used to.
I was at a wedding recently where this happend to a guy giving a speach, he did not, however, posess the skills to disrupt himself and adjust to the environment. It was a horrible performance.

I was told once that audiences in your country take their pleasuee quietly.

Is there an audio or video tape of your lecture. Your San Francisco fans want to hear it.


Im sorry – no video yet. Thanx for your interest!!

Hi Morten, Indeed, I sat there and enjoyed every moment, realizing how much of a shock it would be to some of my colleagues to see you stand there with slippers 🙂

Your welcome to contact me if you’re still looking for good people. You should be able to find me on LinkedIn

Hello Morten – no worries! It was the best presentation yet at our excellent forum. Trouble is that we all have to go to work the next day – and face reality. Comment to the stone faced audience: wild ideas must be taken seriously in the “risk adverse” univers pharma represents 🙂
Anyways, I enjoyed it!
Greetings Jacob

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