I Feel Lucky

Posted on August 30, 2006. Filed under: Happy, Life, Lucky |

(ADVISORY: if you have one of the days where you dont wanna hear about happy selfpromoting people talking about their life – and how they feel fortunate and lucky – stop here)

I have been working on balancing my worklife and my family life over this summer. Not WORK/FAMILY – but worklife and family life separately.

During spring I tried a couple of time to find myself sitting in the couth – being angry when some of my family members asked me to come and see something or do something. I felt very bad and very lazy – and the solution seemed to be loose 10kg and drink less alcohol. Its done (over 4 months) and suddenly I feel like a energi dad. THATS NICE. I think the hard part will be to keep it – but I really hope I can.

Since we at LundKenner do so many things and expand as fast as our sleeping rhythms allow – I chose too hire J – to help me out with my time – inspired by the SUPEREFFECTIVE SaxoBank honcos, our chairman Robert and Tim Drapers left part of his brain = the amazing Karen. (People who now me way back – also know that the word double booking was not new to me 😉 Having someone to coordinate my meetings and calender and conference-calls and speaks and travel – really changed my life in quite some ways. First of all I dont have 3-4 disappointed/angry people showing up to meetings that I forgot – THAT REALLY GIVES ME A BETTER MENTAL HEALTH. Secondly I dont have to spend time coordinating the 20-30 appointments per week (wow I sound important now – but its facts). Thirdly – I have for the first time learned to ask for help – so that J takes care of booking/research.. (that VERY NEW TO ME). Last its VERY VERY good for my family – since I don’t have to think about “what did I forget” when Im home.


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Hi Morten

Let me hear more about the “worklife/family” idea. And if you have the time please comment on my blog at http://kennet.wordpress.com/.


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