HelloGroup Is Now Official

Posted on August 24, 2006. Filed under: bizz, Life, VentureOfMine |

Our consulting shop had a kickoff yesterday – what a team.

Jakobs rules


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13 Responses to “HelloGroup Is Now Official”

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Advertising & Branding? And execution of course… 😉

Well Hello there – and congratulations! 🙂 May you prosper and have fun at the same time!

I was doing a Google search for my name and I found your name instead. FYI, I work at several things; Post-production (film, television, advertising); I’m a fully certified English/Communication Arts teacher (secondary grades (7 – 12); and an English a professor – College Freshman Writing 101.
Your web site is fabulous, except for a ghastly number of misspelled words. You need to fix this. Would you like me to make the corrections? Stay in touch if you’d like. And do good work. This is my name, too. Let’s keep the name Lund synonymous with excellence.
Kindly do not publish these comments.

Janet Lund

I can only agree with Janet. The misspelled words and the contirved mantra, which clearly was translated from Danish into English makes me wonder if Humpty and Dumpty are at the helm of the company….
I believe your ambitions to be true, but do get a native English speaker to oversee your non-Danish communication….. It’s appalling.

Well – point taken !!!!!! I will hereby appoint someone to correct everything – Im just a bit afraid to loose the reallity.

Dear Mr Siteowner aka M.L

You could either hire a person to run through all your writings and make sure everything is spelled in prober manner, no matter if this is time consuming and it’ll become a business like mainstream blog …

OR you could just write as you like, free as a bird and let us know your freeesh and instant thoughts.

I know what I would prefer – no OM’er this time 😀

I believe that native english speaking people need to understand, that English has become a world language and is spoken in all kind of vareties from London to Liverpool, from Lagos and Beijing.

We all spice up the language with each our flavor and I find it beautiful. You may find it appalling. Still it is happening and trying to make us all speak and write British is a fight against windmills.

By the way Morten: I am glaeding me to to see your first production 🙂

IMO its not how well you write, its what you write, really. that’s why i read this blog. If i wanted grammar and proper punctuation, i’d be reading a book or a newspaper.

Hi Morten,

Just curious about all of these Hellos. What’s the differnce between HelloGroup and the HelloBrand guys you wrote about a while ago (http://hellobrand.com/) Are they all the same thing?

And I cast my vote for the “stream of conciousness, to hell with the spelling” style 🙂

I’ve have had a couple of meeting with Jakob and he is a fab guy – no doubt that Hello Group will be big and do fantastic stuff.

I’m also into the “stream of consciousness, to hell with the spelling” style – so keep it coming.

Jakob is the very best for this. He is NO BULLSHIT and ALL ETICS – and I cant wait to see where he will take this in 12month

HelloBrand is the killer UI/BRAND/IDENTITY part of HelloGroup – with Michael and THomas in charge.

Dear Morten Lund,

I can see from facebook you are connected to Refugees United. I would like to begin a dialouge with you concerning Asylum seekers here in Denmark. I have worked with asylum seekers at http://www.newtimes.dk. This is a Red Cross venture to support the voice of asylum seekers through media. I would like to see what more can be created to support asylum seekers living in Asylum camps here in Denmark. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss possibilities in a joint collaboration. I would love to discuss more in detail, and continue corresponding. I can see from this blog you have shared some about me info…one of which is to make a difference. I think you will be interested in this future endeavor.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Please contact me on my gmail account, and thank you in advance for your time and sincere consideration to create something empowering and effectual.
Yours truly, Pamela Juhl

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