Zyb Is Burning Hot

Posted on August 16, 2006. Filed under: bizz, VentureOfMine |

Zyb got a lot of press



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11 Responses to “Zyb Is Burning Hot”

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I really like the simplicity of the idea. All though I have to wonder how it’s gonna give something back. What revenue-model does the company have, if you dont mind me asking? 🙂

Good question – lets not forget the las bubble.

Zyb can do 2 things
1) Primium Services, more storage, more services..
2) Sell the service as a ASP software to telcos.


I guess number two is the obvious one, seing the sticker at zyb.com: “free forever!” and all. 🙂

Well, as I wrote in the comments to your post regarding “YouOS”, the centralization of information is easily adopted nowadays and I guess it could be extended for Zyb as well? Seems like the most sane thing to do.

I think Zyb shall be patient and learn from the curve of acquiring only conservative users – but those selected users can also be zybers as partners. Thats some thing disruptive that can ultimately makes Zyb happy, Zybs investors happy and based on pure revenue sharing in the value adders.

Case: Zyb reaches a happy user base of 100.000 active users who use it ofcourse FREE but then Zyb tells them hey we can make you use it FREE but also make you earn on it.

The Long Tail > Its important that users are protected there rights are protected in such a way that users them selves select the option from their profiles. These users accept that in order to send a personel message towards their selected public contacts they will send a message after trying some product. Lets say MTV lanches a targetted campaign towards users in a certain area where they are having a localised competition in a Finnish language. This message is pushed towards the zybers to their selected personel friends in that area, habbit, behaviour and interests.

NO media is not a fool enough to cash into such a targeted segmented hub of communities, habbits, interests, calenders (sniff it to find what the user is like as a person).

I think besideback ups on commercial side Mobile TV, mobile advertisement which is selected and personlised – Zybers

Zyb = …

Morten Lund says Zyb’s hot (in typically understated Danish style ;-)) and points to coverage at PopGadget and Gizmodo. Zyb is a contacts backup / share service that’s free forever. That’s one up on Fred Wilson’s Freemium but then it…

I see no result – please repost

ZYB is about the future. ZYB will let the user control what they want to do with their own mobile data, basically liberating it from the mobile phone. Every piece of data in your mobile phone is such an intimate thing and to be able to move that data TO the on line world and be able to use it in a social context has a real future.(essentially reversing the industry discussion and trend around moving social networking TO the mobile with data is that is not so intimate) They have a revenue model, they have leading mobile operators that are behind their services and they have REAL revenue. ZYB will become a household name and you will use it like you breathe the air. Whether or not you are 21 or 55, everyone values their mobile data and ZYB lets you protect and then do whaty ou want with it. Liberation is grand. 🙂 I say, Just ZYB your mobile.

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