Doping = BiCycling

Posted on August 2, 2006. Filed under: think |


I dont understand why they dont just legalise doping in Tour De France.

LISTEN: They make it sound natural to ride 250km pr. day for 3 weeks at MAX SPEED in the french alp – WRONG ANSWER.

– let them all take as much doping as they want – it seems to be what everyone wants.

Bonus info: Danish television is using an expert called Werner Moller – and this guy is a funny part of my past. He was a very prominent handball (WikiPedia: Handball) player when I moved to Odense 19year old to play handball semi profesionally and study (outline) – where I became a test person in his PHD – written in Sport Science (Institut for idræt). Werner was very freaky and direkt and told me many things that where kind of surpring for a red neck – just leaving his mum and dad. Specially his facination with women

Today Im posting all thougths – or trying.

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2 Responses to “Doping = BiCycling”

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I had this exact idea for the Olympics. I propose two olympics at the same time (one with drugs allowed) to see how far drugs can take the human body. It would be an informative contrast and an impressive display of athletic feats!

I also had an idea for Prison Gladiator – a reality show with similarily skewed ethics. But that’s for later.

This is great! Let me know if you’d like to link exchange.

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